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About Me

My name is Kathy Gold, Kathleen Marie Gold is my full name.  In 2012, I came forward to the sexual abuse and hates crime committed on me in 1998 and while coming forward there was new hate crimes committed on me by others and when I went to federal and local agencies for help, I was abused and blown off, left sitting in these crimes to die similar to what happened in 1998.

My only recourse is to go to Federal Court and enforce laws thru civil including criminal.

I put up a website while coming forward ScientologyForYou.info, it’s not complete, I also have a personal blog kathygold.weebly.com and I’m an artist, so this is my own domain. KathyGold.com and I have a website documenting my transition to a gluten free, soy free and egg white free lifestyle, LifestylesNRecipes.com and I’ve put up a website called GreenishSoul.com to inform people and share information about living green.

I have 2 lawsuits to type up and file simultaneously, one against, the FBI, DOJ, LAPD, and the other against the LAPD, Olive View Medical and The Church of Scientology.

I’m documenting my journeys to Federal Court without attorneys, doing it all on my own, cause there is no help for victims in this country, all the federal and local agencies that are suppose to help don’t and just lie in the press while they take taxpayer dollars, for their tax free paychecks and tax free pensions, or ripped off.   If you got ripped off by this gov both fed and local, feel free to read my journeys hopefully they’ll help you in your journeys to Federal Court to enforce the laws of this land and get paid for it.  This website is here to help other victims make their journeys to Federal Court.

As for Scientology, I’m still a Scientologist, I’m not with this church nor community and I haven’t given up my faith, the faith that I chose in addition to my two other religions I was born with cause this Church’s management team and Scientologists committed crimes on me. This is a religion about past lives, what Scientologists are doing going up a bridge is learning how to bypass eternal damnation and break the cycle of reincarnation.

If you have any questions, get in comm, drop me a line thru my contact me form and I will reply as soon as I can.

Oh and you’ll notice music vids in some posts, the main reason I include them, is cause it’s fun, court is really really serious and I want to have fun cause all these agencies by their actions violated my 14th amendment, they stopped me from pursuing Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Please note I’m not being politically correct and it’s on purpose as I’m exercising my free speech, my 1st amendment, if it offends, just negate that portion while reading. I’m being controversial like Louis Farrakhan.

I’m also authenticating evidence:



Please note this is not a conspiracy site nor anything like that. I do talk about the Nazi War Criminals that were hired by the FBI and CIA as employees, it was over 1k of them in 1945 instead of sending them to prison for their war crimes and crimes against humanity, this is historical facts and the documents got declassified in 2007.  If this is of interest to you, feel free to google, and educate, hat yourself on what J.Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles hid from the USA public.  There is also a book written called The Nazis Next Door, I haven’t read it but when I read about this online, I got it right away, I’m a Scientologist and it made sense, both these agencies have gone after my religion since it started and it never made sense to me why/whys, even on a routing form, it asks the question, Do you work for the FBI/CIA? If you do, you can’t have my religion and will be routed out of an org. It was Nazi War Criminals with new identities given to them by the FBI/CIA that would try to infiltrate the Church of Scientology.  Most Scientologists are hatted, educated about the FBI/CIA running ops on the Church of Scientology and it’s community. Unbeknownst to the general public, it’s SOP for the FBI to infiltrate all religions and run ops to disrupt their communities under the guise of “for the greater good, this country”, but in reality they are creating cycles of broken homes, sexual abuse and crime.

Here are some current examples of infiltration by the FBI:



If you want to ignore historical facts, go ahead, it’s your choice, free will. 

For those of you that don’t want to ignore historical facts, educate yourselves.  Nazi War Criminals got rewarded with the American dream while my American dream was destroyed by Americans.

Obama passed the No Social Security for Nazis Act. 


It’s just a little too late, this act should have been passd in 1950 and these Nazi War Criminals that were hired by the FBI/CIA should have been removed from post and put in prison where they belonged for their crimes against humanity/war crimes, unfortunately, nobody knew cause this was classified and it didn’t get declassified until 2007.

How many of these Nazis that went to work for the FBI/CIA, how many had children that grew up and then followed in their footsteps into the FBI/CIA? How many descendants of Nazi War Criminals, their children are working currently for the FBI/CIA or other branches of the Federal Gov/Local Gov and are racially, religiously etc etc bias ie like their Nazi War Criminal parents? 

For anybody reading that wants to make positive change in this country, feel free to go make change. I’m not here to be the leader of anything nor am I the Patty Simcox character from Grease, I’m just one person going to Federal Court to enforce the laws of this land cause Law Enforcement both Federal and Local and the DOJ committed crimes on me when they refused to help me, the victim.

