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Hate Crimes Committed By Chrissie Carnell Bixler Aka Chrissie Bixler Carnell And Her Accomplices - September 5, 2018

On September 2, 2018, I wrote on my personal blog a post and tweeted Chrissie Bixler.

Prior to that, I did an evaluation of  The Danny Masterson Rape Cases and tweeted both Danny Masterson and Chrissie Bixler.

I tweeted Chrissie Bixler and after telling her my story of what happened to me, she then started attacking me, abusing me cause I’m a Scientologist.  

She asked me not to tweet her and I said no problem. Then she started tweeting me and encouraging others to attack me and abuse me and harass me cause I’m a Scientologist.

She also took my words including my blog posts out of context and started lying to everybody on twitter and started encouraging others to abuse me and attack me and people jumped in and started abusing me, harrassing me cause I’m a Scientologist.  These are strangers I don’t know, have never met nor have spoken to.

Basically they’re all trying to reinforce the pain and trauma of the 2 back to back sexual abuse incidents from 1998 as well as reinforce the pain and trauma of the PTSDs. 

That was on 9/4/2018 at around 2:00am, these attacks continued through out the day I got like over 100 attacks between both twitter accounts.

This evening, Chrissie and her accomplices tweeted me that they made false reports to @911LAPD @LAPDHQ 

This falls under hate crimes cause of my religion, Scientology here are the Federal and Local Laws for these incidents.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 18 USC 245

Conspiracy Against Rights 18 USC 241

Penal Code 422.55

Penal Code 653.2

Penal Code 646.9

Penal Code 148.5 

Penal Code 148.3

In chronological order:


Here is my eval of the Danny Masterson Rape Case

Blog Post from Personal Blog
Joe Reache
Tweet to Danny Masterson and Chrissie Carnell Bixler


Personal Blog here I’m talking about what was written on Tony Ortega’s blog about a stalker stalking Chrissie Carnell Bixler and her husband.


Blog Post From My Personal Blog
Tweet to Chrissie Carnell Bixler about this blog post

Since writing that blog post, Alanzo deleted his blog post, which is weird, but I downloaded it prior to that happening and authenticated it in case he did that.  He might have been abused and harassed by Chrissie Carnell Bixler and her twitter accomplices, he might have even been threatened bodily harm or ending his life if he didn’t remove it. I don’t know what made him delete his blog post.

Alanzo’s Deleted Blog Post
Alanzo’s Blog Post Before he deleted it
Google Search Results of Tony Ortega’s deleted blog post
Tony Ortega’s Deleted Blog Post
Tony Ortega’s Deleted Tweet About That Blog Post
Tony Ortega’s Deleted Blog Post Archived


Personal Blog Post About Chrissie Bixler Carnell aka Chrissie Carnell Bixler – She’s a religious hater and I started authenticating evidence on my personal blog.

1st Interaction With Chrissie
2nd Interaction With Chrissie
3rd and last Interaction With Chrissie

Then around 12:30am, before 12:57am, I logged into my Scientology twitter account and there was all these tweets from Chrissie, which was weird cause she asked me not to ever tweet her again but then turns around and starts tweeting me.


My Scientology Twitter Account, after I posted the blog and tweeted the new blog post on my personal blog twitter account, I then logged into my Scientology twitter account to retweet it to that audience and after I logged in, that’s when I saw all these tweets.

Scientology Twitter Account before retweeting my personal blog post to that audience.

Personal Blog Twitter Account with attacks by Chrissie and her accomplices.

There are some attacks by Chrissie and her accomplices that are not in the personal blog account but only the Scientology twitter account.

My Personal Blog Twitter Account, you can see how I tweeted my Scientology twitter account and just Chrissie. But when I was attacked by her and her accomplices, it’s all over the place, some responded only to my Scientology Twitter Account and left out my Personal Blog twitter account on purpose.

Then I notified the authorities ie the FBI, DOJ and the Inspector General for the LAPD.  These attacks were abusive and she was encouraging other people to attack me, she was lying and then acting as if she was the victim of me so she could garner sympathy and manipulate strangers into attacking me and if she didn’t get her way ie controlling others with lies, she might become violent.

