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In Regards To Michelle Obama - March 20, 2018

I saw the racial shit online and I never felt that way nor did I see her as an ape. Michelle Obama OT3 was actually my bf, I was half black in a galaxy far far away 75 million years ago, so it’s ironic, this whole cycle.

The woman that I knew down the wholetrack is not the same woman in present time, I don’t know her, I’ve never met her and I’m not gonna. She’s officially cut out of my future lives, I’ll never ever have her in any of my future lives for a shit load of reasons but mainly cause she won’t be leaving this prison planet system.

The Michelle I knew would never take somebody’s free speech and alter it, twist it, take it out of context to use it against another person, especially to make herself look good in a speech. That’s what all 1.1 white women like this Doreen Doshay Russell do.  Michelle has turned into the one thing she never was down the wholetrack, a 1.1 white woman.  The woman I knew, isn’t that woman now in present time.  She took, 2 guys locker room talk, private locker room talk and violated it, and used it to her personal benefit.  The woman I knew, would have ignored locker room talk, especially if it was private, she would not have violated their right to privacy. How would she like it, if her privacy was violated, her private conversations, twisted, altered and taken out of context and used in a speech, used as a banner for whatever?  I don’t think she would like it, if it was done to her.

Words are powerful but actions are more powerful. Words are just words. Inaction, failing to act, crimes of omission are just as powerful as crimes of commission.  So in regards to how I see, view Michelle Obama, she’s a 1.1 white woman, nothing more, nothing less, no different then this Doreen Doshay Russell.  In the grand scheme of things, she doesn’t matter, she never did, there will be other black 1st ladies, as well as black presidents of the USA but, they will be known as better presidents and 1st ladies then Michelle and Barack Obama, they were just the first, but not the best, they will be known, remembered as the worst.

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