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Discrimination By REeBroker - March 28, 2018

I was terminated by this real estate broker without warning because I emailed my ScientologyForYou.info website to other real estate agents. This was not against the board of realtors rules, I violated no laws. He even admitted to it, because it was my religion Scientology.  The mailing list,  I got that from the board of realtors, it’s encouraged that you reach out to other real estate agents and network. I wanted to network with people that knew upfront what happened to me and didn’t care that I was a Scientologist.

Here’s what I sent:

Kathy Gold, Scientologist, My Story My Side of What Happened to Me When I Was a Member Of The Church Of Scientology In Good Standing http://www.scientologyforyou.info/mystorybykathygold.html

If you don’t want to receive email from me any longer, hit reply, type the words remove and make sure, it shows your correct email address as the email address you are using is not the one on my list. Most people have more than one email address. I can’t remove your email address if you send me the one that is not listed on my mailing list.

The normal thing to do is respond with the words remove and their email address if they aren’t interested in networking with me.  That’s what normal real estate agents would do and did. But not these people, instead I got attacked.

1st Real Estate Agent – Audrey Peters – She lied in her email to this broker, she also never filed a complaint, I heard nothing from the Board of Realtors nor the DRE. 

The broker wrote back that I was bewitched with my religion.

This woman attacked me after I emailed her. I never spammed her. I sent her 1 email and she flipped out. It’s not against the law nor the DRE nor the Board of Realtors to inform people of your religion and come forward to crimes that were committed on you, to speak out.

I sent her one email about my website ScientologyForYou.info and she threatened me, that’s 1 count of harassment. I tried to remove her email address but, the email address in the email was not the same one I sent it too. She never gave me the email address to remove and instead ignored my request and continued to harass me. On May 28, 2012 at 10:21am  she sends me a 2nd email, instead of giving me her email address so I could remove her from my mailing list. Then at at 10:23, 2 minutes later, she sends me another email. She’s abusive and threatening and attacking my religion Scientology.  Reaching out to another real estate agent is not against the law. She has MU’s on reaching out via email.  I labeled her correctly, she was psychotic, a psycho.

Each response is 1 count of harassment plus the complaint, so that’s 4 counts of harassment. I believe she attacked me cause I’m a Scientologist.


She then emails the broker complaining:
Over the course of the weekend I have received some very obnoxious spam mail from Kathleen Gold, one of your agents, soliciting for her religious group and making sexual allegations, which must be illegal on several levels,not to mention highly unethical.  I have attached a pdf of her emails.

This is also false and lies. I wasn’t soliciting my religious group nor making sexual allegations, I have no idea where this woman got sexual allegations from in my email to her?  Again, I labeled her correctly.

The 2nd paragraph: Upon asking her to stop emailing me and to remove me from her email list, she has gone ballistic and posted my name and the emails on her Blog site as ‘Psycho Realtors’. She has done this to other innocent realtors. It is distressing to our business and professional reputation. This is most unethical and I will be filing a complaint at the DRE and the FCC for spam mail.

I made her harassment, abuse public record. This was also not against the law.  She also believes that other realtors that have abused me, harassed me are innocent. Again I labeled her correctly.

As of 2/17/2018 there is no complaints against me  nor my license.

This broker is supposedly building a case against me, and accuses me of not being in my right mind. Whatever she attached, I never saw cause he never sent it to me, for all I know what ever she sent him was false and/or manufactured, it’s possible she manufactured emails to include the sexual allegations.  He never talked to me about this and just terminated me. This broker discriminated against me because I’m a Scientologist.

There’s is also no complaints against me, this was used by the broker to harass me, abuse me, intimidate me after terminating me.

She complained on May 29, 2012 at 3:58 PM


2nd Real Estate Agent – Nick Nekoo – On May 29, 2012 at 4:22 PM another Realtor complained who also harassed me, abused me.

