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Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 8 - July 24, 2018

In 1995 I went to a trade school to learn a trade/profession, which was computer programming. It was at Computer Learning Center in Los Angeles. I went fulltime for 9 months instead of 13 months part time. I thought it would be faster. I got a student loan to pay for it. I started in January or February of 1995, maybe March? It was at the beginning of the year.

I noticed all my student loan statements prior to Nov of 1998 are missing including all my school documents and financial documents like my application, they were with my student loan statements. I had those back in 1998, I also had all my student loan statements since getting that loan in 1995, I was trying to go back into the Sea Org and this would have been a debt I needed to pay off.  After the crimes of Aug/Sept 1998, I had all that paperwork so I know this church’s management team didn’t steal it.

I believe Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices stole it. It’s premeditated to blame this church’s management team for my death so they could get away with their crimes including my murder.


While on cumpston, I got computations that my cell phone was gone, I checked on my phone after I got, received that computation and it was behind my desk on a mini bookcase, it was still there, I was like huh, it’s not gone, it’s right here.

I also got similiar computations about the check, the original check I sent to the LAPD for my police report, so I checked on that as well, on cumpston, that envelope that had the original check to the LAPD along with other cashed checks and the bank statement for Digital Gold was there, after I checked on it, that it was there, I put that in the Digital Gold files.  This was while I was still living on cumpston, I can’t remember what year, 2012 and/or 2013.  Same computations how it was gone.

In their heads, they’ve decided to steal it, but to them it’s not stealing, so the computation is, it’s gone. At that time I didn’t know what that meant nor why I was getting these computations.

What I received was their intent to steal it and it was premeditated from the time they thought about it, to the time they committed the crime, that act of stealing it, to the time I found out about it.

They probably had a checklist, this is gone, check, this is gone, check etc etc.

There’s other things they stole that I never got their intent, it’s cause they’re degraded beings, they’re so degraded from all the crimes they’ve committed all their lives that I never got all their computations.

All criminals are degraded beings, each time they commit a crime, they degrade themselves and their souls start to shrink and shrink and shrink, they are so small and tiny, they have no power.

My guess is, this was part of the Doreen/Karen hate group’s plans, long term, they are premeditating much bigger crimes then just stealing my pink cell phone and the original cashed check to the LAPD for the police report.

Regular thieves would just steal shit that’s valuable, these people stole shit that’s not valuable and has no value to anybody.

My guess, they premeditated my death to set up this church’s management team for it, cause I’m a Scientologist as well as commit/committed other crimes using my personal items and leaving them at the scene of the crimes.

Remember, I’m suppose to be dead not here communicating nor authenticating evidence.

Had they been successful with their premeditations of murdering me, then I’d be dead while they used my death to rile up the anti scilon community to get away with all their crimes, past, present and future and use the anti scilon community as a smoke screen.

I believe they went into everybody’s unit, the female in unit #1, the disabled female in unit #2 and male in unit #4. I got his computations, he was pissed, he felt like somebody was stealing his shit. And I’m sure they stole his shit too.

This would drive anybody crazy, cause people that have access to your home are breaking into your home with their keys and stealing your things, your personal property including logins/passwords, personal info like social security number, checking account info including the account number etc etc and most people can’t spot it, they have no idea whose doing it, all they know is that it’s just gone or their accounts have been hacked etc etc.

They didn’t try to murder the disabled female in unit #2, they didn’t try to murder the female in unit #1 and they didn’t try to murder the male in unit #4, just me.

While in eviction court, Doreen Doshay Russell lied to Judge Cho again on another case, she told him she had another eviction coming his way, it was a single woman who had her boyfriend living with her who was not on the lease.  I found out that the person she was talking about/referring to was the disabled female in unit #2, who had no boyfriend living there.

I was told by either the disabled female in unit #2 and/or by the female in unit #1 that Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon called up SSA Disability and told them to stop sending her checks as she didn’t need it.  If she stopped getting her disability checks then she wouldn’t be able to pay rent and they’d evict her. 

This is what we Scientologists call cutting of gi, gross income.  I think this caused the disabled female in #2 problems with paying her bills and rent. And I found out that they did try to evict her. I did a search on court cases with Doreen Doshay Russell in Santa Monica eviction court and the only cases that came up, was me and the disabled female in unit #2. 



