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Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon Tampered With Evidence - June 10, 2018

After I was evicted in 2013 by corruption and abuse within eviction court including attempted murder, I discovered in 2014 when I inventoried my belongings that my pink phone and my digital gold files were all gone.




I discovered on June 7, 2018 that all my Digital Gold bank account statements, unopened bank account statements were also gone. They were not kept with my Digital Gold files but in shoe boxes.

I believe both of these women and their accomplices went into my apartment unit between 2009 and 2013, from the time I moved there to the time I moved out and stole my personal things periodically.

The Digital Gold bank statements had checks from my Digital Gold main bank account and they are not here for me to refer back to, to include into my lawsuit in my 2nd case against the LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology

Megan Shields has passed away, I’m guessing her client files along with medical records have been destroyed?

This bill, the financial aspect of it, in regards to the check I wrote for this bill, MeganShieldsBill.pdf  on page 4, I can’t remember which date I wrote this check on, did I write this on 12/23/98 or 1/23/99?  The back of the check would tell me cause that’s when it was cashed, either in December of 1998 or January 1999. And the front cause I might have written notes on it like this check File0006.PDF

I was able to find one bank statement that confirms and verifies the existence of the main bank account for Digital Gold. 

There is holes punched into that bank account statement, it must have been in another file folder and taken out along with all the other bank statements in that file folder for the year 2000, they would have been in chronological order.


That bank account was opened in 1996 when I started Digital Gold, my bank statements before the events of 1998 till the time I closed Digital Gold after the year 2000 are all gone. They are not there for me to refer back to, to determine what I had when, did the people in my home, my apartment unit steal any of my banks account statements while I was unconscious in 1998 or maybe I only had bank statements after that? I don’t know. This cycle, this action is after the crimes in my apartment unit of Aug/Sept 1998. 

But since these people (Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon etc etc) stole my unopened bank statements with the original checks, and probably destroyed it, this is 1 count of tampering with evidence. 

18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

All these people involved in this crime, this one count will be going to prison for 20 years. That’s just one count, this cycle here of stealing these bank account statements and my Digital Gold files, each file, each document, each bank statement, each check etc etc is 1 count depending on how it affects my 2nd case.

I had the bank statement for this 


along with the envelope, the original check and other checks from that time period in the envelope, I had to open that to make a copy in 1999 to send it to the LAPD to prove I paid for the police report.  The opened envelope containing that month’s bank statement and checks was put into my Digital Gold files, kept in that apartment unit. I remember I was frantically looking for it cause I received computations that somebody/somebodies planned on stealing it and now it’s gone, at that time I didn’t understand why I was getting those computations.  It was premeditated computations, somebody/somebodies planned on stealing it, this was after I sent this letter, after Nov 23, 2009, some where in the year 2009/2010.

I also had computations while sitting at my computer, that somebody/somebodies planned on stealing my pink phone, I remember after I got those computations, I turned around cause my phone was in the hallway next to the bathroom doorway in a plastic canister, plastic cup used to hold things like pencils, pens etc etc. This was in the year 2010, 2011 or 2012. After I got those computations, I went over to my phone, was it gone? It was still there. I didn’t understand at that time what those computations meant nor why I was getting them. Basically, it meant the crime/crimes didn’t happen yet, somebody/somebodies who had access to my apartment unit, their keys, broke into my home and stole it.  The computations were premeditated, planned and they didn’t carry them out yet.

Now why this phone? It was no longer working, there was no service to this phone, the service was shut off and I wasn’t using it, otherwise it would be in my purse not in a plastic big cup thing.  I had pictures of the ocean on it. Why this phone? I believe the person/people ie accomplices that stole this phone also committed other crimes and then placed my phone at the scene of the crime to implicate me, to pin their crimes on me, so if and when the police found the crime scene, well it would be a no brainer, of course, it was all me, me and me, when it wasn’t, it’s called a set up. It’s possible this person/people murdered somebody/somebodies and then put my personal item at the scene of the crime, with the body/bodies or on the body/bodies.  It’s possible they stole other personal items of mine that I don’t know it’s missing, I haven’t discovered it yet and placed those items including dirty underwear/underwears as well at the scene of the crime/crimes.  Nobody inventories their underwear, that’s insane.  But the criminals that did this, assume, we have her DNA, along with the phone and voila, it’s a done deal, the police will assume she did it.  

In regards to this issue for the case against the LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology, it’s one count of tampering with evidence. They will all be going to prison for 20 years.

In regards to the statute of limitations, this would be called delayed discovery and it would toll the statute of limitations.  These would have been discovered in 2014/2015 or however long it takes had the FBI/DOJ/LAPD helped me instead of not.

For example let’s say my statute of limitations started in 2014, and my statute of limitations was for 10 years. I’d have 6 years left before my statute of limitations expired. In the year 2018 I discovered it, that tolls my statute of limitations for 4 years. Now the statute of limitations would expire not in 2024 but in 2028 in the first case against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD.

The stealing of my things periodically, it’s part of the overall crime, the bigger picture of premeditation, these people were premeditating crimes as in plural, more then one and wanted me to believe it was this church’s management team who had no access to my apartment unit, there was no forced entry.

Going into my apartment unit periodically and determining what to steal next, is part of the premeditated crimes, it’s part of the planning process, the plotting, the scheming process.   Had their premeditation worked out, I would not be here today, I’d be dead already, they tried to murder me during the eviction court process which was probably part of their bigger picture, if I was dead, if/when the police found the crime scene/scenes, well it would be a no brainer, of course Kathy Gold did it, here’s her phone and dirty underwear (dna) and dead people don’t talk while they, the real killers got away with it. 

