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In Regards To Both Of These Court Cases - July 20, 2018

I’m gonna petition the court cause of the following:

My reproductive system was destroyed by the crimes of 1998 by Olive View Staff and LAPD, the drugs I was injected with, without my knowledge nor consent, where they put me into a coma for 36 hours and raped me, over and over and over and over again, those drugs put me into early menopause, I’m 51 now and I’m done with menopause, I also have osteoporosis from the man made menopause, that means this was not natural but man made caused by the psych drugs the criminals in Olive View injected me with.

The hate crimes of 2009-2013, since the FBI/LAPD/DOJ abused me and blew me off, that eliminated all hope of adopting, having children this life, to be a mom.

I don’t have schizophrenia, that’s a false label, everybody that goes into the psych ward is labeled with schizophrenia so the hospital can have the Federal Gov pick up the tab.  If they don’t, how would they get paid? They wouldn’t.  But the general public doesn’t know that, this fraud, this scam.

What I have is PTSDs, more then one because of the crimes of 1998 and 1999, threatening me with murder by implication by the LAPD is a crime, that’s also against the law, and I’ve been sitting in that for 20 years, now I have more PTSDs from the hate crimes of 2009-2013 and the reinforcement of the pain and trauma of those crimes by the FBI and LAPD, the DOJ did the same thing but covertly, by failing to act, neglect, the blowing me off, where the FBI and LAPD did it overtly.

So I have a shit load of PTSDs and I’m 51 with no hope of having a family this life as well as attaining the American Dream, Americans born here made sure of that by their crimes, I hold the LAPD, Olive View Medical, The Church of Scientology, the FBI, the LAPD again and the DOJ responsible and accountable.  

I’m sure the FBI/DOJ/LAPD all saw the less then 40 page psych report, that’s on my ScientologyForYou.info website that’s not public, you have to dig for it, to find it.  And I’m sure everybody assumed that this less then 40 page psych report was valid.   And decided to play God with my 2nd Dynamic, their justification would be, she has schizophrenia, she can’t have children, she can’t raise children etc etc.   This is Nazi shit, only Nazis would have these types of computations cause they are practicing population control, population control in this sense is where people play god and decide who should have children and who shouldn’t.

The LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology will all have to pay out for destroying my reproductive system by their crimes, the range will be around 500 million to 1 billion.  I don’t know yet.

Anyway, I don’t feel safe in this country and for me to feel safe, I need a guarantee that if any crimes happen to me in the future, I can go some where and I will be helped, so my solution to the Fed and Local gov's corruption and abusive ways is, to hire my own people that will protect and serve me.

Since this country embraced Nazi Psychiatry for mental health which is labels and dispensing uppers and downers that create the cycle of drug abuse, they are getting people addicted to drugs for mental health instead of real mental health, so because this country embraced this technology, you can see how this country has gone to shit, litterly, your prisons are all full, it’s a revolving door and all the criminals know it.

I ran into a college kid when I was working in telemarketing, he just got out of prison for credit card fraud, he ripped off $90k worth in college and he only served 1/4 of the time, he was not phased by it at all and went into the real estate business.

The criminals that get this Nazi Psychiatry just get high from these drugs, there is no prison reform and so when they get out, they go back to a life of crime, basically Nazi Psychiatry makes people criminal, the drugs empower them, it reduces their inhibitions, it’s like if a psych gave cocaine or pot to inmates to do while in prison and called it treating mental illness, same thing.

In ten years, I’ll be 61 years old and in 20 years I’ll be 71, I’ll probably die around there because of the man made menopause, my life span has been cut reduced, I’m sure I’ll have more disease in the coming years from these crimes and there’s nothing I can do, there is no cure for osteoporosis and I’m 51 with osteoporosis, that’s not normal.  Most people get osteoporosis in their 70’s not their 50’s, my life span has really been cut, reduced cause people in Olive View Medical decided to play God with my life in 1998.  This is also part of my damages.

As crime will continue to go up and law enforcement hasn’t changed in 20 years, still preventing victims of crimes from reporting crimes by abusing them and blowing them off, I need a guarantee that this will never happen to me again.  Even the DOJ, had they not blown me off, I could have reported these crimes to them and they could have put it to the right department or called the FBI to handle etc etc.


