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If Barack Obama Wants To Do Amends To Me For Blowing Me Off - February 19, 2018

and not intervening with the FBI so they’d help me so I could report these hate crimes and also the DOJ so they could help me in regards to the crimes that occurred in 1998, his amends to me is that he sues the Secret Service and/or the FBI and/or DOJ including Loretta Lynch for false information etc etc. After he wins that lawsuit/lawsuits, me and him can meet in therapy and have dialogues longer then 45 mins in regards to what happened.  No PR moments, no photos, just me and him, in therapy talking and of course confidential.

If he’s not willing to do the right thing, and just wants to assert his rightness, why failing to act was ok, then that’s his prerogative.

I never held him responsible nor accountable for the economy of 2008 crashing nor not bringing back the economy. That was others like Doreen Doshay Russell.  For me it worked out ok, cause had he and his team brought the economy back, I’d probably be working as an exec at a company making $80k a year and up and being part of the Scientology community and church. Most likely what would have happened as I was doing my OT levels, I would have missed this church’s management team’s withholds of 1998 and they would have probably murdered me, covertly. That’s the reality of it. So for me it worked out ok, 1 woman of goodwill, it worked out fine.  

As for what I see in the press, him and his wife hiring black artists to paint their portraits, I don’t see anything wrong with that.  My 2 cents is there is some outpoints in the paintings and they could have had the artists correct it before the unveiling or Obama’s aides/assistants could have corrected it before the unveiling cause they both looked surprised.  A little FYI to everybody that’s not an artist, it’s not that easy to paint a portrait, portraits are the hardest thing to paint for any artist. I don’t think these artist’s intent was to have technical mistakes, but the technical mistakes look unprofessional and reflects on the artist’s, on their craft. I’m surprised the Obama’s aides or assistants etc etc didn’t handle it prior to the unveiling and dropped the ball for everybody involved.  So that’s my 2 cents.

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