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Barack and Michelle Obama Both Knew - October 21, 2017

I tweeted them my scientology website while coming forward about the crimes that were committed on me in 1998.  They were tweeted on 5/6/2012.

I received no response back by either of these two people, I got blown off, while others he responded back to like this woman


I was being investigated by the Secret Service cause I tweeted them, and they including the Secret Service all watched as my life was destroyed for a 3rd and final time and did nothing but watch. The Secret Service, Barack Obama, even Michelle Obama could have intervened with the FBI and told them to help me, to come in so that I could report these hate crimes, but instead, the opposite occurred.

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead

Federal Court Judges will have to investigate Barack and Michelle Obama as well as the Secret Service to find out why they failed to act, they knew but failed to act on purpose, what were all their reasons? Was it cause I’m white, jewish,  scientologist, catholic, a woman, hungarian american, my age, a republican, an artist? What?

U.S.Ambassador In Budapest Condemns Hungarian Ku KluxKlan

The impression I have is the people that committed these hate crimes are democrats, so politics did play a role, democrats that committed hate crimes on me cause I’m a Scientologist, a Republican, a woman, my age, an artist, Catholic, Hungarian American. The then President of the USA and his wife condoned the actions of these democrats, it was acceptable to them cause I’m a republican etc etc. This is also against the law, it’s failure to act on purpose based on political affiliation. There might also be more deep seated reasons, for their failure to act on purpose, cause I’m a Scientologist, Jewish, Catholic, a woman, my age, a Hungarian American, my political affiliation, and my profession, an artist.

On a personal note, I thought both Barack and Michelle Obama were not racist and religious haters etc etc, I thought they were the good guys. I had no idea just how much they hate white people, jews, catholics, scientologists, women, republicans, artists and Hungarians. I also have past lives with these two people, I’ve been black in my past lives, down my wholetrack including OT3, good positive past lives including family so that’s another reason I took it personally and didn’t want to believe they could be capable of this kind of evil, even though this life, I don’t know them, I’ve never met them etc etc.  I had to experience their actions of neglect, failure to act on purpose, to get it. They don’t care about anybody but themselves and are bias and do discriminate on everybody based on religion, race, gender, age, ethnicity, profession and political affiliation. 

I also got their computations, mental image pictures, emotions etc etc, during this process, I’m OT and this too will be included in my lawsuits as it’s relevant.

Michelle Obama’s first initial thoughts about my tweet was that I was trying to harm, hurt her reputation, informing her of what happened to me in 1998 was some how gonna harm, hurt her reputation, these were her 1st initial thoughts in 2012, me held hostage in my home, video taped naked by Scientologists would harm, hurt her reputation. Ok.  That’s where she was at, when she was the first African American First Lady.

As a woman you would assume she would care the most, but she didn’t. All she thought about was her reputation and how me informing her of what happened to me was gonna harm, hurt her reputation. I almost died in 1998, more then once and a woman did die in 1995, but she didn’t care about that, all she cared about was her reputation.

I have damages from their failures to act on purpose, their neglect. Their crimes of Omission.

My damages are not the norm under these circumstances, what’s been negated is my past lives and my psychic ability. I’m OT, I’ll need intensive therapy psych drug free for OTs/People With Psychic Ability.

Not all psychs are pill pushers, dispense psych drugs. There are psychs out there that are aware of past lives and psychs that treat people with psychic ability.  Below are the types of psychs I’ll need for my therapy, to treat my PTSD’s psych drug free.

In regards to Barack and Michelle Obama, investigations will have to be done to determine, who did what. Currently I’m under the impression that, that’s what’s going on and under this impression cause nobody helped me instead I was negated, neglected, abused and ignored. But I can also be wrong, for all I know other people on his team went behind his and her back and undermined them unbeknownst to them and then turned around and gave them wrong information on purpose, that happens too. As for Michelle Obama, it’s possible that she has false data about my religion Scientology and Scientologists and based on this false data from where ever she obtained it, could have been a contributing factor to her initial thoughts after I tweeted them. I did not get the same initial thoughts from Barack. I won’t know until investigations are done and the truth is revealed.

Most people would be upset and I am to a degree but my life has been 100% completely destroyed, I have nothing left to lose, everybody destroyed it including my reproductive system from the crimes of 1998.  If I wasn’t a Scientologist, sure, I’d probably go psychotic and go out and kill people that did this to me, the destroying of my reproductive system without my consent nor knowledge ie practicing eugenics, but fortunately for everybody, I’m a Scientologist, there’s no reason, no need to go psychotic and become violent and I’ll have children next life.

My psychs and I’ll have to have more then one, will be addressing these issues in therapy, intensive therapy psych drug free for OTs/People With Psychic Ability, they will help me with a program to close out my life and to prepare for next life, next life, I’ll be an awesome mother from the help I get this life for example. This might not be the norm but then again neither is my circumstances.

Updated 4/30/2018 9:50pm

I want to clarify, when I tweeted Obama, his wife and the White House, I actually thought I tweeted this page.


I got premeditated computations to murder me around November/December of 2011, at that time, I didn’t know who/whom nor where it was coming from, so I put up this website, ScientologyForYou.info cause I figured I would be murdered and I thought ok, somebody or somebodies is gonna murder me, let me get all this off my chest before I’m murdered. I didn’t know at that time it was Doreen Doshay Russell. I realized later in eviction court, that I got the premeditated computations to murder me, from her, it was her as she was ordering me to have the apartment unit sprayed with harmful chemicals that were known to cause harm and you can die. She didn’t care that I could/would die and continued harassing me, trying to abuse me into it. 

Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 3

I figured, by the time they ie Obama, his wife and the White House got to it, I’d be dead and I figured they’d go help Louis Farrakhan since he’s a Scientologist and they are friends with him. I don’t know Louis Farrakhan, I’ve never met him etc etc.  

In my eyes he’s a Scientologist cause he uses my religion in his life, even if he hasn’t publicly said, he’s a Scientologist.

So this was actually a mistake, I tweeted the wrong page. My intention was to tweet this page


And I figured I’d be dead by the time they got to it, read it etc etc.

There is no where you can turn to for help under these kinds of circumstances. You can’t go to the police, they’ll just label you crazy and won’t help you. Going to the police under these circumstances won’t prevent your death.  So that was my intention when I tweeted Obama, his wife and the White House.

I really thought I’d be dead by the time they got to it, I’m not a celebrity, I’m not rich, I’m not a democrat, there’s nothing I can do for these people, there is nothing they can benefit from me, off me, including PR, so I figured they’d never help me and I figured I’d be dead, they can go help Louis Farrakhan.

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