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A Word About Louis Farrakhan - February 4, 2018

I applied the way to happiness, I tested Louis Farrakhan.

I contacted him 3 times, all 3 times he blew me off, ran away from communication. 1st outpoint. Commodores of the US Federation, don’t run away from communication. OT3 he was a commodore in the US Federation but in present time, he’s not that guy now.

The Nation of Islam said in a video online years ago that they had Scientologists backs, well they didn’t have mine. 2nd out point. In fact, I got LF’s computations on my scilon twitter, he didn’t want this to happen to a black woman. 3rd outpoint. He could give a fuck that it happened to me cause of the color of my skin. 

His code of honor is out: 

1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted.

3. Never desert a group to which you owe your support.

4. Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power.

5. Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

6. Never compromise with your own reality.

7. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.

8. Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.

9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.

11. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.

12. Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.

13. Don’t desire to be liked or admired.

14. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

15. Be true to your own goals.

He sees color, the irony of all of this is my religion Scientology is about past lives, in my past lives he was an uncle and father down my wholetrack.  He’s not my father nor uncle now in present time, he’s nothing to me now, not even an OL.

He won’t be leaving this prison planet, in order to do that, you have to help mankind, the human race, not just your own race, if you only help your own race, that doesn’t count towards your contributions to mankind, the human race.  He can reincarnate next life and experience the end of this civilization, the eternal damnation cycle and depending on his O/W’s he’ll either gravitate to the next prison planet to be born into a totalitarian society as a slave or go to hell for all eternity.

Either way, he’s not part of the crew that sets up the new US Federation and neither is Tom Cruise.

Updated 3/8/2018  4:24pm

It’s too bad really LF didn’t respond to my comm but instead blew me off ie O/W’s. He could have been part of the crew that sets up the new US Federation, had he just done the right thing. His reputation is more important then a person’s life. He can protect his reputation in hell or on Target 2, the next prison planet within this prison planet system that David Miscavige is leading everybody too. 

It is what it is, no need to be disappointed, I’ve handled my case and my past lives with him and made peace with it, the guy down my wholetrack is not that guy now, he only has black people’s backs, if you’re white, you’re shit out of luck.  That’s cool, I don’t need help from him for anything, I’ve got Federal Court.  For everybody else that does read the press, don’t be fooled by these people’s PR ok.  LF put out a press release how Leah Remini was in pain. 

It’s cause she’s a celebrity, but regular average white folk, he blows off.  Don’t assume these people that put out press will respond to your comm or help you.  You’re best bet, is ignore their PR and do your own thing. If you want to test them to find out for yourself, go for it, apply way to happiness, that’s why it’s there, for you to apply it to your life. I tested this guy and got my answers and I’ve ended cycle on him for all eternity.  I have no animosity towards this guy ok, I’m just not interested in having him on my lines, in any way, shape or form, like I said, I’ve ended cycle for all eternity. 

Louis Farrakhan: Nation of Islam will stand by Scientology as Leah Remini ‘goes in hard’

Louis Farrakhan, Leah Remini, and a document that helps explain the Scientology-NOI pact

Don’t think Leah Remini is any different, she also blew me off, she’s in partnership with Mike Rinder, the guy who was head of OSA and was fully aware of my scene and the ops, all the ops OSA ran on me and my family, her loyalties lie with that guy ok, that’s who she really is. Both LF and Leah Remini have O/W’s and it’s not minor O/W’s. 

So if you test these people in the press and they blow you off, just know it’s for the best cause they have major O/Ws that’s why they go into partnerships/deals including becoming friends with people like Mike Rinder (who was a Scientologist in 1998 whose now labeled an SP), people that are an accomplice, an accessory to crimes including, violating people’s civil rights, violating people’s constitutional freedoms etc etc. 

So really, it’s a sign, a clue to where they are really at and end cycle on them cause when you handle shit in Federal Court, they’ll all come running to kiss your ass so they can use you. Just end cycle and move on from them.  Test them and continue on with your journeys to Federal Court without them, this way, they can’t jump on your PR bandwagon when you get to Federal Court, they can’t profit off your journeys in any way, shape or form.  

As for Mike Rinder, he wasn’t very nice to me when I approached him on Marty Rathbun’s blog, in fact quite the opposite, he was very mean and hostile, I missed his withholds. He’s got shit he’s hiding, a whole lotta crimes he’s hiding, 30 years worth of crimes, I don’t think being an FBI informant will get him out of hell. Once he’s dead, however he dies, his soul will go into this rock for all eternity.  

Look familiar Rinder? LMAO Your implants LMAO 

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