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Liability Waiver Disclosure - July 8, 2018

1st, I’m not responsible nor accountable for your case, whether criminal or civil. You are. It’s your case, your journey to have.

Everything on this website is to help victims of all races, religions, genders, ages etc etc to give them encouragement to make the journey cause this system let them down.

I am not perfect nor am I an attorney, the laws I find for my case won’t necessarily help you in your case/cases, you have to find the laws that apply to your case/cases.

This is just an informational website to give victims encouragement to make the journey to Federal Court to fight for their civil rights and their constitutional freedoms.

I highly advise talking to as many attorneys about your case/cases as possible.

For me going down this road is not an easy journey, it’s the opposite, it’s very very very hard and I’m not sure I’ll make it based on circumstances beyond my control.  Everybody in gov knows this, they really don’t care about their taxpayers, they never did, they see us as their slaves. My life has been completely destroyed 100%, I can’t work, actually function on a job, any job, my reproductive system has been destroyed, I can no longer create art and I’m an artist, and I have PTSDs as in numerous piled on top of each other, I was still sitting in PTSDs from 1998 when the recent crimes occurred.  In 1998 and 1999, I had ground hog day and flashbacks with force, I just didn’t know what they were. So all this time I’ve been sitting in PTSDs but didn’t know that’s what it was, all I knew was no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t move on plus I just wasn’t as fast as I could have been, I used to move faster, I could handle 100’s of cycles of action a day but after, I was reduced to doing 1 thing a day, I just couldn’t do anything more then that and I couldn’t figure out why/whys. My art is not that good, businesses I tried to get off the ground, I couldn’t, I could start them but couldn’t make them successful, I couldn’t do the next steps necessary to make them successful.

Had I gotten the proper care (intensive therapy psych drug free for people with psychic ability) in 1998 and 1999, my art would have been way better and I’d have a few businesses that were successful, the neglect, failure to act and the reinforcement of the pain and trauma made my condition worse. 

These people that committed these crimes including the FBI/DOJ/LAPD etc etc all assume if I don’t go to court, they are safe, but they’re not. God saw their actions and when they die, how ever they die, they are all going to hell for all eternity.  They all think what happened to me is funny, they all got sexual rises to these crimes, that’s how these people within the FBI/DOJ/LAPD/OliveView/ChurchOfScientology get off, get their orgasms, litterly, causing harm to victims. 

The criminals all know this and are not afraid of law enforcement, and are getting into a power position, committing crimes in abundance.  So you are ping ponged between the “supposed good guys” like the FBI/DOJ etc etc and the “bad guys”, they are all evil. They all do this on a daily basis, they are all serial cases who belong on this prison planet and here they will stay. We were all sold lies by this government, how this government was here to help us, the victims of crimes, they are here to steal taxpayer dollars and have a job and lifestyle cause they believe we are their slaves.

Most likely if I win, it will be by default, nobody will show up to court cause they’ll all be dead. The right to die drugs in the water supply, feel free to read my personal blog and educate yourself. I don’t advise violence, that’s what they want, for you to go psychotic and kill yourself or go violent and kill others, they are all 1.1 on the tone scale and set you up.

The truth of the matter is, they are the real criminals, the reason this country has turned to shit, by their crimes on the job on a daily basis, they just lie in the press. They are all responsible and accountable, you’re not, you’ve done nothing wrong but abide by their laws and pay your taxes.

These people aren’t gonna change, all they can do is cause pain, that’s it. They are pussies, they would rather get into a fight with the victim of crimes then do their jobs and go after the criminals that committed the crimes on the victim.  Only pussies do that.

They will all be given forensic psych evals and put on psych drugs after the psychs find their mental disorders and mental illness. They have a long history of mental illness that has gone undetected on the job.  They will know real pain and trauma.

The way it works is, they’ve been receiving my case, my memories from past lives, including down the wholetrack all the way to OT3, prior to that OT2 and OT1 and of course present time.  The psychs will do their magic and put them on psych drugs while at the same time cause them psychological pain and they will be left sitting in my case/cases to experience day after day after day etc etc what I have experienced they will be experiencing, most of these people will commit suicide to stop the pain and then to hell they go.

So there is a bonus or perk of doing the right thing and going to court even under the worst conditions. It’s not about winning, it’s about doing the right thing.

For all victims of psych abuse, my psych files will be posted so you can read it and get some reality on it and you might find, they did the same thing to you but you thought you were the only one they did this too.  So hopefully it will help your case/cases, empower you to make the journey to Federal Court.

Remember to find all the laws and don’t rely on the laws I find for myself, ok.  Good luck and I hope your journey to Federal Court is as painless as possible. And when things get bad, really bad, remember how you handle things in this life will affect you next life, whether good or bad. Apply your ethics book and embrace your dark side and you’ll be fine.

It doesn’t matter that the criminals who did this to you are lying, that’s normal, that’s all they do everyday, lie, lie and lie, so continue to be honest, they’re gonna lie, they’re predictable, be predictable back, be honest. 

For me, I’ll have it all next life, money, power, fame, even in the fleet, I’ll still be famous, a reputatation, a badass one, and I’ll have an awesome abuse free family and my soulmate, after we get married, we’ll probably have 10 or 12 children LMAO. Next life will be all about procreation not population control, the US Federation will need to be populated once we find our property, the 75 or 76 inhabitable planets, all we have to do, is get there, our gold, the US Federation’s reserves are there, waiting to be found, once we find it, we’re back in business. 

While all these people that committed these crimes on me and you will be going to hell for all eternity. You are special not them. The reality of it is, if the events, the crimes of 1998 never happened, I would never have crossed the wall of fire, I’m off this prison planet, I have my guarantee.

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