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Discrimination By The FBI - July 18, 2018

The FBI will have to explain to a panel of 3 Federal Court Judges why all these ex Scientologists/Scientologists were helped while me, the victim of these people was abused and blown off overtly and covertly by the FBI.  At any given time the FBI could have reached out so I could hand them over the evidence, but instead, here I am, authenticating evidence online, the internet while all the criminals that committed these crimes are stalking me and premeditating more crimes against me including murder.

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead


I’m not too worried anymore, I’m numb to it all, if they come near me, I get to kill them defending myself, for example Jon Mackinder, his attacks in 1998, came out of no where, no warnings, nothing, he refused to give me back the tape recorder and stop, knock off his bullshit of tape recording me without my permission or violating my civil rights and continued in his attempted blackmail scheme. 

I’m not afraid of this bozo, so many scenerios but I’ll cut to the point, worst case scenerio, I’ll just kill him to defend myself, after all, he’s 6’3 and I’m 5’1 1/2, no brainer, open and shut case.  There is no reason at all for him to show up at my front door, if you get my drift. Only a bozo would even attempt it, but then again, look at this guy ok, Loserville.  If I wasn’t out of present time on my 2nd dynamic OT3 and this wasn’t a prison planet, our paths would never have crossed, I’d be working for the Federal Government and/or the Implant Station Network, so if our paths crossed, it would be for behavior modification, implants to stop him from committing crimes on human beings. I’d be doing pick up LMAO, that’s means transportation to the Implant Station not actually doing the implanting, that was Jett’s job.

Anyway, Loretta Lynch left some things out of her equations for court, one of her computations was “Nobody gets all their damages!”  She forgot about, my pain, suffering and time, these are all damages too.  The FBI’s best bet is get the goods on people like Loretta Lynch that blew me off, failed to act on purpose and then turned around and investigated me, violated my 4th amendment, I never gave her nor the DOJ permission to spy on me, I think after a victim comes in to make a report and turns over the evidence, there is paperwork they have to sign, attesting to the fact that the evidence is real, not manufactured and gives consent to the FBI/DOJ to use all federal gov resources to help the victim in these crimes including monitoring their emails, texts, communications etc etc. But since I was prevented from reporting these crimes, I never signed anything, giving anybody any permission to violate my 4th amendment, the right to privacy.

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