I did get while crossing the wall of fire in 2009/2010 computations while I was doing my laundry at the laundry mat, somebody/somebodies planned on obtaining/stealing my DNA. I was like here, I was chewing gum, so I took it out of my mouth and put it in the trash can. It was very annoying and I didn’t know at that time, it was premeditated by the Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon along with their accomplices nor where it was coming from in the theta universe.  

It’s possible that’s when, in the year 2009/2010 my DNA was obtained, stolen for the purposes of committing crimes and using it to manipulate law enforcement into believing it was me who committed their crimes. While I was at the laundry mat doing my laundry for a few hours, somebody/somebodies went into my apartment unit with their keys, there was no forced entry and stole my dirty underwear/underwears, hair from my brush/brushes/comb/combs and anything else in that apartment unit.

Only one problem they forgot about, there is no statute of limitations on murder. My murder would have been solved, this Chief Becks, my past lives with him, shit would not add up in his universe and if he had to stay on my case, my murder till he solved it, he would, even if that meant 20 to 30 years. Like I stayed on the Gianni Versace case via the press long term, this Chief Becks would have done the same. 


Verace knew his killer cause I got those mental image pictures while living in Northridge.  I didn’t know who Verace was but I was living in Northridge, in the process of moving when his death came on the news and that’s when I was like, that’s the guy from my dreams, but it was two guys in my dream, it was while I was waking up, towards the end not the beginning and middle of sleeping, I felt like I was remote viewing these two people, like I was there, it’s hard to explain but before Verace was murdered, he knew his killer, he had intimate relations with his killer.  In 1997 when Verace was murdered, it was initially thought that it was a random killing, it wasn’t, I knew then when I saw Verace on the news, that this wasn’t random, cause I got the killer’s emotions to kill him that day of my dream, his rage, his decision to murder Verace. I just thought some how I prevented it based on my emotions, my comm to the other guy in my dream. It’s possible that I did but not long term. It’s possible I had an effect on him but not long term, just short term, for that moment in time.

Updated 6/10/2018  10:52pm

The above bank statement, shows insufficient funds, to make it appear I’m a loser, a failed business owner, see she was a loser with Digital Gold, she’s a loser now and can’t/failed to pay her rent so we had to evict her.  

It’s a justification of their crimes of destroying my business/source of income in 2012, their premeditated plans to destroy my business/source of income so they could evict me. This bank statement is from 2000 not 1998.  Big difference. My business was 4 years old in 2000. I also kept the bare minimum in that account to keep it open cause I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do.

Rent Paid for 4 Years

That’s part of the tampering with evidence, manipulation. Just like in eviction court where Doreen Doshay Russell blamed me for the stove, the stove that was perfectly fine on the outside, the oven didn’t work since I moved in, in 2009. It’s all manipulation, in order to manipulate court, the Judge and make me look like I have bad housewife skills.

Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 1

This page was also tampered with.


This is not what occurred, the first day of eviction court

I saw 2 Judges, Judge Cho was the 2nd Judge, me and Doreen Doshay Russell went before the first Judge, she was standing on my left side while we both faced the Judge, it was not Judge Cho. I asked for a trial, he wanted to know why and I told him cause she destroyed my business, my source of income and he said ok, you can have a trial.

This above written on my Scientologyforyou.info website, documenting what occurred is not true, the 2nd judge, Judge Cho, didn’t care when I brought it up to him, he said it wasn’t relevant and that was another lawsuit.  I don’t remember writing on my website both Judges didn’t care, it’s possible somebody within Doreen Doshay Russell’s hate group and/or Karen Freemon’s hate group hacked in and changed it. It would have been very easy, to upload it, I had ftp software on my computer, all you had to do was open the html editor, open the page you wanted to change, change it, save it and then open the ftp software, connect to the domain and upload it. The password to connect to this domain was in the ftp software. Once the change was done, you just close all the programs.  If it wasn’t from my computer, then they did it remotely cause they had my ftp login/password.

This is correct of what happened.


On the same page, I also don’t remember writing this

The case wasn’t closed, I made a big hoopla about it, not her.

I’m the one that brought this letter into eviction court and gave it to the Judge.


Another example of tampering with evidence, like I said, my password/login were in my ftp software or if it was done remotely it’s cause they had my passwords/logins.


Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 5






Updated 7/13/2018 6:44pm

When I saw Megan Shields, I had PTSDs, PTSDs from the attacks by Jon Mackinder and of course being held hostage in my home, sexual abuse by Jon Mackinder and sexual abuse by Scientologists including Sea Org members, they video taped me while unconscious naked without my consent nor knowledge, I was actually struggling to wake up when I saw I was being video taped and then while falling back into unconsciousness, I saw the woman leave, I caught the tail end of that cycle, so I don’t know how long it went on for, minutes, hours, days, what? Also PTSDs from the abuse in the psych ER and psych ward, by Nov/Dec, I was already experiencing ground hog day but it wasn’t every day, it would come in spurts, 5 days, then nothing, sometimes 7 or more days then nothing, so it’s possible that the reason I didn’t question the bill amount for the doctor billed owed to Megan Shields is cause at that time, I probably thought I owed it for that one visit, cause of the ground hog day PTSDs I couldn’t differentiate the visits. I saw both visits as one and that’s because of the PTSDs these people gave me from the crimes they committed on me.

Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon Tampered With Evidence Part 2

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