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Hate Crimes By Judge Cho, Lisa Sims the Clerk and The Sheriffs - February 3, 2018

Eviction Court had 3 dates:

1st court hearing 9/11/2013 8:30am – I asked for a trial and it was granted from the 1st Judge, and came back at 1:00pm.


After I asked for a trial and the 1st Judge granted it, I was pulled outside by one of the Sheriffs and in the hallway there was 5-6 other Sheriffs that gathered around me, both males and females of all races. The Sheriff that pulled me out was a male and he wanted to know why I wanted a trial. He knew why, I told the 1st Judge, he stood there and heard it.  I felt like I was being interogated. I told him and them cause they were all surprised, stunned, how dare I not want to go homeless in the street to be raped over and over and over again. I told them I didn’t want to go homeless and get raped. These Sheriffs couldn’t comprehend what I told them and then told me that I could call some shelters, there is resources to help you when you call 611, I told them I already tried that, but there is no resources, no help for anybody. I also informed the white male Sheriff, the one who pulled me outside about my ScientologyForYou.info website and how I was documenting as well as tweeted the President of the USA Barack Obama. He was not phased by it nor did he care.

Who are these people to to do this to me? This is also harassment.

And these are the laws they broke, Penal Code 136.1, Penal Code 653.2

This Judge, this clerk and the Sheriffs will all have to be investigated to determine why they broke all these laws including extorting money from me,  the collusion, intimidation of a victim, the abuse, the perjury, the false reports, the concealment of evidence, the illegal eviction and premeditated attempted murders, more then one count.  


As for my ScientologyForYou.info website, I noticed somethings have been changed on there, things that are false, including the summons for the eviction court, I posted it on there, I was documenting it but they are not listed anymore on the website, I didn’t change it, but they were in my apartment unit even while I was waiting for them in court and they had my passwords and logins etc etc. That would be tampering with evidence, each count is 20 years.

2nd court hearing date 9/17/2013 at 9:30am – where the Doreen Doshay Russell and Matt Acres were 1 hour late maybe longer. This was acceptable to this court, there were no penalties given to them for being late.  And the clerk lied, it was at around 10:00am when court convened not 9:30am.  I believe they called at 9:30am and told the court they were stuck in traffic.  Too bad this clerk and Judge didn’t bother to get a court reporter to document everything. Now why is that? Instead this clerk sat there and bitched to me about her job for about an hour while waiting for Doreen Doshay Russell and Matt Acres to show up.  This would be perjury and false reports by the clerk.

The 1st court minutes, at the bottom the next court is to convene at 9:00am

The 2nd court minutes

The 1st court Minute Order and Clerks Notice of Ruling and or appealable order, it was sent to me and I received it the next day, it was stolen along with my other personal belongings.

The 2nd court Minute Order and Clerks Notice of Ruling and or appealabte order, I received it in the mail and still have it. Court was 9/17/2013 and it was sent 9/18/2013

3rd Minute Order and Clerks Notice of Ruling and or appealable order the final one, was emailed to me from the plaintiff and then later taped to my door while she impersonated an officer of the Court so she could abuse me with it. I received it on the 29th of September 2013, a Sunday, the 25th, when the last day of court occurred was a Wednsday, 4 days later I received it from the plaintiff.  I never received the one from court.

In regards to the abuse, she was ordering me to do things based on this like she was an officer of the court or a Judge, it’s also evidence of collusion with this Judge and clerk. Since I left early I do not know what these 4 people discussed behind my back in that courtroom and the plaintiff felt compelled to order me around like she had permission from the Judge and clerk to do this.


I never received the one directly from the court with the final of 9/25/2013.
On September 29, 2013 at 7:14pm I got some of it from the plaintiff, I documented it when I received it. But I never got the entire thing, one cause by the time they would have sent it, I was already moved out on Monday the 30th and Doreen Doshay Russell didn’t forward it to me, I suspect she threw it away which is also a federal offense tampering with US mail.


The writ was received by the court on the 25th but it wasn’t filed until the 30th, the day I moved out.


I moved out around 10:00am or 11:00am on Monday, September 30, 2013

The final ruling:


I never saw these emails nor was given a copy to see what was introduced as evidence. I have no idea what emails they are referring to and who those emails were from and to?

