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Freedom From Corruption and Abuse Includes Corrupt and Abusive Politicians - July 9, 2017

I went to The Whitehouse’s website for petitions

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov and started a petition https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/politicians-recieve-pension-all-their-files-including-cases-communication-bank-accounts-etc-be-audited
2Before Politicians Recieve A Pension, All their files including cases, communication, bank accounts, etc to be Audited

For this to go before the powers that be, I need to collect 100k signers within 30 days or forgetabout it.

I’m not a group, I’m not a non profit, I’m not the press, I’m just an average person like you. I doubt I’ll get the 100k signers within 30 days.

I doubt this law will get passed and I doubt an agency will be started to enforce that law.

So back to square one, Federal Court is my only option as an average person.

If there was a law and an agency to enforce the law, there would be less corruption and abuse by politicians.

There was a gas leak in Porter Ranch, California, nobody cared about the residents, not even the politicians. They didn’t move, they failed to act, the residents had to go to court and have a Judge order the gas company to move, to do something, to stop the gas leak.

If there is no law in place to put ethics in on corrupt and abusive politicians and an agency to enforce that law, then as an average person, you’re only option for help is to go to court and handle it through court.


October 2015 is when the leak started, 
In December of 2015, the residents filed a lawsuit to stop the gas leak. 
Days after that in December the LA city attorney files a lawsuit against SoCal Gas to stop the leak.
December 22, the residents are relocated
Janurary 7th, 2016, Gov Brown declares a State of Emergency.
January 31, 2016 4500 households are relocated
February 2, 2106 Then Attorney General Kamala Harris files a lawsuit against SoCal Gas


There’s a gas leak, that’s been going on and your children’s noses are bleeding, the environment ie where you are living is causing it, wouldn’t that be an emergency to you and common sense would dictate, get the hell out of that area. Now why did these politicians move so slow, why did the residents have to sue, have a Judge order the gas leak stopped?

If there is a fire, I don’t think politicians would wait 2-3 months to do something, if they did, everything would be burned and human beings would lose their lives.

These people now have damages, long term health problems, had the politicians acted faster, this could have been prevented, but what do they care about the long term health problems of these residence? They don’t, they didn’t live there nor experienced this so as far as they are concerned it doesn’t affect them and they just jumped on this for press for their careers to show to the public like they are doing a job or hide their crimes on the job.


Now what if these residents couldn’t find any attorneys, would they have been still stuck living under these conditions with no where to move, but forced to stay in these conditions they had nothing to do with?

I think so, and most would probably be dead already from this gas leak.

Everybody assumes it’s so easy to get an attorney, it’s not unless you can afford to pay them $300.00 an hour and most people can’t.


per this news report it says:


SoCal Gas, which has paid at least $58 million so far on the relocation subsidies, said in a statement the ruling was a “setback” for the residents of Porter Ranch.

That’s alot of money for relocation, that’s about 12k for each person if you are looking at 4500 people relocated. For $58 million dollars, couldn’t they have just purchased a condo complex or an apartment complex or 2 or 3 apartment complexes and housed these people for free and then when they were able to go back to their homes, other people could use it that had other emergencies?

I think so, this is a waste of money and how does 12k help that person for housing? My main question is, did the residents really get $12k for each person, remember some of these are little kids?

Only auditing could answer that question.

And the attorneys if weren’t paid hourly took a percentage of this, anywhere from 25% – 40%

Had the politicians helped these residents, they could have gotten the 58 million dollars and purchased 2-3 maybe even more apartment complexes for these people to evacuate to, but instead they failed to act and were bypassed by the residents themselves.

Instead of acting, helping the residents all these local city workers are investigating and/or suing the gas company.


Why are they more concerned with investigations and lawsuits instead of the resident’s lives?


This is what corruption and abuse looks like by local politicians, no action, no help, failure to act.
These residents deserved better, they’ve been paying their taxes including property taxes and that goes to pay for these politicians, their tax free paychecks and tax free pensions.


If you don’t want to continue being these politician’s slaves, then start going to Federal Court, investigate and audit them thru Federal Court for failing to act, find their crimes and put them in prison where they belong and get paid for it, it’s called damages and punitive. Then ethical politicians who do care can replace them.

Make real change and get paid for it.


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