I didn’t even know while I was in eviction court that she was also getting evicted. The disabled female never said a word to me, even when a young african american girl was gonna rent apartment unit #1 but she found dead cockroaches in the unit and Matt Acres wasn’t very nice nor forthcoming in regards to the dead cockroaches. I was walking into the courtyard when her and the disabled female from unit #2 were talking.  As I was walking into the courtyard, I was asked if I knew anything about the cockroaches and I said, “Yeah, I’m in eviction court about that now”.  I explained to the young african american potential tenant what was going on.  It turned out, she too had skin allergies and was worried cause it was a small space and after she saw dead cockroaches in unit #1, she was worried that she might have allergic reactions to exterminator pest control spray, so we had a discussion about that. The disabled female in unit #2 said she didn’t have any cockroaches cause she sprayed outside of her apartment unit.

Doreen Doshay Russell was suppose to spray every week or month outside of the apartment and when she took the property over for her father in 2009, they stopped coming and spraying. Nobody sprayed outside on the ground/property for at least 3 years. It ended with her thanking me for telling her the truth and disclosing the real scene with the cockroaches.


On a different note, I was also fired from 1928 Jewelry after working there, I was in a meeting and after the meeting I was pulled into the office and fired, I was told, they changed their mind and I can go back on unemployment. 

I don’t know if Doreen Doshay Russell/Karen Freemon called up 1928 Jewelry and told them false shit so they would fire me. I did use Doreen Doshay Russell/Karen Freemon as a reference.  I have no idea if Paul Edmeier spoke to either of these women after I was hired.  This too will have to be investigated to find out.


Updated 7/31/2018 10:48pm


My loan docs and student papers I signed for CLC are all missing, stolen by Doreen Doshay Russell/Karen Freemon and their accomplices.

I can’t remember if they sent me my diploma, it’s possible they did but the 2 hate groups above stole it.

Federal student loan regulations require that the school return all or a portion of the student’s federal aid if the student withdraws before they have completed at least 60 percent of the loan period, which is usually the academic year.

Stafford is a Federal Loan, for me to get a refund, I would have had to leave, quit school before completing 60 percent of the loan period.

I don’t know what the school’s policy was in 1995 cause those documents were stolen.

I think this is how it works, I think my student loan was for $8500.00, I went full time for 9 months instead of part time for 13 months. Divide $8500.00 by 9 equals $944.44 per month is what it cost me to go to that school to learn computer programming.

60% of $8500.00 is $5100.00 If I quit school in the 1st month or the 2nd month, I would not have a student loan, it would have been refunded meaning given back to Stafford and the other banks who were loaning me the money to go to school, if that was their school policy 30 or 60 days.

You can see the student loan statements and my balance in 1998, it was $5584.62 and that was in 1998 not 1995.

Under the Federal guidelines, it’s 60% of the loan period, which would be 5 months, I could quit 5 months in and still get a refund. I never quit school, I graduated from this school. This was a school I chose to go to learn from and this was the subject I was interested in learning. Going to this school was my own determinism not forced on me, but my free will, including re arranging my life so that I could go full time which included working after school to pay rent like waitressing.

After I graduated from CLC, I went into the recruiter, they had a job placement program/department and after you graduated, their job was to place you at a company, they had a network of corporations that dealt exclusively with CLC, their graduates got jobs through that program.

I told my recruiter I wanted to work at Digital Planet and to get me an interview, 2 weeks later, I got an interview and I got hired.

If I wasn’t a graduate of CLC, I would have never been hired by Digital Planet.  I found out about Digital Planet thru my instructor, it was in the 8th month and the instructor for the C programming class talked about the internet and Digital Planet, how they created websites for the Movie Studios, how it was an exciting time and I was like, that, I want to go do that. 

Prior to that, the reason I went to CLC was cause I wanted to learn computer programming so I could create games. I saw an interview with the creators of Myst on 20/20 and I was like I want to do that.  Basically be a computer programmer who wrote code to create games. I loved playing games so I thought it would be a good fit, I would enjoy what I’m doing.

So that’s why I went to programming school, to learn how to create games but when my instructor talked about Digital Planet, the web and creating websites for the movie studios, I went in that direction.

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