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Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 5 - February 1, 2018

Per my lease with Louis Doshay, Doreen Doshay Russell’s father, he was responsible and accountable for paying the trash fee each month.

Soon after I moved in the city changed and increased the trash fee and tacked it onto the DWP bill. l’ve been abosorbing the cost with each DWP bill when it should have been deducted from my rent. Each trash fee tacked on to the DWP bill was different but it’s about $25.00 a month.

So, $25.00 per month x 4 years = $1200.00 plus the month of august 2009 for a total of $1225.00. I was owed $1225.00 from Doreen Doshay Russell.


On 9/11/2013, I was ordered to pay $1985.00 by this Judge. Cashier’s check was delivered on 9/12/2013.  The cashier’s check was made payable to Louis Doshay.




Nobody came over on the 13th to fix the plumbing, again she lied, she waited until the day before 2nd eviction court, the 17th and sent somebody on the 16th. This was another count of harassment, abuse.  The Judge was aware of this, he knew, he didn’t care.

The Judge reduced the rent to $500.00 until they fixed it, either way I was suppose to stay.
I didn’t pay Dec 2012’s rent – 695.00
I didn’t pay March’s rent – 695.00
I didn’t pay July’s rent only partial payment of $100.00 – $595.00

This cycle started when my posted dated check for November’s rent was cashed and not held. Doreen Doshay Russell never communicated to me that she was gonna cash it, she said nothing and cashed it, I found out cause it overdrew my bank account around Thanksgiving of 2012.  This was premeditated by Doreen Doshay Russell cause she had my passwords and logins to my accounts including my bank account. Her intent was to destroy my business that took me 1 year and 6 months to get off the ground. When she overdrew my bank account, I lost internet access, phone access and cable tv access. She knew that too as she and her accomplices went threw my things including my bills and of course she knew I had to go to court with this debt collector, the paperwork was on my desk. Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices prevented me, stopped me from going to court, when they destroyed my business, my source of income which is a count maybe more of Obstruction of Justice, litterly.


I tried to tell the  2nd Judge, the 1st Judge I told him how she destroyed my business so that I couldn’t pay rent, based on that, the 1st Judge gave me a trial. The 2nd Judge refused to hear it and told me that was another lawsuit. The whole reason I was there was cause I couldn’t pay rent cause she destroyed my business, it was relevant but he negated facts, refused to hear facts of my case.  That’s an outpoint of many by the 2nd Judge.

As for what I owed.  This Judge went off her figures but that was more lies. I never owed $3500.00. 


The above is what Doreen Doshay Russell gave to the court as her accounting, she lied on that as well. She wrote that I gave her two checks but she left out how she cashed it on the same day, both checks including the post dated check. She also wrote that I owed her for 4 months for the laundry room access fee. That was another lie.

I stopped paying the laundry room access fee of $25.00 in July of 2012, I gave back the key and had no access to the laundry room. That’s 2 more counts of perjury. 

He never asked for copies of my paid checks, he never asked for her records on her end, just the accounting ledger above.

In regards to the trash fee, this Judge on 9/11/2013 was given the letter, shown the letter about the trash fee from the former mayor’s office and the city of Los Angeles – BOS. Verbally this Judge ordered Doreen Doshay Russell to deduct the trash fee from her figure of what she told him verbally was owed.

LetterFromTheCityOfLATrashFeesBilledOnDWPBillsDated2-14-2013.pdf and of course the lease. I’ve been absorbing the cost myself instead of her deducting it from my rent.

I had a credit of $1225.00 for the monthly trash fee that Doreen Doshay Russell was suppose to pay per the lease.
My security deposit of $650.00
$600.00 owed to me from the rent I overpaid.

I paid April’s rent at $700.00 – $500.00 reduced rent, I’m owed $200.00
I paid May’s rent at $700.00 – $500.00 reduced rent, I’m owed $200.00
I paid June’s rent at $700.00 – $500.00 reduced rent, I’m owed $200.00

That’s a total of $600.00 I’m owed for the reduced rent.

For a total of $2475.00 owed to me, but I was ordered to pay $1985.00.

The court’s minutes and order from 9/11/2013 is missing, the one they sent to me, I had it but then it was missing, somebody came into my apartment unit and stole it. 

This one is from the case file I got on 9/11/2015


The agreement verbally made between me and Judge Cho was if I paid the $1985.00, then my rent would be $500.00 until the Plantiff fixed everything in the unit. The months of August and September rent was never discussed, how to handle it was never discussed, it was either the Plantiff fixes everything and my rent would be $695.00 or if the Plantiff doesn’t fix everything then my rent would be $500.00. Either way, I was not suppose to be evicted.

There also was no court reporter and the clerk on the 2nd day of eviction court just whined, complained to me how they have no resources, no court reporter and I had to sit there and listen to this woman complain, bitch about her job etc etc, after being abused by Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices, I now had to sit there and listen and be the clerk’s shrink, while she unloaded.  This was abuse in eviction court by this clerk.  That same day, the 2nd court hearing date 9/17/2013 at 9:30am – the Plantiff and her assistant Matt Acres were over 1 hour late. This was acceptable to this court, there were no penalties given to the plantiff.

There was no court reporter in the eviction trial proceedings.  This clerk also concealed evidence on the court minutes as well as lied. This clerk like this Judge was in collusion with the Plantiff.

I never owed $3500.00 nor do I know where he got that figure from. Per the minutes I didn’t pay rent from March to September. But that was not true.

I paid rent for April, May, June and partially for July. I didn’t pay rent for Dec 2012, March 2013 and partial for July 2013.  With the $500.00 reduced rent instead of $695.00, here is what I owed

$695.00 owed for December 2012 rent
$500.00 owed for March 2013 rent
$400.00 owed for July 2013 rent – I paid $100.00 towards rent that month
$500.00 owed for August 2013 rent
$500.00 owed for September 2013 rent

That’s a total of $2595.00

But I was owed $2475.00 for the $1225.00 trash fees for 49 months, $650.00 for my security deposit and $600.00 for the overpayment of the reduced rent.

$2595.00 minus $2475.00 = $120.00. I only owed $120.00 but I was forced, made, ordered to pay $1985.00. I was forced, made, ordered to over pay by $1865.00 and I was not suppose to be evicted. I was ripped off by this Judge, clerk and Doreen Doshay Russell and evicted. These are hate crimes as all of these people were in collusion to rip me off and put me out on the street.

I honored all my agreements with this court, in exchange I was ripped off, murder on my life was attempted and I was evicted.

This is what I got for being a law abiding tax payer, penalized where a religious hater whose not even a resident of California got rewarded for committing hate crimes on me as well as perjury, attempted murder, concealing evidence etc etc inside and outside of court.  These 3 people including Doreen Doshay Russell’s accomplices will be going to prison for hate crimes against this Scientologist Jew Catholic Female Hungarian American Republican Artist etc etc as these collusions are felonies

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