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My Drug Dealing Past Over 30 Years Ago - April 12, 2018



I dealt cocaine for 2 months in 1985, I made $100.00 a week for 8 weeks. I made a total of $800.00. My best friend Chris Brown, her boyfriend Greg was a drug dealer and he fronted me the cocaine, it was an 8 ball. That means he lent me the coke for free and each week I owed him the money and I paid him back. He’d give me extra free cocaine for my personal use as a bonus cause other people he did this with snorted it up their nose and never paid him back.

It was to supplement my income, I paid 1/2 the rent, 1/2 the utilities, 1/2 the food, 1/2 of everything, my then boyfriend Jeff Gold did not support me, he paid the other half.  Nobody has ever supported me financially.

I sold it to 2-3 girlfriends maybe once a week or twice a month or once a month, that was it, the rest Jeff Gold sold while I was at work.

So really, me and him committed this crime.

This was in 1985, over 30 years ago, I was encouraged, manipulated by Jeff Gold, but never the less, I take responsibility and accountability for my actions.

I also never committed any crimes of this nature after this, this is the one and only time in my life I have done that.

The Federal statue of limitations has run out for this crime.


Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, no person shall be prosecuted, tried, or punished for any offense, not capital, unless the indictment is found or the information is instituted within five years next after such offense shall have been committed.  

The California statue of limitations has run out for this crime.



Felonies: 6 years for murder and other capital offenses; 3 years for lower-level felonies.

Misdemeanors: 1 year for most misdemeanors; 3 years for misdemeanors committed against minors under the age of 14.

Code Section: Penal Code Section 799-805

When Statute Tolls: There is a maximum extension of 3 years if a suspect leaves the state.

I don’t know what the law was for dealing drugs in 1985 but currently it’s this:

3.2. Health and Safety Code 11351 HS — California’s “possession or purchase of cocaine for sale” law

1st, I never had 1 kilo or more of cocaine, it was an 8 ball which is 3.5 grams so the 8 million dollar fine does not apply.  1 kilo equals 1000 grams.

2nd, this crime if it has to be brought against anybody, it also has to be against Jeff Gold. Not sure if you want to press charges against Christine Brown and her Boyfriend Greg, I can’t remember his last name, he is where I got the cocaine from, the 8 ball each week for 8 weeks. After I stopped selling cocaine, he continued and I don’t know for how long nor how many months, weeks nor years, that information you would have to obtain from Chris Brown. The last I heard from Chris is that Greg works selling water purification systems. This was over 30 years ago, he I guess stopped doing it as well. I just don’t know the specifics cause I moved on and didn’t really care what Chris’s boyfriend was doing, nor how much he was making nor where he got it from, who/whom his supplier was. I wasn’t interested, but maybe Jeff Gold knows this information.

So per this  

If prosecutors can prove that you possessed or purchased cocaine with the intent to sell it…rather than consume it for personal use…you face two, three or four years in the state prison and the same maximum $20,000 fine.

However, if you are convicted of possessing or purchasing cocaine base for sale, you face three, four or five years in prison and the same maximum $20,000 fine.17

This crime happened over 30 years ago, in 1985.  I already know people want to use this as leverage against me. Ok. To intimidate me, to harass me, to abuse me with it, to control me to drop my cases. No.

I don’t regret dealing drugs in 1985 to supplement my income for more then one reason, 1st I was dramatizing my case OT1, me and Nikki undercover as drug dealers, 2nd I had food allergies so my case, my past lives was easily restimulated and I was constantly at death on the tone scale, I just didn’t know it, I wasn’t aware of it, 3rd, I thought he was Jett, I trusted him like I trusted Jett, it’s also possible me and Jett were undercover drug dealers OT3, we were OT2 and I didn’t feel it was wrong cause it was for my survival, I didn’t want to go homeless, and 3rd, it really wasn’t fun, I didn’t have a good time. In the movies it’s glamorous but it wasn’t glamorous. I don’t advise others do it, it’s kind of a waste of time. If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now would I do it again, no, I’d get a 2nd job. I was lead to believe by Jeff Gold that, that was a smart business move cause I didn’t have to work that hard and it would be Aok, not a big deal to supplement my income to pay my rent, bills etc etc. It wasn’t like he was gonna support me financially, I had to learn the hard way, on my own, even though we lived together. Jeff Gold didn’t care about me, he just used me, that’s the reality of it, cause if he wasn’t using me, he would have never encouraged me to sell drugs and he himself sell drugs using my coke that got fronted to me, each week. 

I also didn’t sell it to alot of people, 2-3 girlfriends either once a week or twice a month or once a month. After I stopped, they went back to their regular dealers. I was not a good drug dealer. But Jeff Gold was. While I was at work, he sold the drugs too, he sold the majority while I was at work.

