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Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 6 - February 6, 2018

Graphic Novel that I created all my self, that’s copywritten





Also published on CentaurGirl.com


Centaur Girl Productions was also incorporated, a corporation at that time, that’s why I got a corporation. Long term, my goal/dream was to produce, make Gabrielle The Fallen into movies, a trilogy.


My hard drive with my original files was stolen, I realized that on 9/18/2013.


I had two hard drives the same, I purchased both of them at the same time.

One with the serial 6QE130G5 and the other with the serial 6QE11HKK


The one that wasn’t stolen was serial 6QE11HKK


After being evicted I tried to get funding on kickstarter to make my graphic novel into a movie. Actually a trilogy, 3 movies.


I could not do anything cause my original files were on that hard drive that Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices stole including promo videos/trailers for potential investors.  That hard drive also had original art and files for my gallery art prints.

Other things that I know about that were stolen were:

All my 45 records.
My Digital Gold client files.
My emails from agents showing interest in my graphic novel, they were printed out
My pink verizon phone, Venus Phone, I had two phones, I was gonna donate the mitsubishi phone but changed my mind. I never planned on donating the Venus phone as I planned on using it again when I got back on my feet. There’s also pictures and texts from 2008 that were left on there on purpose.
How to write a book in 30 days packet from the learning annex course/writing classes.


In 2009 all my emails in my gmail account were gone including the years 2008, 2007 all the way till I first got that account, I thought google did a migration and I lost them, meaning google deleted them but later in 2013, I realized Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices deleted my emails in my gmail account cause my yahoo account, the sent mails were all deleted, I realized they hacked into my emails using my logins/passwords that they stole sitting next to my computer. So the emails and the printed emails showing interest from like 20 agents was gone.


I can’t write either, my long term goals was to write novels.

Those are the things I know that were stolen, I don’t know what else they stole from 2009-2013.

This also caused me pain cause I can’t create art any more. I can’t create any art.  I’m not just a visual artist, I’m also a story teller.

These people destroyed me completely as an artist. I don’t think therapy will fix this, I won’t be creating any more art this lifetime ever again.  Abuse, trauma, pain and the destruction of my life for a 3rd time does not inspire me, nor does premeditated murder, hate crimes, abuse and corruption.

Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices will be going to prison for the rest of their lives.

Motive for premeditated murder 



The art careers they destroyed are:

Gallery Artist
Royalty Free Stock Artist
Screen Writer

The FBI/DOJ/LAPD reinforced all the pain and trauma of the above crimes so much that I can’t create art. They left me sitting in the pain and trauma to die, artist’s can’t create when they are in the tone band of Death on the tone scale.


In addition, the FBI/DOJ/LAPD will also be going to prison for the rest of their lives, they are no different then Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices. 

I invested alot of money and time into learning my crafts, doing my crafts, my supplies and tools to do my crafts. All of that is down the drain. A lifetime’s worth down the drain cause they committed these crimes and the FBI/DOJ/LAPD refused to help me, reinforced the pain and trauma of these crimes and left me sitting in it to die.

These are also hate crimes by the FBI/DOJ/LAPD cause I’m a Scientologist, Jewish, Catholic, a woman, my age, an artist (different types) etc etc.  They all ganged up on me to destroy my life, all these Americans born here including the FBI/DOJ/LAPD.

Their agencies will have to pay out for damages of all these art careers destroyed while their employees will be going to prison and their pensions absorbed to pay for my damages, the destruction of my art careers.

The other damages is the PTSD’s from these crimes and reinforcement of the pain and trauma, the FBI/DOJ/LAPD are all so evil, this is what they do to victims of hate crimes, reinforce the pain and trauma so they die.  I still have pain and trauma, I just apply my religions Scientology, Judaism and Catholicism to cope with it, so that I can get to Federal Court.

If it was legal, I would have ended my life already and moved on to target A, the Jewish Federation. 


The FBI/DOJ/LAPD made this road so long, so hard and so painful including death and no future, nothing to look forward too, when they refused to help me and left me sitting in it to die, there is nothing to look forward to anymore but death.  The only thing on my mind is death now, this is the condition, the mental state these people put me in. I’m just a walking zombie, all life ceases to exist in me.

After the crimes of 1998, creating art was the only thing that kept me going, gave me hope for a future and that hope is gone, I have no future, nothing to look forward to, all my art careers were destroyed, current and future art careers as well as my art stolen.  I want the world to know just how evil Americans really are and why this country should be destroyed and all Americans killed, without Americans in the world, Americans like Doreen Doshay Russell, her accomplices, the FBI/DOJ/LAPD etc etc this world would be a better place.

It’s Americans born here that are the problem, they are all corrupt, abusive and evil and they all should be eliminated, murdered, killed so that people like me, Americans who immigrated here to obtain the American dream, law abiding taxpayers, our lives wouldn’t be destroyed by Americans born here nor our American dream.  If these types of Americans were all dead then they wouldn’t be able to commit hate crimes and sexual abuse including rape on people like me, their deaths would prevent hate crimes, sexual abuse including rape and that would be for the greater good, this country.

As they have already committed hate crimes and sexual abuse crimes including rape, there is no reason to kill them, it’s better to put them in prison for the rest of their lives where they will be raped and beaten everyday, and their constitutional freedoms will be violated. My future is gone, their futures will be gone, or even steven.

Theft laws broken

4 counts of grand theft Penal Code 487
4 counts of petty theft Penal Code 484(a) and Penal Code 488

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