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After All This Abuse, Corruption and Hate Crimes, I Now See Color and Discriminate - February 7, 2018

From this journey to get to Federal Court, the abuse, corruption, hate crimes that I’ve had to experience, I now see color and discriminate. I won’t have any black people in my life ever again. I found that blacks discriminate, blacks in a position of power and authority discriminate against whites, they on purpose refused to help me. I have also found not to trust any blacks cause they will watch while you die, they will neglect you and fail to act on purpose. 

That’s what Barack Obama did
That’s what Eric Holder did
That’s what Loretta Lynch did
That’s what Jackie Lacey did
That’s what Louis Farrakhan did.

They all blew me off, communication.

The FBI for all I know was instructed by Obama to not help me, was instructed by Obama to break the law using his power and authority and reinforced by the Department of Justice under the leadership of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

They are all aware of how black attorneys discriminate against everybody whose not black and won’t help them, won’t represent them unless they are black.  They’ve been spying on people via their communication, phone calls, texts, emails etc etc. They knew my only recourse was to go to Federal Court without an attorney.  They knew there was no attorneys for Federal Court. They knew I’d have to do it pro se. They knew I was an artist and not an attorney. They knew I don’t know how to type up a lawsuit, let alone 2 of them.  They knew it would be hard for me and knew the probability that I wouldn’t win was very high. They all rejoiced in this. They were happy at this power they wielded, on a person of good will who is a citizen and law abiding taxpayer. They felt empowered by this racism, to not help me because of the color of my skin and my religions etc etc. This is using court as a weapon by these people. To murder me using court by failing to act on purpose. To make it so overwhelming that I go psychotic and commit suicide. That is the intent.

The N word was never in my vocabulary but it is now. I’m now a racist and see color, from all the abuse by Obama and his team. I don’t know if therapy can handle that and fix it so that I’m not. Obama and his team all embrace Nazi Psychiatry which favors racial profiling and racism including eugenics.

This is reverse racism, where everybody has been fighting racism on the front end, white people racist against blacks, they have ignored and have been ignoring reverse racism, where black people are racist against whites.

There was some really nice and supportive black people I met in my journeys so far, one lady who lived down the street from me in North Hollywood, I was introduced to her by the disabled woman in unit #2, she was very pretty with blue eyes.  The day before the last day of eviction court, I got a call from her, she wanted to come with me to eviction court. She got a premonition that something horrible was gonna happen and she wanted to come and help me and prevent that. I told her thank you but no, I’m gonna go by myself. I was worried that if she came cause she was black, the sheriffs might murder her in the court room, some how Doreen Doshay Russell would say some lie or two and off they’d go and murder her based on those lies. I never told her that but I was worried about her safety and how I couldn’t protect her if something happened and I didn’t want to carry that, so I told her no and explained to her this is part of my journey to go alone, thank you but no. She understood.

There was another nice black person I met, he was an older black guy, I met him in Denny’s while waiting for the cashier, we stood there and talked. I told him about my journey against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD and he invited me to his church, to come and get support and they would all support me and help me by giving me emotional support to make that journey. He said it was a tough journey, they have helped other members from their church make that journey against the Federal Government. It was very nice of him to offer, I took the card but declined the invitation and thanked him, I told him I need to make this journey on my own.  It was very cool of him to offer.  As a Scientologist, I don’t know what it’s like to have emotional support from anybody nor how to accept it on this level. Going to Federal Court is not a walk in the park and it’s huge. It’s a big deal.  As a Scientologist I’ve been taught not to go to court, to avoid court or lose my religion, so to be honest, I didn’t know how to handle his invitation.

When I recall those memories of these two people, these two very nice black people who weren’t racist to me and went out of their way to offer me help, I don’t feel racist towards them and if they needed my help today I would help them if I could, but when I see Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch etc etc in the press, I feel racist towards them. They were in a position of power and authority to help me, it’s their jobs to help me as a citizen and taxpayer of this country, they get paid to help people and instead of doing their jobs, they all neglected me and failed to act on purpose which is a crime of omission, all because of the color of my skin and my religions.  They judged me on the color of my skin and not based on the content of my character.

These two people that offered to help me, they weren’t getting paid to help me, it wasn’t their job to help me, they just did it cause that’s who they are, people of good will.

So am I racist now and discriminate? The answer is yes and no, towards people like Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch etc etc I am, but towards people like the two above, I’m not.  Which one are you?

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