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I Hate Everybody Within Local, State and Federal Government – They Are All Niggers and Crackers - July 15, 2018

These people refused to help me, not once but twice in my life, they are clearly all racially biased as well as religiously biased.

Here’s the crimes all three of these agencies committed, you can see the DOJ blew me off but then spied on me.

I got Loretta Lynch’s computations, on Deseret when the Iran deal came up, right before she testified, I think the night before, she told herself if she answered the questions, she would go to prison and she decided she wasn’t gonna go to prison, I didn’t understand her computations when I got them but after reading about her in the news, how she decided to take the 5th, then I got it.

I also got her crews computations on Deseret, they planned to run hate crimes ops where I was renting including breaking in while I was in Federal Court, that’s what they were premeditating, what freaked them out was “how I was taking all the criminals with me, to court”. They were spying on me, violated my 4th amendment after they blew me off, these people are all racist and religious haters and will be going to prison. They were all black er I mean niggers.  This is what the blacks in the DOJ are doing to all whites, running hate crimes ops, how nice, whose gonna stop the DOJ from committing hate crimes on anybody?

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead

The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

I won’t ever trust anybody that’s black er I mean niggers in gov ever again, they won’t help anybody cause you are white and jewish, a scientologist etc etc. And I won’t ever trust local law enforcement and federal law enforcement either er I mean crackers.

These people tried to murder me with court, to cause me so much pain that I go psychotic and commit suicide, this is what I’m dealing with,

with numerous PTSDs and I’m not an attorney, I’m an artist. This is a violation of my 14th amendment by crimes of Omission, failure to act, neglect and crimes of Commission, reinforcement of pain and trauma or abuse.

This is evil and cruel and I sympathize with the mass shooters, this is the type of abuse all the shooters go thru and they are on uppers, so they just grab guns and kill everybody to stop the abuse. I’ll be murdering them in court, legally.

By the time I’m done, these niggers and crackers within gov will be dead, their lives will be destroyed, they have no immunity from our constitution for attempted murder. Their families, their jobs, their careers, their reputations and their assets will be gone, their lives will be over. 

They know there is no civil rights attorneys for federal court, so they do this on purpose. The evidence above, alone will kill them all as a group. 

How easy it is to murder these niggers and crackers within gov, there is nothing wrong with we, the people, there is something wrong with the niggers and crackers within gov, they all need behavior modification administered by me.

I’m gonna request as part of the widdle down damages negotiations, cause they all put it in the billion range, that I can be involved in the CIA’s new torture technique program/programs and these niggers and crackers all can be the 1st candidates along with the crackers that committed these hate crimes for behavior modification and if they die during behavior modification, the process, it’s ok, there will be doctors on hand to revive them and back at it we go until it’s complete LMAO. Pain.  I’m very serious, this is not a joke.

These niggers and crackers caused me alot of pain to the point where I wanted to commit suicide, that feeling, that desire after I had to confront the magnitude of my cases, it was overwhelming and very painful and that pain has been going on for years, it’s not normal to have to go thru life with this much pain caused by all these people and most of these people, it’s their job to help you, to make it less painful.  All I’ve known in this country is nothing but pain and abuse.

They all drove me to it, to think about committing suicide by their abuse, neglect and failure to act in 2014, I never thought about it until they all reinforced the pain and trauma of these hate crimes and left me to sit in that pain and trauma to die. Where they all slept great at night after they abused me, I didn’t, they reinforced all the PTSDs I already had including 1999 where the LAPD threatened me with murder for trying to get the police report and gave me new PTSDs, my life was 100% destroyed and they left me sitting in it to die, and they all thought it was funny, I’m sure. Well let’s see how these people feel, how funny they think all of this is, when they are getting behavior modification from me.


Most people, if they had gone thru what I have gone thru, would have committed suicide already after the crimes of 1998 and 1999 by the LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology. I have 2 federal lawsuits to file simultaneously, one against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD and the other LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology,  unfortunately cases like this aren’t handled in 5 mins, man if only they were, I’d be in heaven, litterly LMAO you know how many cases I could get done in one year? A shit load, I bet you I can beat out everybody within the FBI/DOJ and LAPD combined.