Then at around 2:00am, I got more attacks thru Twitter by strangers because of Chrissie’s encouragement and lies.

It’s pretty obvious that she’s lying and all these people that are jumping on this bandwagon either know she’s lying or are such mindless robots that they are that easy to manipulate. Basically Chrissie could have told them anything and they bought it hook line and sinker and it’s lies, false.  It’s designed to cause me pain and to get me angry or intentional infliction of emotional distress.


Then around 2:35am, on the front of her twitter, she took my tweets, I tweeted her a series of tweets and she took 1 tweet out of that series and put it on her twitter on the front,  on the outside, the external and it appears I’m attacking her, but she’s not showing the entire story where she abused me cause I’m a Scientologist and attacked my religion.  This is manipulative.  

Then through out the day, I went to bed after this and after I woke about around 10:00am or 11:00am I was getting inundated with all these twitter attacks based on Chrissie’s lies and cause I’m a Scientologist.

Here are Chrissie’s hate tweets and encouraging strangers to harm me cause I’m a Scientologist.  You can see most of these people are agreeing to her lies so that makes them her accomplices in these crimes.

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred5.pdf – Here Chrissie is threatening me to never blog about her children and how she’s gonna sue me, basically violating my free speech, my 1st amendment with a lawsuit.  Notice how she points out that I’m a Scientologist. That blog post was not threatening her children but she took it out of context and twisted, altered my words and attacked me with it, abused me with it, harrassed me with it.

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred6.pdf – Here, one of her accomplices is telling her to leave me alone and Chrissie just won’t listen. She’s determined to abuse me, harrass me and continue down this road of Hate as in Hate Crimes.

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred7.pdf – Here they are talking about Alanzo 

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred8.pdf – Here Chrissie is talking about planting weeds, Child Services will have to determine the scene, I have no idea if little kids can be around their pot smoking mom and dad even if they have medical marijuana cards, I don’t know the legalities but she’s very hostile for somebody that doesn’t do drugs unless she’s lying about that too and hiding it and is a current drug user.


ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred10.pdf – Here, she’s threatening to send me into the psych ward, she’s trying to reinforce the pain and trauma of the 2 back to 2 back sexual abuse incidents in 1998.  

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred11.pdf – This was out of a series of tweets I sent her, I have no idea, maybe it’s technical glitch in twitter unless Chrissie did that on purpose, it’s premeditated to make me look psychotic?

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred12.pdf – Here Chrissie false reports to the @LAPDHQ and @911LAPD that I’m suicidal.

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred13.pdf – Here Chrissie false reported that I'm suicidal to @twittersafety, is lying, I never attacked her out of the blue, she attacked me out of the blue, basically she's accusing me of what she did. And in the same tweet, another false report to the LAPD, lying that I'm threatening others and threatening suicide. Then she says she's gonna continue to put my ethics, in, threatening people, harrassing people, attacking people, lying, spreading lies, false reporting to the police with the intent to murder the victim, is not ethics, she's taken ethics tech from my religion Scientology and attacks me with it. She's also creating conflict, she wants to drive me upset, angry, by attacking me and verbally and emotionally abusing me.

ChrissieBixlerIncitingHatred14.pdf – Chrissie still stalking me and still abusing, harassing and threatening me along with her accomplices as well as spreading lies.

Here is Chrissie’s accomplices:

Anne Krz

AnneKrz1 – Here, this woman took my words on my personal blog out of context and altered them, twisted them to try to show my intention to commit a crime and then starts threatening me, taunting me. This is also manipulative cause it’s false and it’s premeditated.

AnneKrz2 – Here, this woman is doing the same thing but now tweeting LAPDHQ, this is also premeditated, and false, she’s lying, she didn’t prove my intention, she’s lying about my intention to LAPDHQ.  And of course has to bring my religion into it while she abuses LAPDHQ. 