There is no help in this country to make this journey, not from local nor federal government, if it wasn’t for my family, I’d be dead or have gone criminal already cause they made me homeless. If I wasn’t raped and murdered on the street, then I would have gone criminal to survive, become a criminal to survive. I’d also have probable cause to become a criminal meaning it would be ok cause these criminals within local gov committed crimes on me in eviction court and put me on the street. They are all very lucky I didn’t go down that route, if I went down that route, I wouldn’t need a license to kill and they’d be all iced already cause it would be impossible for me to go to Federal Court to enforce the laws they broke.

Does anybody see how insane this society is?  They break laws in court, both the criminals and the Judges, clerks, Sheriffs etc etc and make law abiding taxpayers homeless and their only recourse is to go to Federal Court to enforce the laws of this land that they broke? Right, it’s impossible, most people can’t, they have to become criminals to survive and the runway to Federal Court is too long, years to gather evidence with no resources, no nothing and more years to learn how to type up a lawsuit.

I’m surprised more people aren’t being murdered for this In Justice after eviction court or maybe they are and the news just isn’t reporting it, for more then one reason. 

The big question is why isn’t there something there now to help people that have gone thru what I’ve gone thru?

Why doesn’t law enforcement both local and federal help law abiding taxpayers trying to report crimes including hate crimes?

Why are they preventing law abiding taxpayers from reporting crimes?

Why are they all falsifying their stats? Here’s the PR line from the pigs, Crime is low, Crime is down, but the truth is, they prevented all the victims from reporting crimes. See the irony. Crimes are not down, they’re just reporting false stats on purpose. Manipulating the public and the politicians including Congress, Senate and our President on purpose thru the press.

These pigs aren’t doing their jobs, while collecting a paycheck. If law enforcement was a private corporation, they would all be fired already. The private sector doesn’t put up with false stats like they do in the public sector.

They also don’t put up with abusing the victims who try to report crimes as well as prevent them from reporting crimes ie breaking the laws of this land.

In the corporate world of Law Enforcement, they don’t put up with cops breaking any laws at all. But in the public sector, that’s routine, normal, everyday, it’s acceptable.

If this wasn’t a corrupt and abusive society, I wouldn’t have been evicted in eviction court, the FBI/LAPD would have helped me, the DOJ would have helped me, the LAPD would have helped me even back in 1998, the list is quite long.

It’s a constant over and over and over and over again, everywhere you turn, there is nothing but corruption and abuse.

These pigs in local and federal law enforcement made this society this way from their corruption and abuse.  They’re all corrupt and abusive, don’t be fooled by the press, these pigs are lazy and sit on their ass collecting our taxes for their lifestyles while they watch as law abiding taxpayers lives are destroyed, the FBI is no different, they sit on their ass using taxpayer money to run ops on law abiding taxpayers to destroy their lives. 

Between local and federal law enforcement, they are slowly destroying this country by destroying the people who pay for their salaries and pensions, who pay for their lives/lifestyles.  And their not gonna stop cause they assume the American public is their slaves. I’m nobody’s slave. I’ll be starting a corporation to deal with this kind of corruption, it will be an anti corruption and abuse corporation for profit. I’m gonna make money off their crimes. I’m gonna make money off destroying their lives legally.

While my American Dream was destroyed by corrupt, evil and abusive Americans, a new one will take it’s place called Anti Corruption and Abuse Inc. 

There is no Cinderella happy ending here, everything in my life including my reproductive system has been destroyed. All by Americans born here. If you get angry after reading, don’t become violent, these Americans aren’t worth it. They go out of their way to do this, to harm people, they are SPs, they’re not gonna change nor reform no matter how many times they lie in the press, they on purpose want people to go psychotic and become violent and/or kill themselves. This is what SPs do. Don’t be manipulated by these people, instead go to Federal Court, enforce the laws of this land and put them in prison where they will be raped and beaten everyday, it’s the closest thing to torture, their constitutional rights will be violated and if they ever get out, what do they have to look forward to? Nothing, their futures will be destroyed including their families by you doing the right thing.  That’s what me and my corporation is gonna do.

You wanna see them have a meltdown and go psychotic? Then do the right thing and put them in prison and that includes both Federal and Local Law Enforcement. Do a better job then them, you’ll see these pigs also have meltdowns and go psychotic cause taxpayers are better cops then them and if enough people do that, the people in power will figure it out, Federal Court cases, and will get rid of these pigs within Law Enforcement. Why pay them a tax free pension for committing crimes on taxpayers, their boss? They won’t and will stop. If the pigs wanna become mass murderers like these school shooters, that’s their choice, free will. This is a real revolution, where nobody is anonymous, you can’t be manipulated by the Nazi FBI and of course, you’ll get paid ie your damages.

Don’t Murder Anybody Listed On This Website

For the people that read into words and communication and can’t comprehend sarcasm for more then one reason, let me spell it out, there is sarcasm woven through out this website even though it’s going to Federal Court, it’s called 1st amendment, free speech and freedom of expression.

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