NickNekoo1.pdf  I never spammed anybody instead he accused me of spamming, which never happened. Reaching out to another real estate agent is not spamming. These realtors are abberrated on communication and have MUs on email, reaching out and spam and don’t read, instead they just attack. They are very angry. And I’m not their punching bag. I believe he attacked me cause I’m a Scientologist.

The 2nd email

His complaint

He wrote Kathleen Gold is one of your agents. She has been soliciting her art business using her real estate email address, and when I asked to be removed from her list for the second time, she became very hostile!

I was never soliciting my art business using my real estate email address info@sfvalleyhomesforsale.com, that’s a lie.  This was an autoresponder for sfvalleyhomesforsale@gmail.com. What he got after emailing me was an autoresponder and that’s also not against the law nor violates any rules. If it was, he should have told me to my face, but instead he went behind my back to complain and use that against me.

As for his email, he never gave me the correct email address, he ignored that and just threatened me, abused me, harassed me. It’s a natural normal human emotional response to get hostile after somebody attacks you for no reason. I’m not responsible nor accountable for his email address that he refused to provide me with so that it could be removed, he is.

Each response is 1 count of harassment plus the complaint, so that’s 3 counts of harassment.

This broker never bothered to talk to me and get my side of what happened, I was just terminated. He had no probable cause to terminate me without at least a warning, a correction. And I never broke any of the Board of Realtors rules, they encourage real estate agents to reach out to each other.

To this day, there was no investigation by anybody nor any complaints.  It was all threats, harassment.  I labeled him correctly as well, Psychotic, psycho.

I reported them to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and got a right to sue on 1/2/2013.  I had 90 days to sue for this discrimination, abuse and harassment per their letter.

I wasn’t able to find an attorney to take my case in June of 2012.  Out of the 50 and more attorneys  I contacted, only 7 replied with a no, the rest blew me off.  And I had no money to retain an attorney under the circumstances, my sources of income destroyed and being on the verge of being evicted, not to mention all the abuse, harassment, hate crimes etc etc. I had to live with this discrimination, this abuse and harassment and the loss of all the years I went marketing and promoting my real estate services door to door in the neighborhood as well as all the money I put out including dues and my time creating websites to generate leads using organic SEO, print advertising and online advertising.  All that was down the drain, all that hard work, money and time gone cause the broker discriminated against me cause I’m a Scientologist.

This broker never talked to me, never gave me a warning and just terminated me, on the lies and hatred of 2 people and also threatened me indirectly with a lawsuit cause of my religion Scientology.

Each email showing me the conversation is 1 count of harassment plus the complaints, so that’s 11 counts of harassment.

The two people lied to this broker and he showed me no evidence. He went off their lies in terminating my job. He also never paid me the $100.00 he owed me for referring other real estate agents for employment to his brokerage firm.


The right to sue:


After I was evicted, I tried to do this business again, but after the abuse and neglect by the FBI/DOJ/LAPD, I couldn’t do it anymore. The reinforcement of the pain and trauma and left sitting in it to die from the loss of my careers, the abuse, the discrimination, the harassment, the hate crimes, the corruption and discrimination in eviction court by the Judge, Sheriffs and clerk, the attempted premeditated murders etc etc, it was too much for me not to mention all the new PTSD’s from their reinforcement of that pain trauma, loss etc etc and left to die.

The FBI/DOJ/LAPD is liable for the destruction and loss of my real estate career.

The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

Here is the laws that these realtors violated:


1st and 14th amendment

Federal Laws

Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin in certain places of public accommodation.

42 U.S. Code § 2000a – Prohibition against discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation

42 U.S. Code § 12131 – Definitions
42 U.S. Code § 12181 – Definitions

Intentional infliction of emotional distress

California State Laws

Unruh Civil Rights Act 3067. Unruh Civil Rights Act—Damages (Civ. Code, §§ 5152(a)

11 counts of Harassment Penal Code 653.2 and 646.9

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