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KRs I wrote in 2009 - June 15, 2018

RTC and David Miscavige was aware of me.


I wrote KRs prior to August 28, 2009



The 15 KRs


Just like in 1998 when I wrote all these KR’s, I never got any acknowledgement stating they received it and are investigating it.  And I never received anything in 1998 or after and in 2009 or after letting me know what the result of their investigations were, their findings. I was neglected again in 2009, ignored, they failed to act again in 2009 in regards to my KRs and investigations. These are also crimes of Omission.

On August 28, 2009, they threw me in jail for trespassing, a citizen’s arrest.


This religion is all about communication,  talking but they refused to communicate with me, I was approved back onlines, I could go talk to a minister at any org but instead I was physically assaulted by Sea Org members and what they started in 1998, it wasn’t complete cause the police arrived while I was unconscious, it started again, only this time, I finished what they started in 1998. 

Somebody contacted security at AO, somebody called them, told them, instructed them to throw me out of AO, somebody told them, that I couldn’t talk to a minister, now, who was it? Mike Rinder had already left as well as Marty Rathbun. Whose left from 1998, David Miscavige.

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