I was never given copies of it as evidence. They were not specific nor did I as the defendant get to see them, who were they from, what did they say? I have no idea as my email was hacked by these people when they broke into my unit with their keys and stole my passwords and logins to all my accounts not just email but other accounts including social media and my bank account.

If it was from me, there was nothing from me or to me dated on 9/19/2013, I have no idea if they deleted this email from my account or not or made up emails using my email account ie manufacturing false evidence. It’s too general.

There is one email with the Subject Thursday September 19, 2013 11:00 am to 2:00 pm but it’s dated on 9/18/2013 cause that’s when the conversation started via email and it’s about an inspection.

These are the only emails I  have for those dates and it shows how I was treated including the attempted murder.



I brought the doctors note and all the other information with me, but when I read it, out loud, both Judge Cho and his clerk, looked bored like they were going to fall asleep, they didn’t pay attention to the evidence nor did they care that this was hazardous to my health and I had the proof to show them from the county, the county official I spoke to Chin, told me these were known factors and would cause harm to me.


doctorsnote.pdf  – The doctor, Dr. Chin, a woman, couldn’t give me a waiver cause they didn’t have the resources to test me. I called the California Poison Control as directed by Dr. Chin and Chin, the male that worked there that I spoke to, informed me that, these were known factors and would cause harm and two, based on these circumstances, I had a right to refuse entry.


This email was also showed to the Judge and she told the Judge that I saw it. I never saw it, but I documented it when I got home.  This was another lie by Doreen Doshay Russell


MARCH – SEPTEMBER (7 X $500.00),

This is false, I wasn’t 7 months behind in back rent.

Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 5  see for evidence and full details.


I never refused entry twice, not even once and I never failed to pay the $50.00 missed appointment fee to plaintiff.

Because the employees for the exterminator company were harassed and threatened with court by Matt Acres, they chose not to go in and left, the 1st time. The 2nd time, the exterminators cancelled the appointment because they needed a waiver from a doctor before they would spray so if I died they would not get sued for wrongful death.

I never refused anything even though I had a right to refuse.

It was a show up appointment fee that Doreen Doshay Russell was aware of, the exterminators told her upfront that if they arrived and don’t go in to do the work that was quoted over the phone and discussed, there is a $50.00 show up fee, she agreed to that, she hired them. She also never paid them the $50.00 so there was no need to reimburse her, I honored my agreement with the court by paying the $50.00 directly to the exterminators. The time I was given wasn’t sufficient enough to pay them as they didn’t supply the bill.

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 3:28 PM, I emailed the pest control people asking for them to send me a bill and Doreen Doshay Russell was fully aware of it as she was cced in the email.


I’m not responsible nor accountable for other people’s actions.  This Judge held me responsible and accountable for Doreen Doshay Russell’s and Matt Acres’s actions, which was premeditated and attempted murder. Since they didn’t murder me using the exterminators, he attempted to murder me when he sided with the plaintiff and Matt Acres. His intent was that I die after he evicted me, to cover his crimes of extortion and collusion with the plaintiff based on his hatred of me cause I’m a Scientologist, Jewish, Catholic etc etc.

see Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 3 – for evidence of exterminators including paying the $50.00 show up fee that the plaintiff never paid the pest control people and I paid it to the pest control people directly.

The conditional Judgement, I had it, it was sent to me via the mail, but it was no longer in my possession, I suspect the plaintiff and her accomplices entered my unit when I wasn’t there and stole it along with alot of other things.


This is a half truth.  The Judge already decided before I walked into that courtroom to evict me, and he gave his verdict and told me I was evicted, right after that, he told me to pay her $3500.00, I had to remind
him that I already paid $1985.00 on what was agreed 9/11/2013 while the plaintiff stood there laughing, giggling to herself. He then said, oh yeah, you’re right and then proceeded into his chambers. I asked the clerk what was next and did I have to stay, could I leave? She never answered my first question but told me I could leave, that I didn’t have to stay. So I left.  The clerk gave me permission to leave.

