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My Period Stopped When I Was 38 Years Old - November 6, 2018

My period stopped when I was 38 years old. I didn't know why so I went on a health journey to try to find out and correct it, fix it. I also started ballooning up, my diet didn't change, I wasn't eating more but I was ballooning up, I was also having hot flashes and couldn't sleep.

Women To Women was the first place I tried



It didn't handle my period stopping nor brought it back,so I continued in my health journey and went to these doctors for hormonal treatments. I also found out I had food allergies I wasn't aware of. In addition to my food allergies, wheat/gluten, soy and egg whites, I also had bacteria and parasites but my intestines were so inflamed I could not take antibiotics, I had to do a special diet of shakes to bring down the inflamation of my intestines so that I could take the antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria and parasites.




My doctors, both of them couldn't figure out why my period stopped, so my journey continued.

They didn't know why I gained weight and my doctors recommended that I lose weight and then I could go back on hormone treatments, but first I had to lose the weight.

I tried alot of things to lose weight but nothing worked and I didn't know why cause I didn't have a history of being overweight nor obesity.




When I went to this doctor, I think I was referred, he didn't know why my period stopped either, but he helped me with the weight loss part, he put me on the HCG diet and it was supervised by him every week. This was not a diet I did on my own but supervised by a doctor, which is not against the law, in fact if you are gonna do a diet like this, it should be supervised by a doctor, this doctor was awesome, every problem I had that came up, I told him and he helped me solve it. Simple things like I have to drink a gallon of water a day but the problem was that I was urinating every 5 mins, there was no possible way that I could drink a gallon of water under these circumstances, after I told him, he told me why this was occurring, I was depleted in minerals, and it's not normal to go to the bathroom every 5 mins when drinking a gallon of water a day. He solved this problem by having me get electrolytes, I was depleted in minerals and my body wasn't absorbing the water.

I went to wholefoods and got some electrolytes but I didn't like them. Instead what worked for me was Essential Electrolytes in capsule form. I took these many years ago when I did martial arts and there was no gluten, no soy nor egg whites in them but I didn't know that at that time,I just knew they worked for my muscles to help aid in faster recovery.

These worked for me. And now my body was absorbing a gallon of water a day without going to the bathroom every 5 mins. This is just one example of how my doctor helped me on this diet, without his help, weekly help, I would not have obtained any success. Each problem I came across I went over it with him every week. The HCG diet is not a diet that is problem free nor easy, in fact it's very difficult and it's not a diet I can do at the age of 51, I have no hormones left, I'm done with menopause, so this diet won't work for me, you need hormones for it to work.

What I need now to lose weight cause I'm over 100 pounds overweight from the hate crimes that were committed on me while going thru Menopause is a diet for people that are done with menopause and to manage my osteoporosis from the man made menopause without drugs that will harm my body like fosamax.

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