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Chief Charlie Beck Knew About Me Since 2012 - May 27, 2018




Yet I received no help from him nor the LAPD. I was blown off, except that one cookie cutter response.  I did not get from their response they would help me and not harm me in any way, shape or form.

The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead

These people don’t care about the public, they are just using their jobs for a steady paycheck. This Chief of Police continued to investigate me, let me guess, he too went off the less then 40 page psych report he found on my ScientologyForYou.info website and assumed.

Olive View Violated My Civil Rights In 1998

Had he gotten in comm with me, talking, communication, then he would have found out how that was concealed from me, and in 2015, I got over 300 pages.

If they ie the LAPD was investigating me cause I sent them these emails, then while they were investigating me, they watched while hate crimes were committed on me, that’s an outpoint. It means they sat there and watched these people commit hate crimes on me and failed to act, which is a crime of Omission.

This Chief is retiring.


I have no idea what the new Chief of Police is gonna do nor if this Chief of Police will turn over any data, no data or false data. This Chief of Police never bothered to talk to me directly, that’s an outpoint.

I now have more PTSDs in addition to my life 100% completely destroyed by the Hate Crimes of 2009-2013 including the illegal eviction in Santa Monica court cause Mayor Garcetti shut down the local eviction courts and rerouted them to his tech hub in Santa Monica. They are called Designated District Hub Locations.





Hate Crimes By Judge Cho, Lisa Sims the Clerk and The Sheriffs

I got Chief Becks computations in the theta universe, I have psychic ability and past lives with him down the wholetrack as my father where he was both gay and straight in law enforcement. It was, if I didn’t shut up ie emailing myself, he was gonna take me into Olive View and have them overdose me again so I would die, that was his intent. To murder me. And he’s the Chief of Police during this time.

His failure to act on purpose is a crime of Omission. You can label me crazy all day long but it won’t hold any water in Federal Court, my religion Scientology, being OT, I’m a last life OT, OT1, my next level on the bridge was OT2.

I don’t know what corrupt shit he did behind my back as the victim while he continued, him and his daughter continued to spy on me, violate my 4th amendment and not help me on purpose.

As for his daughter, I got her computations too, I have past lives with her too, that was to make a false report to SWAT and have them destroy the house where I was renting, that was her intent, to commit a crime/crimes.

I’ll find out thru Federal Court, investigations, just cause he’s leaving, retiring from his post doesn’t mean, he won’t be left out. I’m not afraid of him. I hope he feels like a big powerful guy, making sure me, the victim was destroyed, the victim of two back to back sexual abuse incidents including being held hostage. Where do you think I got that phrase from, that term? From him, his computations. 

He’s a coward, he never responded to any of my emails, he is afraid of communication, that’s an outpoint.

If he has damages from this blog post, like I said, feel free to sue the FBI/DOJ/LAPD.   Had he helped me, communicated to me like these people ie not blow me off,


then I would have never written this blog post.


Now since he knew about me, was investigating me, and did nothing to help me, the victim, this would be construed as premeditated on his part so he could sue these agencies for money. I believe that’s also against the law.

I got other computations from him and his daughter, I’ll go over that with my forensic psych/psychs.  From this cycle I have psychic pain and trauma too in addition to my PTSDs.

For everybody else on the Defense team of the LAPD, I suggest you all find out what my religion really is and how it works including the OT levels (not the 3% online) cause it’s relevant and if you assume it’s a cult cause of Leah Remini and her partner Mike Rinder, you’ll get it wrong every time. This is me, doing my due diligence for Federal Court.  I don’t ambush in or out of court.

Also Defense team, how many people were paid overtime on my cycle cause of anons and Scientology? Keep that in mind too. At the height of anonymous.

And my cases, are both criminal thru civil court, basically as the victim I’ll be doing everybody’s job in law enforcement, I’ll be the cop/victim, both while the FBI/DOJ/LAPD and LAPD/OliveView/ChurchofScientology are the defendants. I have probable cause for investigations of each of these agencies thru Federal Court.  This isn’t a case/cases of going to civil court for damages, it’s a case/cases of doing criminal investigations thru civil court and making arrests as well. 

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