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Disney and A&E’s Values, Morals and Ethics - May 31, 2018

Per this, they are anti Scientologists.


Per This A&E show, they only talk about the abuses of what happened to the people within this community, but I was completely ignored and what happened to me, is huge.

I sent an email directly to Leah Remini, she tweeted asking for people to contact her directly, I did. She never responded instead blew me off.  And my story is huge.  It caused me pain, that Leah Remini blew me off,  she showed her true colors towards victims of this church’s management team, including Mike Rinder.  I have no idea, what other victims of this church’s management team including victims of Mike Rinder, Leah Remini has blown off, ignored them cause Mike Rinder is her partner in this project?   I have no idea how many people Leah Remini has hurt, how many victims of this church’s management team that reached out to her, she hurt by ignoring them?


She was advertising on twitter to reach out to her, to tell her your story, so I thought she would be ok, I had no idea she was cherry picking stories for her tv show, she came across genuine on her show like she really cared, not the opposite.  She never bothered to respond to my email, instead I was blown off and I didn’t get that she was that type of person from her show.

Example of tweets advertising for stories
Leah Remini’s Twitter Account

I also tweeted her my eval of her, directly.



I was held hostage in my home, video taped naked, I was unconscious and held hostage for days, maybe weeks. My civil rights and constitutional rights were violated. The LAPD arrived cause my neighbors heard me screaming for help, I tried to escape 3 times. When the LAPD arrived, I was unconscious, all the information of what occurred was obtained by the LAPD from my captors. The LAPD asked me 2 questions and based on my answers, which was sarcastic and so far out there, they said, “come with me”. The LAPD never told me where they were taking me, I just complied. I was also not 100% aware cause I just woke up from being unconscious. The LAPD never asked me about that, I don’t think they cared. They saw that I was unconscious, I was not a drug user nor an alcoholic, my apartment was trashed, I guess everybody blamed me for holding me hostage to the police and labeled me crazy, so when I woke up, the LAPD believed my captors lies.

How easy, I was unconscious. The LAPD is trained to determine if the scene is a hostage scene, right? So then they couldn’t determine by looking at the scene that, that’s what it was especially when they arrived, I was unconscious.  Really, I would trash my own home, unconscious people can’t do anything, they’re unconscious. I pulled the phone out of my wall in attempt to escape, if you want to count that, it would be attempt #4.  These people ate my food, used my kitchen to cook my food, eat off my dishes, my pots, my pans, used my bathroom, I have no idea what they did in my office, bedroom, bathroom etc etc, I was kept in the living room and the LAPD didn’t think, this was not normal?

The first thing, the LAPD should have asked me was about my unconscious state. It was pretty clear that I was disorientated and confused. They saw that, they knew. But instead they started asking me about my psych history, a psych history I didn’t have. It came out of left field for me.  Never before in my entire life was I ever in a psych ward, I had no history of mental illness but they were under the impression, assumption that I did.

I have no idea how many people, strangers they talked to while I was unconscious. At any given time during being held hostage in my home for days, possibly for weeks, there was about 10 people coming and going. I did not know who they were, they were strangers to me, the only person I knew that was there was Jon Mackinder, the only person that wasn’t a stranger to me was Jon Mackinder. I also didn’t give them permission to be there nor was I ever asked.

This aired in December of 1998

I spoke to Jamie Welte over the phone in September, sometime after I got out of the psych ward, after I was released and came back from the ranch. Per the PTS/SP course, if somebody is having a type 3 sit, they are suppose to be taken out to the woods, wilderness and have the person chill out and then audit them. I asked my assigned minister Dan Stradford to apply 100% LRH tech, my religion Scientology, so after he picked me up from the psych ward, he drove me out to a ranch style area, past Valencia or near there, out that way. I waited, no auditor ever came, I asked for an auditor many times. This is what they labeled me with, I never labeled myself, this is what they labeled me with, yet they refused to apply my religion to handle.

After I got back either 9/9/98 or 9/10/98, I spoke to her over the phone. I was not allowed down at CC International and that’s where I was on lines at, that means, that’s where I was on course for the PTS/SP course, which I paid for, I also paid for Jon Mackinder’s course and both of our IAS memberships, to this day, Jon Mackinder has never paid me back. In my religion that would be called an out exchange and I don’t think Jon Mackinder made any case gain doing that course since he never paid for it nor his IAS membership.

I was told by Jamie Welte, to wait till December and then I could come back on lines at CC. My landlord who was not a Scientologist also told me to wait till December, we were having a conversation and he said to wait till December, I’m thinking, ok, he’s not a Scientologist, why is he telling me to wait until December, the same as Jamie Welte, what’s gonna happen in December? It was very odd.

I waited until December in 1998 and what happened then? This A&E show came out.


I remember after seeing it, I felt pain, I actually had physical pain in addition to emotional pain. I actually knew Lisa Mcpherson, she worked under me at Hanover, I hired her, personally. I was told by Lance Imbergia in spring or early summer of 1998 that she died of a brain aneurysm at Flag. So this was very weird, creepy.

