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Crimes By SSA Employees and Accomplices - March 21, 2018

I applied for disability in December of 2015 and I got nothing but abused and crimes committed on me by Social Security employees and accomplices.

The Federal Government is so corrupt and abusive there is nothing in this society to help it’s taxpayers except go to Federal Court and enforce the laws of this land.  It’s a piece of shit country that has done nothing but rip me off, my entire life, this is what they make victims of crimes go thru, this is how evil this government really is.  It’s all designed to cut your survival including the people that work there, that’s all they do all day long, cut people’s survival, that’s what they get paid for.  

Since I’m already on my way to Federal Court, this will be included in my lawsuit, so it’s not a big deal for me. For most people this would be a big deal. The Judges will decide if the FBI/DOJ/LAPD are liable or if I need to file a separate lawsuit against SSA.

You can see how easy these crimes are to commit by SSA employees and accomplices, there is no checks and balances internally, within SSA to detect, prevent and handle for it’s applicants, it’s taxpayers. I’m sure the majority of identity theft is coming from this agency, they have your personal information, most people that apply for disability after they are disapproved or approved, that’s it and go on their way, they have no idea that their bank account information was stolen by SSA employees, when you ask for a hearing, you get the evidence, in my case about 2 years later, way after the crimes were already committed. There is anonymous within SSA, it’s their employees, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit the banks, they have everybody’s personal information including bank account information.  I thought it was odd, strange and abusive that my interviewer, laughed at me when I explained to him why I was there, why I was applying, 2 years later I find out he lied on my application and stole my bank account information.   The FBI will have to figure it out to stop it.

All the criminals are in plain site, where the FBI would never look, like internal SSA including the psychs and doctors they use. The criminals are exploiting all the holes within this Nazi Psychiatry Matrix and are getting away with their crimes and will continue until Law Enforcement wakes up and smells the coffee, that’s the reality of it. 


Updated 4/6/2018 3:40pm

I just received this today from SSA. 


This case was dismissed based on paperwork I didn’t send in and the false 5 min medical exam and psych exam.

This Judge accepted the false reports, that’s the reason they dismissed this case. So this Judge accepted knowingly false information and tried to make it as fact. This is against the law by this Admin Judge.


I didn’t go to the hearing cause he did not have the power to conduct criminal investigations nor the power to enforce penal laws violated and award my damages.   This is a felony committed by this Admin Judge.  It also makes him an accessory to these crimes.

8 U.S. Code § 1324c – Penalties for document fraud

California Penal Code 132 and 134

This case is going before Federal Judges, so in this dismissal he’s introducing false evidence on purpose. This is serious.  He knew it’s false evidence cause I disclosed it to him. 

A letter was sent to OIG as well along with the evidence as much as I could. 


I ran into problems trying to fax all these pdf files, it would have taken me about 2-3 days to complete faxing full time, that’s 24 hours each day, there’s about 600 pages total and there is no fax service set up to handle that many faxes to be faxed in one sitting.

The Admin Judge had no email, it’s just send by mail or fax, so he was not included in my tweet to OIG, they have a twitter account. I can’t afford to print out and send 600 pages of documents to an administration Judge who can’t enforce penal codes and award my damages as stated in my letter to him. Below was all I was able to fax cause of the circumstances above.


I also submitted this to OIG thru their website:


Updated 8/27/2018 3:50pm

Phone conversation with psych’s boss telling me how the psych committed felonies to help me.  Her accomplice’s confession, circumvents, California’s 2 party consent law.

The old url was in the letter I faxed to the Admin Judge

Updated 12/7/2018 4:31pm


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