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My Case of 1998 Is Not Isolated It’s Systemic - May 6, 2018

These two people were also drugged in the Psych ER/Ward.



They are not alone, I found out from expert psychs, this is the norm, what’s the one thing they all have in common, they like me in 1998, were brought in by the police. Three different states, three different police departments, all three of us, were drugged and made unconscious by the drugs they used.

I do not know if these two people were sexually abused while unconscious, I do not know if their credit card numbers from their wallets were stolen while unconscious, I do not know if their keys to their homes, cars, work etc etc were stolen and duplicated while they were unconscious. 

All three of us are lucky to be alive, some people that are drugged die from an overdose of the drugs.

Here is more cases of psych abuse


If this happened to you, I want you to know, you are not alone and it’s not you, it’s them. This country embraced this, Nazi Psychiatry for mental health, it’s nothing but abuse. It’s not real mental health. It’s abuse under the guise of mental health.

I hope my cases will help you make it to court so you can put them in prison for their crimes against you.  There is no help from any gov agency, whether, local, state or federal. They are all corrupt and abusive like these Nazi Psychs. Just know, it’s not you, it’s this country, this country embraced Nazi Psychiatry for mental health ie abuse, to abuse people, to drug them so they can sexually abuse them, so they can physically abuse them, so they can financially abuse them, so they can verbally abuse them, so they can emotionally abuse them.

Break your chains of slavery that they put on you ie a label by going to court and putting ethics in on these criminals including prison. 

For your damages don’t forget to include intensive therapy psych drug free, like holistic psychology and a body detox so the drugs they injected you with don’t put you into early menopause, don’t destroy your reproductive system.

Intensive therapy is 12.5 to 25 hours a week and the cost is around $30k and up per month. Make sure it’s psych drug free to treat your PTSD/PTSDs. The psych drugs will induce the PTSD/PTSDs and make it worse and you might end up committing suicide and/or going homicidal.

Holistic psychology is psychology without judgements and labels. There is other types of therapy like Natural psychology. 


Shop around and contact places and ask questions, you might need 2-3 different places to go, there is no one place that encompasses, a body detox, intensive therapy and psychology without judgements, labels and psych drugs.

In my case, these are also biocrimes. Crimes committed by doctors/nurses

biocrime is similar to an assault crime, except, instead of a gun or knife, the weapon is a pathogen or a toxin. In the US, acts of bioterrorism are federal crimes that are governed by different responses by law enforcement and public health agencies than those that govern other biocrimes []. Most biocrimes and their subset of bioterrorism cases will involve public health agencies because of the nature of a disease threat to the public.

The FDA has approved drugs like Haldol, Ativan and Cogentin for schizophrenia but I was never interviewed, never assessed just labeled without an interview, without an assessment, nobody ever talked to me at the hospital, I was just injected with these drugs while restrained in Xrays and then wheeled into the hallway where I had a drug induced hallucination for about 1/2 second to 1 second and then closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was in the psych ward 36 hours later.  I was out of it in Xrays cause I was held hostage in my home for days, possibly weeks and when the LAPD arrived I was unconscious. Going from my home to the hospital and getting fingerprinted and being in Xrays was the longest I was awake during these 2 back to back sexual abuse incidents. I was not 100% aware due to my injuries, concussions and trauma from being held hostage for days, possibly weeks.  They had no probable cause to inject me, they also never disclosed this verbally nor in writing and concealed my psych report, which is also against the law.

They destroyed my reproductive system by injecting me with these drugs and then never disclosing it, at the age of 38 I went into early menopause, my doctors I went to for this condition, couldn’t figure it out. I went to a endocrinologist and based on my tests, I’m now done with menopause, at the age of 51, where most women are starting menopause, I’m done. These people destroyed my reproductive system and also my unborn children from their biocrimes. I wasn’t injected one time, I was injected over and over and over and over again over the course of 36 hours and kept unconscious while I was sexually abused including rape by more then one person. 

I also have osteoporosis, they gave me a disease, created this disease in me, I have osteoporosis cause of the man made menopause.  I used to be 5’2, I’m now 5 1 1/2. These are biocrimes committed by the staff at Olive View Medical. It’s not normal for a 47 year old woman to shrink, unless it’s man made because of the drugs injected into her body without her consent and knowledge.


Side effects:
Reproductive System and Breast Disorders: Amenorrhea, Galactorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Erectile dysfunction, Menorrhagia, Breast discomfort


Per the above – 4 in 100 will experience menopause but they don’t know the reason. It’s possible they too were drugged with psych drugs and never told their doctors in this study cause they weren’t asked or didn’t know, like me cause it was concealed.


Per the above “The product has very low solubility in water
(1.4 mg/100 ml), but it is freely soluble in chloroform,
benzene, methanol, acetone, and dilute acids.1 It is
soluble in 0.1 N hydrochloric acid (3 mg/ml) with
heating. The hydrochloride salt of haloperidol is
soluble in water (3 mg/ml).1″

The hydrochloride salt of haloperidol is soluble in water, the rest of the haldol/haloperidol ingredients, the components that make up haldol/haloperidol is not water soluble.


Symptoms of overdose: loss of consciousness

Haldol and Ativan together have resulted in coma and death per the FDA.
AtivanC.pdf – Hallucinations are a side effect

Cogentin.pdf – Hallucinations are a side effect

Symptoms of overdose: loss of consciousness
CogentinB.pdf – If I was given Potassium in my home along with salt cause I was dehydrated and it was summer, by Scientologists ie salt and potassium, it would not interact well with this drug and since nobody talked to me, spoke to me, not the LAPD and not the Doctors/Nurses/Psychs in the ER/Psych ER, it’s possible I could have died cause they overdosed me, which is also a side effect.  And they knew I was a Scientologist, it’s on the psych report.  The doctors/nurses and psychs are responsible and accountable for talking to the patient, and they didn’t.

Using this medicine with any of the following medicines is not
recommended. Your doctor may decide not to treat you with this
medication or change some of the other medicines you take.

Cogentin also causes coma, it’s a side effect of an overdose.


Manifestations: May be any of those seen in atropine poisoning or antihistamine overdosage: CNS depression, preceded or followed by stimulation; confusion; nervousness; listlessness; intensification of mental symptoms or toxic psychosis in patients with mental illness being treated with neuroleptic drugs (e.g., phenothiazines); hallucinations (especially visual); dizziness; muscle weakness; ataxia; dry mouth; mydriasis; blurred vision; palpitations; tachycardia; elevated blood pressure; nausea; vomiting; dysuria; numbness of fingers; dysphagia; allergic reactions, e.g., skin rash; headache; hot, dry, flushed skin; delirium; coma; shock; convulsions; respiratory arrest; anhidrosis; hyperthermia; glaucoma; constipation.


11/15/2018 5:51pm


Ativan is also not water soluble.

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