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Disney and A&E’s Values, Morals and Ethics – Part 2 - June 1, 2018






I think Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices were stalking me on my scilon facebook page and since they stole my logins/passwords, locked me out, at that time I didn’t know they committed these crimes on me. I think they wanted me to think that Tory Christman and her friend complaining to facebook got me locked out when it was them using my login and password they stole.  The common denominator here is, all these women, abused me.  I posted Mark Plummer’s phone number on a facebook post. I didn’t know at that time both Doreen Doshay Russell and/or Karen Freemon and their accomplices were hacking into my facebook page using my login and password that they stole when they broke into my apartment unit using their keys.

Mark Plummer called my house, a stranger, I have no idea how he got my phone number, this stranger called Mark Plummer calls me and left a message on my answering machine, so to protect myself in the event he tried to go to where I lived on Cumpston, obviously he was stalking me, I was afraid if something happened, the police would have the data, but since that was deleted, I suspect Doreen Doshay Russell and/or her accomplices did that so that she/they could get away with her/their premeditated plans of murdering me. It’s premeditated so the police would assume it was Tory Christman, her friend and Mark Plummer, and that makes logical sense cause they’re anti Scientologists.  It’s called premeditated murder with people to pin it on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices ran ops on Tory Christman, her friend and Mark Plummer and obtained physical evidence to manipulate the police after the police found my dead body.  That’s my speculation based on these people’s behavior and the hate crimes Doreen Doshay Russell committed on me in and out of court.  Tory Christman,  her friend and Mark Plummer would just blame this church and religion and then the management team of this church would say they’re crazy, the lunatic fringe. Depending on how good Doreen and her accomplices were at obtaining the physical evidence, Tory Christman, her friend and Mark Plummer probably would have ended up going to prison for a murder they didn’t commit, all cause they were easy to set up by an SP.  That’s my speculation, I’ll find out thru Federal Court ie Investigations.


As for Tory Christman, this woman was part of the Anti Scientology movement because Lisa Mcpherson died. She didn’t know Lisa, she never met Lisa, yet she profited off her death.   

Because of her and her group, I didn’t go to the press after the crimes of 1998, I was in too much pain and I was scared that I would be attacked and physically harmed by these people because I didn’t hate my religion like them.  Because I didn’t blame my religion for the crimes committed on me by Scientologists.

This woman was abusive and very mean to me over the phone. I can only imagine how violent she would get in person. So much hostility towards Scientologists and a religion but she covers it up really well as she smiles. This woman is also 1.1 on the tone scale and an SP.  Below it talks how she’s a fierce critic of this religion, how many victim’s of this church’s management team did she abuse and prevent from coming forward?



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