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No Niggers Will Be Allowed Into My Life - March 20, 2018

They are past life slave owners who can all go get fucked along with Obama.  

I never want to meet this piece of shit nigger and his nigger wife ever or never.

Nobody gives a shit about his and her PR. Him and his admin team just sat there after labeling me cause I’m a scientologist/white/jew etc etc, him and his entire team are anti semitic, anti scilon etc etc, all blacks will pay the price for that, they voted for him, they put him, this piece of shit nigger in power who did nothing but cut their survival, they’ll have to go give him and her their up and comins or not, cause they are responsible and accountable, I never voted for him.

I doubt he’ll go to court and that will tell the story and if he classified it, well it will be unclassified. How will I feel to find out this nigger on purpose told the FBI to not help me, well, it means the president of the USA violated discrimination laws while in office which makes sense to me cause he put a non profit there that discriminates against people who are not black boys.

That will be the end of the black civil rights movement and the beginning of the all people civil rights movement, their monopoly on the civil rights movement will end and everybody will stop reading his PR, stop buying his books, lies etc etc

That’s about it, no blacks will be in my life ever again this life, they are dangerous like law enforcement and when people try to sue me for not hiring any blacks, I’ll have a waiver from Federal Court and I’ll say, you are responsible and accountable for this condition, you voted him into power, you are a racist/religious hater like him and here’s my legal waiver, I’m exempt from the law cause of this scene, have a nice day  



As for Obama he can hang with his anti semitic bf Jayz, Jayz is such a pussy, he hides his anti semitism in his songs. Of course the Jews are behind everything or another Nazi Nigger.

And of course Will and Jada Smith, Jada who btw is not a Scientologist and never was. They can all discriminate against everybody whose not a black boy. LMAO.



The Story Of OJ Lyrics

These past life slave owners er I mean niggers can hang in their own click, group, they are all out of present time, stuck in days of yore where they owned slaves on this planet. For some reason they all hate Jews, you know Jesus Christ was a Jew too, they must hate Jesus too and they’re christian, if that’s not ironic, I don’t know what is.  What do these people believe in? I think it’s just money, money is their God, their savior, their king.



It’s a 1.1 comment in a song. He’s 1.1. These niggers are all 1.1, in covert hostility, so just know where they are all at and watch your back if you have to deal with them, otherwise, ignore them, they are boring as hell, predictable, a snoozefest and they are very jealous, they will never be OT, they will never have psychic abilities and if they manage to get off this prison planet, they’ll go to the next prison planet within this prison planet system and be slaves in a totalitarian society with no power.  Their lessons to learn for all eternity, not mine.

For those of you that are black now and were also slaves in past lives here on planet earth, don’t be upset, you are part of the crew that gets off this prison planet and will help set up the new US Federation, you are special and they aren’t.  These people are all SPs stuck and fighting in long ago wars, they can continue their fight on target 2, while we go to target A.  There is no discrimination in the fleet.

Updated 3/22/2018 4:50pm

Let me clarify for everybody since I’m not an SP, everybody that’s black that’s a racist, religious hater etc etc can not work for my corporation, they are dangerous, just like law enforcement that’s racist, religious haters etc etc. Black people or African Americans if you want to be politically correct, that are not racist, religious haters etc etc can work at my corporation same with law enforcement that’s not racist, religious haters etc etc. 

Everybody that comes to apply to work at my corporation will have to go thru background checks, all sorts of shit including assessments, not Scientology assessments but my corporation’s assessments, to make sure you qualify to work there. If you don’t qualify cause you’re really a criminal and your intent is to destroy my corporation and everybody that works there as well as all the victims we’ll be helping, my corporation’s assessments/tests will weed you out and if you want to have a tantrum cause you were caught at the door trying to get in, go ahead LMAO or if let’s say this church’s management team has a tantrum and they want to run ops and use NOI, ie a set up, same thing goes for them. Like I said, no racist haters, no religious haters etc etc and the etc etc includes all discrimination haters including gay haters. If you discriminate, are biased for any reason, you won’t be qualified to work for my corporation and that includes other Scientologists.

As for Obama etc etc, did he give a code red to the FBI/DOJ for any reason?  The analogy in this vid is, I’m the Tom Cruise character and Obama is the Jack Nicholson character cause he was Commander in Chief when all this happened. It’s an outpoint that this happened on his watch.

Btw in 1998 in my home when they held me hostage for days, possibly weeks, I was running past life death from when I was in the military too, not just in law enforcement but both.  OT3, I was in the fleet, the Navy for the US Federation.  So it’s kinda huge, even if you can’t comprehend it cause you have no clue how my religion Scientology works. What they did to me is the biggest crime/crimes within that community and the only reason they’ve been getting away with it, is cause nobody outside of that community can comprehend my religion nor how it works, their monopoly within Judicial, in the end, they just label everybody that opposes them crazy, similar to these criminals

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