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Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 3 - January 15, 2018

During eviction court Doreen Doshay Russell attempted to murder me using the exterminator’s harmful chemicals. The apartment unit was only 100 or 200 square feet and I was told the chemicals were harmful by the county, it was a known factor.

This was premeditated, she knew ahead of time when the exterminators were coming out as she booked the appointment and refused to give me any information, she on purpose withheld the company’s name, phone number and of course the name of the chemicals they would be using. There was no way for me to find out until they got there, this was her intent.





Once the exterminators got there, when I asked the exterminator employee about the name of the chemicals, Matt Acres abused and harassed the exterminator employee by threatening him with court, because of this abuse and harassment, he left, he decided not to even go into the unit.

The next day in court Doreen Doshay Russell lied to the Judge and blamed me for the exterminator leaving, she did not tell the Judge but instead withheld that Matt Acres harassed him, abused him and threatened him with court and forced him to leave. She blamed me for him not going into the apartment unit. She also lied to the Judge and told him she had to pay a show up fee of $50.00 and I was ordered by the court to pay Doreen Doshay Russell the $50.00 reimbursement.


Doreen Doshay Russell never paid the exterminator’s their $50.00 fee, she lied to the Judge. This is another count of perjury.

I paid the $50.00 show up fee to the exterminators directly. I honored the court’s order even though Doreen Doshay Russell lied.


I explained to the Judge how I was told by the county that these were harmful chemicals and how I was told by the county that I had a right to refuse entry and the Judge didn’t care about my well being and held me responsible and accountable for Doreen Doshay Russell’s premeditated attempted murder. Even though these were harmful chemicals to me, both this Judge and Doreen Doshay Russell ignored these facts, negated the facts.







This Judge was in collusion with the plantiff. During court, this Judge and Doreen Doshay Russell whose not a resident of California, chit chatted in court about real estate development. During my court time, I’m the one that asked for a trial, they used that time to discuss real estate and real estate development. Doreen Doshay Russell was also stalking me online and brought in my cleaning business webpage to show the judge that I used both organic and non to clean depending on the client’s needs.



And because of this, it was acceptable to use harmful chemicals, harmful chemicals that are known factors.  This Judge and  Doreen Doshay Russell ignored what the California Poison Control said, negated facts and known factors.  The Judge and Doreen Doshay Russell then had a discussion about how organic based/soap based insecticides don’t work and only chemical based works on cockroaches. From there they discussed real estate development. Doreen Doshay Russell never disclosed to the Judge how after taking over the apartment building from her father, she stopped the exterminators that were coming once a month to spray outside. She withheld that information. She took over the management of the apartment building in 2009.

This Judge never gave me a fair trial and violated my 6th amendment.

That’s one count of premeditated attempted murder Penal Code Section 664 during the eviction court process and 1 count of perjury of the $50.00 show up fee.

Perjury – California Penal Code Sections 118 through 131

1 count of stalking  California Penal Code 646
Numerous counts of harassment Penal Code Section 653.2

1 count of harassment of the exterminator’s employee  Penal Code Section 646.9

Here is the Case File:

Updated 2/4/2018  6:20pm


This is count #2 of premeditated attempted murder.  She lied to the Judge, she told him she had to find another company and then turned around and made an appointment with this company to spray on Friday, September 20, between 12:00 noon & 2pm and tried to harass me, bully me into allowing them to spray in unit #3 using the court.  


Allergytoinsecticides.pdf – This is count #3 of premeditated attempted murder, she’s ordering me again using eviction court to use harmful chemicals that are known factors to cause harm, she negated these known factors on purpose. 

That’s a total of 3 counts of premeditated attempted murder, Penal Code Section 664 and another count of perjury.

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