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First Entertainment Credit Union and The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III - January 2, 2018

I sent letters to First Entertainment Credit Union and to The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III. I never received a response to any of my letters, instead I was blown off. The letters below with no response, give me probable cause for investigations and audits thru Federal Court.  Not only will First Entertainment Credit Union be investigated and audited but The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III as well.



Lender Complaints Online



The FBI/DOJ/LAPD will have to pay out for my damages since they are liable and I’m doing their jobs as in plural.

Updated 1/2/2018 2:46pm

I started documenting the abuse by this debt collector/attorney on my ScientologyForYou.info




Also on that page is about a tumblr account, that is not there anymore but it was in 2012. This is possibly an ops by this church’s management team and the FBI, DOJ and LAPD ignored it. I suspect this church’s management team runs alot of ops that are ignored by the FBI, DOJ and LAPD, this is just one of many.  It’s sad cause it’s pedafilia, to think the FBI, DOJ and LAPD could have shut down this church for pedafilia on their comps up at int management, but instead these 3 agencies ignored this ops, they are afraid of this church and it’s management team, that’s what I suspect.   They must all have crimes of pedafilia on their comps at work and at home, similiar crimes.





I also had a facebook account, I put that up to reconnect with Scientologists, former Scientologists and ex Scientologists.  I lost access to it, I couldn’t log into it. I documented that on my ScientologyForYou.info website



Updated June 5, 2013, As of today, this facebook account is not available. https://www.facebook.com/kathy.gold1


But today 1/2/2018 if you go to it, the content is up


Now, how did that happen? I don’t know,  I suspect the Doshays/Russells and Freemons, who stole my logins/passwords to my accounts when they broke in to my apartment unit with their keys did things to that facebook account.




Updated 1/6/2018 7:00pm

First Entertainment Credit Union Bank Statement


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