I had an incident where I was attacked at the gas station and when I went into make a police report, the LAPD officer at the desk refused to run the license plate, he also insinuated that I was crazy, when I called him on it, he said, “you said it, not me” and he never told me, that the LAPD won’t do anything, they won’t get the video of the attack at the gas station, I thought the LAPD would get it, obtain it, I found out they never bothered to get it, and since I have PTSDs plus from her attack, now another one plus physical injuries, I was not able to go and get it myself. The LAPD cop never told me I had to get it myself, he led me to believe, they would do it cause they are the LAPD. I also don’t have any power nor authority to get it. He never told me, informed me that the LAPD won’t get the video tape and he also never instructed me how I could get it for court since she attacked me and I have damages from her attack as well as physical injuries.  This was the 3rd time the LAPD has fucked me over.

So, I need a guarantee that this will never happen to me again, and hiring people to protect and serve me is that guarantee.  The local police might be out of business in 10 or 20 years, there might not be any local courts left by then, so this will be included into my lawsuit so I can hire people that will protect and serve me long term.

Besides the PTSDs, the fact that I was made an orphan also causes me pain and trauma, I will need intensive therapy psych drug free for people who have psychic ability to handle the 2nd dynamic, I can’t be a mother this life, but next life I will, so I want to be the best mom I can be, I’ll be having 10-12 children next life, there is no population control on target A, the Jewish Federation, where this country embraced Nazi Psychiatry to legally practice population control, there is none where I’m going next life, so I want to be the best mom I can be and I need psychs that know and comprehend past lives in addition to psychic ability, cause they’ll understand there is past lives, and there is also future lives. 

I’ll also need psychs to help me career wise, I’m an artist who can’t create art cause of the hate crimes of 2009-2013 and the crimes of 1998 and 1999, I’m sure I would have been a better artist had the crimes of 1998 and 1999 never occurred.  It causes me pain that I can’t create art yet I’m still an artist, so that too has to be addressed and I’ll need psychs to work with me long term to rehabilitate that in me, so that I can create art, even if it’s not this life, I’ll be able to create art next life.

I also need psychs to give me direction and guidance in regards to working this life, I have pain and trauma cause of the hate crimes of 2009-2013, they destroyed all my careers, sources of income, jobs, businesses, I can’t work, I litterly can’t work, the SSA, the psych in the 5 min psych eval, completely ignored facts and labeled me delusional and her boss told me she committed fraud, false reported to help me.

I’ll need real qualified psychs not psychs like the SSA uses who just label and dispense psych drugs as well as false report and commit fraud.  I got her computations already she’s been stalking me too, I’m sure she read this less then 40 page psych report too cause I told her about my ScientologyForYou.info website, it was cause I’m a Jew, she’s anti semitic, the other one wasn’t willing to lose her practice over this, I didn’t get anti semitic computations from her but she too could also be anti semitic.  

As for this:

That’s more proof of the pain and trauma the FBI/DOJ/LAPD caused me, I was reading the over 300 page psych report and that’s when I learned of the sexual abuse including the rapes and that I was drugged without my knowledge and consent, that’s when I realized why my period stopped and I went into early menopause at the age of 38.  I don’t feel suicidal nor have any suicidal thoughts, I was just thinking, why bother with court when I can end my life, it would be faster and less overwhelming and less painful and I can leave this prison planet and go off and start my next life and play the real game on target A, the Jewish Federation. 

I did learn one thing from Loretta Lynch by reading her press releases, court programs, I’m gonna petition Federal Court to oversee my therapy and life since I’m an orphan, each psych will give me programs to do, steps to carry out and I’ll carry them out and it will go to Federal Court letting them know this step is done, that step is done etc etc.

For example in regards to putting a community there that’s self sustaining, I don’t know what to do nor how to do it, so my career psychs will give me guidance and direction so I can accomplish that goal by writing programs and for me to do the steps of those programs and then Federal Court will be notified of my progress. 

Also every person that comes into my life to be part of my life, Federal Court will investigate them and if they remain in my life, if they are approved to be in my life after the investigations, their lives will also be overseen by Federal Court.  After all this abuse, I don’t trust anybody, I have found all americans born here only care about money, they don’t care about human life and they love hurting human beings, harming human beings. 

I wanted to let you know just how serious both of these two cases are and it’s not a matter of I win and I’m done with court. 

The purpose of court is to put the individual back to the condition they were in prior to the incident but you can’t repair my reproductive system nor cure my osteoporosis as well as other diseases that will develop as I get older, so the closest I can get to that is by going to therapy so they can help me prepare to be a good mom next life.  And where I’m going, there is no population control like here. I want to be a good mom to all my 10-12 children that I have next life.

Everybody that committed these crimes, both cases, that was involved in these crimes will all be going to hell where they can lick Hitler’s ass for all eternity.

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