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Mazy Williams AKA Mail Fast USA - November 13, 2018

I had a po box located at 11100-8 Sepulveda Blvd, #512, Mission Hills, California 91345
I've had that location since April 5, 2004 and it was under the business of Mail Fax Plus USA and the owner was Paul Shin.


In December of 2015 Mazy Williams along with her assistant told me she was the new owner and gave me a biz card, her business card. I, along with a bunch of customers were in there and were asking her where was Paul, she explained that Paul sold the business to her. Paul the previous owner never told anybody, he just disappeared. Prior to that, she was in there before making this annoucement to the customers and acted like she worked there, I think back in Oct/Nov of 2015.


Mazy Williams is an older white woman and her assistant was a younger black guy.


On April 19, 2016, Mazy Williams verbally, emotionally abused me and then threatened me. Her younger black assistant wasn't there, it was just me and her, alone and she's taller then me, I'm 5'1 1/2. She never gave me, showed me any identification to prove who she is, so I don't know if her name is really Mazy Williams, I don't know who this woman really is. It's not normal to verbally and emotionally abuse your clients and threaten them for no reason. The crimes I know she committed on me was steal my mail which is a federal offense, I don't what other crimes she's committed, they'll have to investigate her thru Federal Court and find them.


New PO Box 4/19/2016
Changed Address To New PO Box 4/19/2016
Email To Mazy Williams 4/19/2016


Email From Mazy Williams 4/20/2016
My Response 4/20/2016
DBA for Mail Fast USA


Food Stamps paperwork stolen by Mazy Williams 4/21/2016

Documenting - 4/21/2016

Photos - 4/21/2016

Vid1 - 4/21/2016
Vid2 - 4/21/2016
Vid3 - 4/21/2016


Documenting - 4/22/2016

Photos - 4/22/2016

Vid 1 - 4/22/2016
Vid 2 - 4/22/2016
Vid 3 - 4/22/2016


Opened Mail received 4/23/2016

Documenting - 4/23/2016

Photos - 4/23/2016

Vid1 4/23/2016
Vid2 4/23/2016
Vid3 4/23/2016


Email From Mazy Williams 4/24/2016 and my Response 4/25/2016
CheckCashedByMazyWilliams 4/20/2016
Mail Recieved Opened 4/24/2016



Letter and Refund From Mazy Williams and Mailed Received 4/25/2016
My Response 4/25/2016 Mazy Williams Response 4/26/2016
Documenting/Photos 4/25/2016

Vid1 4/25/2016
Vid2 4/25/2016


Documenting/Photos 4/26/2016

Vid1 4/26/2016
Vid2 4/26/2016
Vid3 4/26/2016

Mail FastUSA Called Me

Mail Fast USA Phone Number Belongs To Mail Fax Plus


Documenting 4/28/2016


Mail Fax Plus Business Search 4/29/2016
Mail Fast USA Business Search Website 4/29/2016
Mail Fast USA Facebook 4/29/2016
Mail Fast USA Twitter 4/29/2016
Mail Fast USA Yellowpages 4/29/2016
Mail Fast USA Yelp 4/29/2016


Mail Recieved On 4/30/2016
Documenting/Photos 4/30/2016

Vid1 4/30/2016

KeysFor The Door and Mailbox Returned 4/30/2016

Mazy Reichardt Williams per this, she looks like a Tanya as in Tanya Grantin

Grantin Drywall 4/30/2016

Mail Fast USA Business Search 4/30/2016

Strip Mall Management 4/30/2016

Fed Ex 4/30/2016


Grantin Drywall 5/1/2016


BOE 5/2/2016
Building and Safety 5/2/2016
Change of Address 5/2/2016
No Business License for Mail Fast USA 5/2/2016
Press Regarding Arrests at the DMV 5/2/2016
Opened Mail Received in March 2016 5/2/2016
Treasurer Tax Collector 5/2/2016


AAA Address Change 5/3/2016
DMV Address Change 5/3/2016
EvidenceGatheringFees 5/3/2016
Office of Finance 5/3/2016


FedEx 5/4/2016
Signage Laws 5/4/2016


BOE 5/5/2016
LA City Business Search 5/5/2016
Gathering Evidence 5/5/2016
Suspicious Activity 5/5/2016


Tools Needed To Gather Evidence 5/6/2016
Reverse Racism 5/6/2016 - Nobody on the News talks about reverse racism, where black people are racist towards whites because of the color of their skin.


City of LA Finance Office 5/7/2016
Returned Keys 5/7/2016


BOE 5/8/2016
Food Stamps 5/8/2016 - My food stamps paperwork was stolen from my mailbox at Mail Fast USA, more evidence of theft and it's a federal offense. 8 U.S. Code § 1708


BOE 5/9/2016
Homeland Security 5/9/2016
UPS Tracking of Keys Returned 5/9/2016


DMV 5/11/2016
No Business License 5/11/2016 - As of 5/11/2016 Mail Fast USA does not have a business license, at the time of the crimes she committed on me in 2015 and 2016, Mail Fast USA was not legally allowed to operate in a retail location.


Illegal Business Reported 5/12/2016
LA City Whistle Blower Program 5/12/2016

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