It didn’t phase Judge Cho that Doreen Doshay Russell was laughing and giggling.  Had I not reminded him, I would have had to pay her an additional $3500.00, ordered by him. Clearly these two people, this Judge and the plaintiff were in collusion to extort money from me, money that I had to borrow. I have no idea if she went into his chambers and gave him any money after I left the courtroom.

This is evidence of collusion between this Judge and clerk with the plaintiff and Matt Acres. Since I left before the Judgement was given, I do not know what these 4 people discussed behind my back in that courtroom.

This was also premeditated murder on part of the Judge and this clerk. They wanted me to be murdered by the Sheriff’s, they knew the Sheriff’s would read it, would get pissed off, angry that I left assuming I disrespected the court and if they had to show up at the property cause if I didn’t leave by 9/30/2017, they would have been sent out by the plaintiff and they would have murdered me based on assumption. This Judge and clerk left out the part where I asked permission, approval if I could leave and the clerk said yes while the Judge was in his chambers. This is manipulative on both the Judge’s and clerk’s part. They both wanted me to die, I suspect cause they are both anti-semitic, Scientology haters, Republican haters, Hungarian American haters etc etc  These are hate crimes by this Judge and clerk.

Here are the extortion laws this Judge broke when he ordered me, forced me to pay Doreen Doshay Russell $1985.00.

Penal Codes 518519 520 and 522

On the 2nd day of eviction court, Doreen Doshay Russell and Matt Acres were 1 hour late to court, this was acceptable with the Judge and clerk, no where was it written on the 2nd court minutes that they were 1 hour late and made the court including the Judge wait. But when I asked for permission to leave and I was granted that, the entire thing was not included, only half of it was.

Case13R066191st.pdf – 1st day of eviction court minutes
Case13R066192nd.pdf – 2nd day of eviction court minutes
Case13R066193rd.pdf – 3rd day of eviction court minutes

This entire Santa Monica Eviction court was in collusion with the plaintiff and Matt Acres except the 1st Judge I saw on 9/11/2013 who gave me a trial after I told him, the plaintiff destroyed my business, my source of income so I couldn’t pay rent.

Here are the facts:

Doreen Doshay Russell is a resident of another state, not a taxpayer for the state of California.
Doreen Doshay Russell and David Garrett Doshay took over the property from their parents on June 28, 2013 and never disclosed it to the court and lied to the Judge in court and on the paperwork.
David Garrett Doshay never showed up in eviction court nor sent a lawyer to represent him.
Doreen Doshay Russell and Matt Acres were 1 hour late on the 2nd day of eviction court, kept the court waiting for 1 hour and this was not only not noted on the 2nd minutes but this behavior was condoned, it was acceptable.
After the Judge told me I was evicted, he went into his chambers, I asked the clerk for permission if I could leave while the Judge was in his chambers and she said yes, but on the minutes, she wrote down that I left and conveniently left out the fact that I asked for permission and she granted it to me.

I was held responsible and accountable for the exterminators not going in and spraying. My health, my well being was never taken into consideration by this Judge, it was completely negated.  The fact is, I wasn’t responsible nor accountable for the exterminators not going in there and spraying harmful chemicals, 1st was Matt Acres by his abuse and 2nd was the exterminators themselves (I don’t know if Doreen Doshay Russell knew upfront about the ingredients in their sprays that they use, like she knew about the show up fee that she told the Judge she had to pay but never did), their own internal policies and procedures and they required a waiver from a doctor.  This was premeditated attempted murder by the plaintiff and Matt Acres.

I was overcharged $1845.00, I only owed $120.00 but instead this Judge forced me, made me, ordered me to over pay the plaintiff by $1985.00, money I didn’t have, money I had to borrow.  This was extortion by Judge Cho.

see Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 5 – for evidence of that

This Judge and clerk were in collusion with the plaintiff and decided to evict me on 9/25/2013 before I came into court that day, I never got a fair trial because of the collusion and their hate crimes against me, they violated my 6th amendment, the right to a fair trial, the laws they broke is false reports by the clerk, perjury, extortion by this Judge, premeditated attempted murder by the clerk and premeditated attempted murder by the Judge. 

That’s one count each of premeditated attempted murder Penal Code Section 664

Both this Judge and Clerk will be going to prison along with Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices.

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