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Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon Tampered With Evidence Part 2 - June 12, 2018

In regards to the check number sequence, on this invoice MeganShieldsBill.pdf

where I wrote 1/23/98 $151.42 #1096

That might have been from my Digital Gold Building Fund account.  Those bank account statements, opened and unopened are also gone as well as the main bank account statements.

In September of 1998 I purchased some audio tapes from Bridge Publications


That check bounced and I sent them a money order to handle it.

That check was #1088, so it’s possible I sent Megan Shields a check from that account.

I didn’t knowingly give a bad check to Bridge and it was a surprise to me when I found out.

It’s possible that Jon Mackinder stole money from my bank accounts while I was unconscious or while I was in the psych ward, he broke into my home using his copies of my keys that he made duplicates of without my knowledge nor consent and/or possibly prior to, before the attacks of August 1998. There was no forced entry.

He wore the treasury hat, he was suppose to pay bills out of my main Digital Gold checking account and deposit money into my Digital Gold Building Fund.  He also handled all deposits. Per LRH Management tech, 1% of money coming in goes to the building fund and when there is enough money in the bank account, you use that money to purchase a building for your business so you don’t have to pay rent and you don’t have to worry about that as a monthly expense and you can expand your business.

Jon Mackinder stole client files and I wrote KR’s about that.


He also owed me money, he was paid for jobs he never did and he never gave me back the money, I was on the hook for that.

These KRs were also ignored.

I was left with PTSDs, physical injuries, trauma, pain and in 1998, I didn’t know the reason/reasons my bank accounts were overdrawn, it’s cause Jon Mackinder ripped me off. This church’s management team ignored these facts too.

In regards to the reports, I would have sent it to LA, the reports office by mail. In 1998 they had no online reporting form to use like currently.



Updated 6/15/2018 2:49pm

Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon Tampered With Evidence

I found 3 unopened bank statements on 6/14/2018 for Digital Gold, no checks were in those bank statements.



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