AnneKrz3 – Here, this woman is accusing me of threatening people and small children and myself.  Again she’s lying.  And she also attempts to reinforce the pain and trauma of the 2 back 2 back sexual abuse incidents of 1998, so she read the tweets and is trying to use that to cause me pain. “A documented  history of mental instability”. It’s possible this woman also has been stalking me online and went digging on my ScientologyForYou.info website and assumes that less then 40 page psych report gives her carte blanche to abuse me.  If this is the case, she’s also abused and continues to abuse people that are victims of psych abuse.

Colette Malette

ColetteMalette1.pdf – Attacking me because I’m a Scientologist.


Dice1.pdf – This was tweeted only to my Scientology Twitter Account.
Dice2.pdf – My Scientology Twitter Account.
Dice3.pdf – Conspiring to harass me.
Dice4.pdf – Conspiring to figure me out so they can harass me, to cause the maximum pain.

JackieOh1.pdfJackieOh2.pdfJackieOh3.pdf and JackieOh4.pdf – This is conspiracy and this Jackie Oh is looking for where I live physically, this is possibly premeditated to attack me in person, offline.

Melissa Paris

MelissaParis1.pdf – This woman is also obviously stalking me and tweeted the FBI, LAPDHQ and Austin Police, with lies. She’s accusing me of what she is, crazy. She knows full well that she’s lying, what is her intent here?  I don’t know but she’s premeditating crimes, possibly to break into my home to plant drugs and then make a false police report with the police and have them murder me. I believe her intent is murder and using law enforcement to do it by lying on purpose, manipulation.

Sandy Marks

SandyMarks1.pdf – This woman is attacking me a rape survivor and it’s on purpose cause I’m a Scientologist. 

Sera1.pdf – This woman is lying and spreading lies.
Sera2.pdf – Attacking me cause I’m a Scientologist.

Sky Madison

SkyMadison1.pdf – Conspiring to harrass and abuse me.
SkyMadison2.pdf – In this series of tweets, this person approached me to tell me that Chrissie’s story wasn’t deleted and I asked her to show me cause it was. She never responded, she blew me off and then went around spreading lies.

External Twitter For Both Accounts:

Scientology Twitter Account
Personal Blog Twitter Account

Internal Twitter For Both Accounts:

Scientology Twitter Account
Personal Blog Twitter Account

I believed Chrissie’s story but after the abuse, the harassment, the threats, the lies, encouraging others to attack me, false reporting to local law enforcment, trying to reinforce the pain and trauma of the 2 sexual abuse incidents back to back of 1998 and cause me pain all cause I’m a Scientologist and went out of my way to help her.  Her actions proved to me that’s she’s lying and manipulative and I no longer believe her story.  Real victims/suvivors don’t do this to other victims/survivors. Real victims/survivors have empathy, compassion and understanding for other victims/survivors but Chrissie has none and I missed her withhold to capitalize off my religion. I also believe that Chrissie has abused and attacked other Scientologists and non Scientologists and possibly has harmed them offline including physical violence.

Updated 9/23/2018 12:50pm

Moved by mainstream press, the intent was to murder me on a “wellness check” like the women below

Press 1

Press 2

Press 3

Press 4

Chrissie Carnell Bixler and her known accomplices were already stalking me online, it might go back early as 2012, and these attacks were premeditated as well as their next move to murder me offline if they couldn’t get the sheriff’s to do it on false reports.  

Sheriffs That Came To My Home On A False Report


Updated 9/28/2018 6:36pm

Per this, Chrissie Carnell was a Scientologist in 1998 and on the PTS/SP course at CC Int during the time of my incident. I was also onlines at CC Int in 1998 doing the PTS/SP course as well as Jon Mackinder. It’s possible Chrissie Carnell knew, participated in it, maybe she was one of the people coming in and out of my home and I missed her withhold hence the attacks to silence me.  That would mean she’s possibly on the video tape/tapes just like Jon Mackinder while I was naked and unconscious.

She is no longer a Scientologist and attacked me cause I am. 

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