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Mazy Williams AKA Mail Fast USA Part 2- November 13, 2018

I gathered evidence in more then one way, I'm extremely busy, inundated and overwelmed with both of these cases in addition to my physical and psychological damages ie PTSDs so I'm not perfect in gathering evidence plus I'm not in law enforcement now ie present time, I'm just an average, ordinary taxpayer whose life has been destroyed and I have no resources like the people in law enforcement ie the FBI, DOJ, LAPD etc etc, the 1st part of the Mazy Williams case, the evidence is by date gathered.

This is grouped, based on subject ie, Identity.

On April 20, 2016, I found this online in regards to her identity. The address listed on her DBA is the same for a Williams Mazy who is a male.

For all I know, she stole his mail too and is now impersonating him. I don't know who this woman really is, but I'll find out in Federal Court.

DBA for Mail Fast USA

Yellow Pages 4/20/2016

California White Pages 4/20/2016


Updated 11/14/2018 12:56pm


Signage 11/12/12018 - It appears that the signs have been changed in 2017 to reflect the correct business name, my incident happened in 2016, so one year later she obeys the law. But on her better business bureau she's still lying.


BOE 11/14/2018 - I have to say, the Board of Equalization was awesome, stellar agency, not only were they really cool but fast and had their shit together, two thumbs up :)

Illegal Business 11/14/2018 - Unfortunately the city of LA sucks, I applied for their whistleblower program and as of today, I haven't recieved one dime. They got her legal, per them, they got her to get a license ie fines etc etc but I haven't recieved any money from them, they blew from me.

So the FBI, DOJ and LAPD are responsible and accountable as well as liable. The city should have turned it over to the LAPD for investigations and also had building and safety investigated but instead, they don't care, they only want criminals who don't pay taxes nor get licenses, they only want criminals not law abiding taxpayers in this city. They also stiffed me on my whistleblower money. So all my time gathering evidence only to have the city ignore it, that bill will go to the FBI,DOJ and LAPD along with my damages of her abuse. So it's all good for me, for the FBI, DOJ and LAPD, not so much.

If what happened to me, happens to you, don't get mad, just gather evidence and include all your damages from the incident into your lawsuit like I'm doing. Maybe, the city discriminated against me too like everybody else, what a shocker huh, anyway, you'll find out when you get to Federal Court.

As for Mazy Williams if you're still stalking me, I want to say, thank you, for all of your hard work committing crimes on me like stealing my mail, I know you just had to know how much money I got for my art from the royalty free houses (you could have just asked, I would have told you), how about my social security number, you're not the only person who stole it, it was on my less then 40 page psych report. I know everybody assumes Gold=Jew=Money or Gold=Money=Jew.

Btw after min wage in California goes up to $15.00 as a small biz owner, are you gonna pay $20.00 or maybe $25.00 an hour depending on workers comp and other red tape going up cause businesses have left?

Did you know that I think Disney spearheaded that move and the only people that win are the gov, the workers end up getting like .92 cents more between $10.00 per hour and $15.00 per hour, the tax bracket puts them into a higher range so they pay more and the employers end up paying $5-$10 more to hire each employee. It's great for the gov, they just increased the cost of living for everybody due to their mismanagement. The price of food, gas everything is gonna go up, up and up long term. How will a small business owner like you stay in business if you have to pay your employees $15.00 an hour minimum? 40 hours a week is $600.00 an hour, but remember the employer has to pay almost $5.00 on top of the $15.00 so that $15.00 an hour is really about $20.00 an hour to you, you have to pay $200.00 more dollars a week in red tape ie workers comp, insurance etc etc. Will you stop paying it and go under the table? Isn't that against the law? Oh that's right, the city won't care, look how they treated me.

Man I can't wait till every single business owner follows in Mazy Williams footsteps and stops paying taxes and pays their people under the table. I wonder if then, this corrupt and abusive gov will collaspe? I don't think the city cares, they're looking at legal pot to bail them out, those people pay 6 times more in taxes. I wonder if crimes will increase like in Colorado? No worries, the LAPD will be there to help everybody like me or LMAO.

It won't affect me nor my employees, they're all gonna get lower salaries but free corporate housing etc etc. And as for the police, that will be handled thru my attorneys on salary, they'll be getting free corp housing too, like Disney, I'll have in house attorneys.

For everybody else that does care, is worried about their futures and doesn't want to move out of California nor break laws/become criminal etc etc, get a petition going now as well as start a campaign to raise money to hire attorneys and go sue the State, try Class Action. You can do it! There is over 3 million small businesses in California, with that much in your group, you'll be able to make change and bring down the min wage, remember like Nancy Reagan said, just say No!

Btw that will help towards your contributions to the human race or brownie points after you die, it will help you cross the wall of fire and bypass eternal damnation and break the cycle of reincarnation. Helping 3 million small businesses survive, that's huge, humongous.

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