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Centaurgirl Productions Inc - July 16, 2018

Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 6

In 2013 on 11517 Cumpston St, Apt 3, North Hollywood, CA  91601, sometime on or before 9/18/2013 my external hard drive was stolen. I had 2 hard identical hard drives likes this, both purchased the same day.


I had both of them when I moved in, in 2009 cause I accessed them both as well as other external hard drives. I had to routinely make back ups of the art that I was producing on my external hard drives.

They were side by side in the built in closet/shelf furniture thing.    At the time I took that picture, I didn’t realize my external hard drive was stolen, I was just documenting cause of all the abuse I experienced by cracker Doreen Doshay Russell and cracker Matt Acres in and outside of eviction court.

These pictures were to go to the FBI but since I got abused and blown off by the FBI, I’m authenticating them here


These are the pictures I took for 9/18/2013


My original files, all my files for Gabrielle The Fallen Graphic Novel was on that external hard drive along with my original art, as well as personal stuff like home videos of pets and family members.

After I was evicted by the corrupt and abusive Judge Cho and his equally corrupt and abusive assistant clerk Lisa Sims, I tried to get funding for my graphic novel “Gabrielle The Fallen” to make it into a movie, actually a trilogy.

I opened an account on Kickstarter.com, at this time I did not know that my hard drive was stolen.

After opening the account with Kickstarter and Amazon Payments, spending time to set up that account, after I submitted it for Kickstarter’s next approval step, and got approved, the next step was to put up promotional material including a trailer/trailers. I was like, I have that, so I went to go for my hard drive and realized I only had one and the one I had didn’t contain Gabrielle The Fallen on it including my promotional trailers and original files for the promotional trailer so I could edit it. And that’s what Kickstarter required in order to move forward to the next step. I couldn’t complete this step cause cracker Doreen Doshay Russell and her cracker accomplices stole my external hard drive during the eviction court process.


I went thru all my external hard drives twice and CD’s and realized, it was completely gone.

I tweeted Michelle Rodriguez from my scilon twitter site in 2012 or 2013 about funding and how I wanted her to be the main character, when I wrote it, she was who I had in mind for the lead role, but those tweets/tweet is missing. I tweeted her letting her know I was gonna get funding.

It’s possible that cracker Doreen Doshay Russell and her cracker accomplices deleted that tweet from my scilon twitter cause they stole my logins/passwords when they broke into my apartment unit with their keys and were stalking me on my scilon twitter, to gage when I would be at home and when I wouldn’t so they could enter my unit and steal my shit.

They as a group premeditated the theft of my graphic novel, and to stop me, prevent me from getting funding.  They probably assumed I would be dead and they would get away with it.  Maybe they intended to get funding for my graphic novel themselves or to steal my graphic novel, sell it and make it into a movie and take credit it for like they were the creators/artist.

So, I tweeted Robert Rodriguez and Michelle Rodriguez to let them know, I didn’t want to keep her hanging like a project with funding was coming her way, I wanted to let her know so she could take other projects and there was no way I could get funding cause they stole my hard drive meaning this project was 100% dead.


I didn’t have the resources to recreate the characters, on that hard drive was also the original 3D models of each character including hair, clothes etc etc that I created plus the backgrounds, the scenes, the props used, so in order to make the trailers, the promotional trailers for kickstarter I needed those and I didn’t have the resources nor the time to do it, it would have taken me years to recreate it.

My life was completely 100% destroyed including my sources of income and I had no permanent place to live. Under these conditions, I couldn’t go out and purchase and make the 3D models, props, scenes again, that took me years to create.

I also tweeted Harvey Weinstein, Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch, back in 2012, those tweets are also gone, I believe deleted by these cracker hate groups. I was trying to sell my graphic novel so I could get money so I could move. These people all blew me off, never responded to my tweets, if they did or tried to contact me, I don’t know about it cause these cracker hate groups broke into my apartment unit using their keys and stole my logins and passwords.  


For all I know they were interested and they intercepted the communication and maybe started impersonating me, I don’t know, maybe like these people.


I had printed out each agent’s email, there was about 25 agents that were interested, I sent out to half of them, the graphic novel so they could see it, instead of writing a script, all 25 were interested and wanted a script, they couldn’t see it, it was a graphic novel and they couldn’t see it. I couldn’t understand how they could not see it cause it’s a graphic novel and graphic novels are sold all the time without scripts and made into movies.

All those emails were gone, both the printed out ones and the emails in my email account.


My intention was to contact these agents in the future to give them the scripts they requested. It’s not easy to write a script and I had no experience, so I was trying to learn how to write a script. I took classes in how to write a script and purchased books to educate myself. 


Besides selling it at the above places, I also sold my graphic novel on renderotica.com. I was testing it really, in regards to marketing and after I tweeted  Harvey Weinstein, Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch, I removed it from that store, all my correspondence with renderotica.com was deleted in my email account.  I sold a few copies of my graphic novel in renderotica.com but it wasn’t consistent and I was just testing all different markets. I also sold it at renderosity.com as well and those emails are also gone too.


Other places I purchased 3d models, props, clothes, hair etc etc were 3dcommune.com, poserpros.com and runtimeDNA.com  which are out of business now and poserworld.com which is still in business.

I used 3D software called Poser to make my graphic novel, I created the characters, the scenes, using Poser and then I had to render them. I also created two other graphic novels that were on my centuargirl.com website.








All my bank statements except for this one is gone.


These are all the financial documents I have for Centaur Girl Productions, the DBA is gone, bank statements are gone and my tax returns, the above could be 1st, 2nd, 3rd drafts, not the final draft.  There could be other financial documents gone as well, including any correspondence with anybody, so there might be more they stole.

A little side note, Gabrielle The Fallen was created to be a trilogy, 3 movies including an animated series and games to follow each movie and books, basically a franchise not just one movie but an entire franchise. And I wanted to do this franchise not just in different languages but as it went along for example the animated series, games and books,  I wanted to expand it to include more religions, including judaism, muslim and christianity and other religions etc etc. 

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