So whose really crazy here? Me or these niggers and crackers in gov?  After all, they caused damages in the billion range, to this gov all cause they are racial and religious haters.

I want instead of prison since the prisons are overcrowded and there is no prison reform just uppers and downer prescribed to inmates, behavior modification for everybody, trial and error, the beginning of behavior modification, real behavior modification, everything that was done to me, will now be done to them in a controlled environment, they will get to experience the hate crimes that I experienced. Their criminal and corrupt and abusive behavior will be modified.  And after they can go back into the general population, even their old jobs, their old agencies. 

They also all need to be taught lessons about civil rights and why it’s not ok to violate people’s constitutional freedoms like the 14th amendment nor try to murder them by using court, overwelming the victim in this way.

After I get convictions thru Federal Court for all these niggers and crackers, the CIA can pick them up from prison. Pick up LMAO a little wholetrack joke. Too bad there is no implant stations now that I can fly them to for behavior modification.

The process can be done out in the ocean either on refurbished abandoned oil rigs or tankers constantly traveling, that might be easier for the simulations and then stops at islands, I’m sure big farma can loan the CIA some for the research etc etc and the oil companies can donate their abandoned oil rigs for tax right offs.

Here’s how behavior modification works, what they all did to me, will now be done to them, for example this cracker Doreen Doshay Russell and this cracker Karen Freemon and all their cracker accomplices will be put in rooms with cockroaches, not just one or two but swarms, what they did to me will now be done to them, a swarm will come out, let’s see how they handle it, they will be boxed in, no where to go and they won’t be able to leave and when they call the manager to handle it, they’ll be lied to and ignored LMAO, that’s just one thing that will be done to them, all these niggers and crackers will get to walk in my shoes and experience what I’ve experienced and it will be in a controlled environment and a live feed and videoed, both, so it can be rolled back later and evaled, assessed etc etc, are we going in the right direction?

There won’t be any movies made about this, nobody will know, it will all be classified.   

This will make me happy and I can have trust in our government again, otherwise, this gov will have to pay out in the billion range and these niggers and crackers will go to prison where there is no prison reform to be drugged with uppers and downers by a prison psych, most likely downers to keep sedated, easier to control, inmates that are asleep don’t cause any problems.

But with behavior modification, we can put them back into the general population even back on their old jobs, back into their old agencies where they have really learned from their crimes. 

If the CIA doesn’t want to go for my deal, no biggie, these people will be going to prison regardless of the CIA and any programs etc etc and I’ll get all of my damages, I won’t be sharing it with any gov agency.

California is gonna crash and burn and everybody is gonna stop paying taxes here, local gov assumes legal pot shops will handle their taxes issue, cause they charge legal pot shops 6 times in taxes but some of your coworkers, I got their computations already, they’re gonna steal the federal illegal state legal pot taxes, armored car heists and start civil wars, wow, that’s gonna be fun.  Anyway, property should crash cause everybody is gonna bail and everybody else that’s left will stop paying all taxes except for sales tax, so I’ll buy shit here dirt cheap and set up shop LMAO  There’s always big pharma and big farma, they don’t shy away from experiments if you get my drift. CIA, I’m still gonna go down this road, behavior modification, you just can’t say I never came to you guys first.

It will be all approved by the Fed Gov, it will be legal, you know if behavior modification is done in international waters, no laws of the land apply. I want to be happy and I’m gonna be happy, this project will make me happy. 

I’m gonna get to be sadistic to all these niggers and crackers for my therapy LMAO and there’s nothing they can do about it, I can’t wait to cause them pain unless of course once they experience everything I’ve experienced and it doesn’t bother them, well then the psychs and doctors will have to handle that obstacle. Why don’t they feel anything? Why is there no effect? So many experiments, so little time LMAO.

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