This show gave me no data about how Lisa actually died, the circumstances that surrounded her death, the truth. I also saw the anti scientology community on this show, the protests holding my religion instead of the people, the management team responsible and accountable for her death. They just went on, how it was a cult, evil and bad. This caused me pain. I felt I would be harmed if I went to the Press. That’s how I felt when I watched that show. It was all one sided against my religion because this woman died on church property while in their care. I felt like these people would attack me, hurt me, harm me if I went to the press. They were so angry at my religion.



The reality of it is, my religion didn’t kill Lisa Mcpherson, people that didn’t practice my religion did. But I didn’t know that at that time, and this show didn’t give me any data, insight into how she really died and it was an investigative reporting show. It was just my religion is bad and evil and this woman died cause of my religion.

I did my own investigation while crossing the wall of fire in 2009/2010.
In 1998, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun were executives of this church.





Currently, Mike Rinder is on the Scientology the Aftermath A&E show, the same man who was head of OSA (Office of Special Affairs) their legal department, he would have known about my cycle, legal reasons, especially since there was a murder indictment coming against David Miscavige in November of 1998.


In January of 1999, my assigned minister, Dan Stradford sent me a letter letting me know my religion was gone cause they held me hostage in my home, violated my civil rights, my constitutional rights including video taping me without my consent and knowledge while I was unconscious. I lost my religion, I was blamed for their actions of not applying my religion based on their false labeling and committing crimes on me.

I was lied to, by Jamie Welte and also insulted. I was a last life clear, certified, that means I went clear last life, but after crossing the wall of fire, what they started in 1998, forcing me to do, I finished in 2009-2010 and I’m actually a last life OT, OT1, my next step on the bridge was OT2, which is also a church management team fuck up.

Crossing the wall of fire is what everybody does while dying. I was brought down to death on the tone scale and kept there, forced to relive past life deaths, over and over and over and over again, this went on for days, possibly for weeks.

When I attested to clear, a last life clear at Los Angeles Day org, I was routed to AO where they gave me a TE, that stands for Tech Estimate, it’s an estimate of how much money it would cost me to do my OT levels. What should have happened was, they should have asked me a series of questions to find out if I was a last life OT and if so, how did that happen, where, what location did I become OT, what year etc etc.



Nobody ever asked me anything about being a last life OT, that was completely missed, which is weird cause AO, that’s all they handle there, OTs.

LA Day can’t address being a last life OT, only AO can, two different churchs, LADAY can’t deliver OT levels, those services, only AO can.

So when I read that letter how my bridge was gone and I had to go to a lower org, I felt insulted and invalidated for surviving, for being alive.

All I did was reach out for help in August 1998 and in return I lost my bridge, my eternity, my religion. I was also lied to, by Jamie Welte, she told me to wait until December and then I can come back, and then she turned around and stabbed me in the back. I found out that on 9/11/98 my bridge, religion was gone but that was never communicated to me until January of 1999.

She never communicated this too me, she lied. At that point I felt these people betrayed me, I just didn’t have all my answers, all the reasons why.

I approached Mike Rinder on Marty Rathbun’s blog
And he attacked me on there. And then Marty Rathbun cut my comm. He painted a picture on his blog that wasn’t true. He wouldn’t let me post my post but he didn’t tell anybody else on his blog. He wrote if these allegations are true to email Mike Rinder directly yet Mike Rinder at that time had no email, I didn’t know what Mike Rinder’s email was and Marty Rathbun never provided it. I was just trying to get information but instead I was attacked, they were both very hostile and angry towards me.

I was cut off in the middle of responding to Mike Rinder by Marty Rathbun. Marty Rathbun never communicated to anybody that he cut me off, so everybody was under the assumption that I went off and contacted Mike Rinder privately which was not true, I had no way to contact Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun never provided his email. Basically I missed a withhold on these men and they reacted violently. I suspect if I was talking to them in person, they would have become violent with me cause I missed their withholds about my cycle.



Both of these men were involved Lisa Mcpherson’s care at Flag and the court case/cases that followed after her death. Per the Medical Examiner who is dead now, ops were run on her by this church to force her to change her initial findings, the ops would have been done by Mike Rinder’s office, OSA.


The 1998 criminal charges the state attorney filed was dropped because Joan Wood changed her findings.


Mike Rinder goes on about how my religion is a cult, reinforcing false data and lies, on Leah Remini’s show. This is acceptable by A&E and Disney, these are A&E’s and Disney’s values, to perpetuate lies, false data and bigotry. 

I suspect Mike Rinder’s intent is to spread false data about my religion so everybody misses the crimes he committed while he worked there and basically he got away with it.  I’m not the first person that was held hostage in their home, there were other Scientologists before me and after me.  It’s not known as these victims haven’t come forward. I don’t know if they contacted Leah Remini or Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun. This is years of abuse by Mike Rinder.

A&E and Disney never bothered to do, their due diligence before giving Mike Rinder a job as an expert about my religion.

I tweeted Abbe Raven, she never responded nor contacted me personally.


I also tweeted the CEO of Disney Robert Iger about a different issue.


My religion is about past lives and cause over your exteriorization (which is when your soul leaves your body, you are in control of it, not effect of it).

This is never even mentioned on this show, these core beliefs are left out, which is weird cause it’s relevant.

What people are doing on the upper OT levels is learning how to bypass eternal damnation and break the cycle of reincarnation in layman’s terms.



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