Per the above, you can take the fine out of my damages, my bill, but just cause I did this in 1985, doesn’t give anybody the right to rape me, multiple rapes, drug me without my consent and knowledge, destroy my reproductive system, commit hate crimes on me etc etc.

I want to clear the air and my books, my personal books, nobody is gonna use this against me to blackmail me under any circumstances. This church knew cause I told them when I was asked before I joined the Sea Org, it was on their application, I was out qualed for HCO but not their other departments and they decided I can still go to Bridge even with this act. So besides the video tape/tapes of me they have where I’m naked and done without my consent and knowledge while I was unconscious, in addition to that, they would have tried to use this against me, to blackmail me to get away with their crimes of 1998. In their eyes it was ok that Jon Mackinder beat me, gave me concussions and possibly raped me while unconscious cause he doesn’t smoke, drink nor do drugs, he’s a goodie goodie two shoes guy whose possibly a serial rapist, why that’s ok with them but me, I’m the Scarlet Letter.  This logic is wack and insane. I’m not perfect, I never claimed to be perfect but this is insane.  So I want to clear my books once and for all and put it all to bed, rest.  And I think they are very angry cause even with the act that I committed above, I was still able to cross the wall of fire and live. I didn’t go psychotic and die like most people would.

Now as for Jeff Gold, he also would have to be charged in this crime as he sold the coke while I was at work and also cut the coke with B1s,  he was an experienced drug dealer, he owed his sister like 8500.00 from when he dealt coke on Weddington, this was before I met him, it was the summer of 1982.

I want to know cause looking back at it now, $800.00 for two months, for a total of 28 grams over a 2 month period which is 0.028 Kilograms, seems very low to me. How much money did Jeff Gold keep after he sold it and never disclosed it to me, never told me, but instead withheld it, in essence he would have ripped me off, the money. And 2nd, how many women did he cheat on me with including oral sex that came over to our apartment while I was at work and he gave them coke in exchange for sex?  I want to know before that time period, during that time period and after that time period, how many women including oral sex did he cheat on me with?

I also want Jeff Gold on a lie detector test and video taped so I can roll it back and eval him, I’ll know if he’s lying or not.

We weren’t having sex and if we did, it wasn’t that good. When you’re doing drugs, you wanna have sex, it’s aggressive sex, there’s angst, passion and I was interested in having that kind of sex during this time but he wasn’t, so who/whom did he have this kind of sex with, cause it wasn’t with me and I want to know if he cheated on me with Christine Brown my bf at that time and later after we were married cause she’d come over to our apartment down the street from Sherman Oaks park in a bathing suit.  Jeff’s turn on was bathing suits not garters and Chris would come over in a bathing suit while I was at work and Jeff was at home and she did this more then once. So in addition to the above, I want to know if these two got it on and if so, how many times and what exactly did they do.

Jeff Gold never loved me and just used me. He used me to get him free coke up front so he didn’t have to pay out of his pocket plus he owed his sister Sherry Gold like $8500.00 from his earlier drug dealing days in 1982. In 1985, I wasn’t aware of this fact, the fact that he was using me and didn’t love me, I believed, bought his lies. I’d like to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

As for this church, I got David Miscavige’s computations in 2009-2010 while crossing the wall of fire, to use this against me, it was that I was a little drug dealer and the emotional tone level was glee. So that is this church’s management team’s intent, when they themselves never thought it was wrong, I was never given any ethics cycles nor told it was wrong, nor that I did anything wrong other then I was out qualified for HCO. I got computations in the theta universe that drug dealers are considered SPs, I think if you’re a long term drug dealer, then you are an SP who is selling more then 1 kilos and to little children and using little children ie minors to distribute it. 

As for Court even Federal I would be considered a 1st time offender of a crime where the statue of limitations has expired, it was over 30 years ago and I never did anything like this after that. I never dealt any drugs of any kind after this one act.

For everybody in the FBI/DOJ/LAPD/ChurchOfScientology/OliveView that wants to use this against me, this one act doesn’t throw my cases out and it sure as shit never gave anybody the right to commit these crimes on me.

I’ll pay the fine of $10k without the conviction, take it out of my bill ie damages, you can get the other half from Jeff Gold. And in exchange I want Jeff Gold on a lie detector, video taped.  Otherwise, ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t go down this route, you will be getting another lawsuit from me, for discrimination, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 etc etc.  I don’t see Jada Pinkett Smith convicted of anything, is it cause she’s a celebrity? Cause she’s black? What?  Why does the statue of limitations apply to her and I’m singled out?  Is it cause I’m not a celebrity? Cause I’m white? Cause I’m a Jew? Cause I’m a Scientologist? Cause I’m a Catholic? Etc etc, what or all of the above?


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