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My Utility Bills for 1998 - June 16, 2018

These are the only utility bills I could find for my apartment unit 1998.





I do not know if I had more and Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices stole it from 2009-2013.

I do not know if Jon Mackinder since he had my keys stole it in 1998.

I do not know if ops (as in plural) were run on me by OSA and they stole it cause they too had my keys in 1998, maybe they made duplicates from Jon Mackinder’s set or my keys while I was unconscious.

I do not know if my landlord  accessed my apartment unit in 1998 and stole it.  While waking up in my bedroom, by  my window, there were two men outside talking right by my bedroom window, it was very creepy cause they were talking about me and one of them was my landlord. I don’t know who the other one was but he said “She’s ok, but her Scientology Minister Dan Stradford, he’s not” and then they kept walking. I was creeped out, I really didn’t know what was going on, I realized after talking to my landlord, hearing the sound of his voice, I put 2&2 together and it was him behind my bedroom window talking to somebody about me and he knew about my Scientology Minister Dan Stradford, how did he know about Dan Stradford? I never told him, did my landlord call the LAPD cause Jon Mackinder blamed him for the broken window handle?  While trying to escape I  pulled my art deco phone out of the wall and threw it east, I wanted to hear the sound of crashing glass, I couldn’t hear anything, my ears went deaf, I litterly couldn’t hear anything, this was while I was being held hostage in my apartment unit. So I pulled it out of the wall and threw it, east towards my dining room area window and the patio glass sliding door, it just bounced off the glass and it must have hit the window handle and broke it and landed on the floor. I can’t remember, what I remember is, pulling the phone, my black art deco phone out of the wall and throwing it cause I wanted to hear the sound of crashing glass and it didn’t break the window, it bounced off the window and hit the floor. Below is what the black art deco phone looked like, similar.

I don’t know who that male was talking to my landlord and I never asked my landlord, but it’s possible that, that person either paid or threatened my landlord so my landlord would break into my home with his keys and steal it for him in 1998. I don’t know, it was very creepy.


This was behind my bedroom window, that’s where both of these two men were standing.

In regards to how my utility bills disappeared, my guess is:

Jon Mackinder stole some of it, OSA ran ops to steal some of it and whoever was talking to my landlord behind my bedroom window, also stole some of it, so between these three different groups, it’s a combination of all three stealing my utility bills from 1998.

As for Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and her accomplices, they probably stole the envelopes and anything else that was attached to it, that were attached to the bills, cause they have holes punched in them, even the credit from pacific bell has holes punched in them.

Both these women and their accomplices were entering my unit with their keys and stealing my things as well as my logins/passwords to all my accounts including emails, online banking, social media etc etc.

Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 4B – The Inspections

These are hate crimes by everybody except for my landlord from 1998, he would have been coerced into it, he wasn’t mean when I spoke to him, nor hostile and didn’t rip me off money nor try to extort money out of me when I moved, he let me out of the lease and I didn’t have to give him 30 days notice. He understood there were crimes committed on me, he probably spoke to my neighbors upstairs that called the LAPD while I was screaming for help. He didn’t try to extort money out of me under these conditions. 

Updated 6/16/2018 11:27pm

Both front and back of both phone bills


It’s possible Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices stole the rest of the pages cause the 1st bill only has 2 pages, there would have been other pages attached like these bills. They stole the other pages and left only the same amount of pages as stated above, current charges.


It’s tampering with evidence.

That’s 2 counts of tampering with evidence, since this is an old case dating back 20 years, they will be getting the full counts.   These bills could show possibly who was in my home when I wasn’t there and they stole it and destroyed it and since it’s over 20 years old, you can’t get it from Pacific Bell. So they will all be going to prison for min 40 years plus all their other crimes, my guess, for life.  That’s what these crackers get and deserve.  

Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon Tampered With Evidence Part 2

These types of racist and religious haters assume it will cause the victim pain and the Judges know this, so they’ll be getting the full amount of 20 years per count.

Let’s compare, shall we?

Bill A from 1998, it just says, current charges, page 2, but there is no pages after that. 

The last page is blank

Bill A from 2001, it also says current charges page 2, but there is pages after that. 

5 pages total and the last page is not blank.

Let’s take the 2nd bill from 1998, it says 6 pages, but there is 7.

This is the last page

Now Bill B from 2001

There’s actually 7 pages but on the front it shows 5 pages for the current charges. This is the last page.

So Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices, tampered with evidence. 

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