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Olive View In 2008 - November 15, 2018

They did urine tests and benzos showed positive.

I don't do psych drugs, any drugs including medications for anything which I disclosed in Olive View, so how did benzos, which is short for Benzodiazepine get into my urine?

Home Medication Questionaire

Ativan is a Benzodiazepine
Cogentin is a Benztropine
Haldol is a Butyrophenone

So how did Ativan, a drug that was injected into my body 10 years earlier show up in my urine?

Urine Test in 2008


Cause the psych drugs that were injected into my body in 1998 without my consent nor knowledge aren't water soluble.

As for Cogentin and Haldol there is no tests to test for it, those tests don't exist.

They also gave me a pregnancy test in Olive View in 2008. I wasn't pregnant and I was celibate and not sexually active since 2002/2003.

Pregnancy Test

When I arrived in Olive View, I went into the emergency room, they I guess turned me over to the psych ER based on me being in their computers cause of the false 5150 of 1998.

I told the doctor in my initial interview why I was there, I couldn't sleep, I had insomnia and I was currently on the HCG diet. I also told him I wasn't done with the HCG diet.

Insomnia is a side effect of Cogentin and Haldol while Ativan is used to treat insomnia, insomnia is also a side effect of Ativan.

Olive View was Aware of HCG Diet and the doctor lied/false reported and said I was done/stopped in July.



Because of the rapid weight loss, I was actually doing a body detox without knowing it, just naturally, normally and these drugs were lodged into my fat tissues and got released into my blood stream and were affecting me, but I wasn't aware of it at that time cause nobody ever disclosed to me in 1998, verbally nor in writing that I was injected with these drugs. I found out in 2015.

So all three of these drugs were coming out of my body in 2008 while on the HCG diet.

My diet was interrupted in 2008 cause I was in Olive View, my diet wasn't continued while in there, my program was never completed, I was in the middle of my diet when Olive View falsely labeled me again, instead of treating my insomnia they put me in the psych ward.

There was financial incentive to put me into the psych ward instead of just treating my insomnia, they received money from Medicare which is a Federal Gov agency for false labeling me and putting me into the psych ward instead of treating me for insomnia.

Medicare Olive View

Besides false labling me with schizophrenia like in 1998, I was falsely labeled with tobacco use disorder and sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic abuse (that's the benzos)

1st, I wasn't smoking in 2008, I started smoking again after Olive View cause they reinforced all the pain and trauma of what happened to me in 1998, so that's a lie or false report/false label. 2nd, I don't do drugs, any drugs, but I was labeled with disorder and sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic abuse. I told everybody in Olive View, upfront, honestly, bluntly, directly and overtly, I didn't smoke, then they turned around and labeled me with a tobacco use disorder. I told them upfront, honestly, bluntly, directly and overtly that I didn't do drugs, any drugs, no legal drugs nor illegal drugs and then they turned around and labeled me with drug abuse of benzos. I don't know who labeled this, but who/whom ever did, lied to the Federal Gov to get paid.

I also didn't consent to take any psych drugs in Olive View in 2008, for more then one reason.

Patient Consent To Receive Psych Drugs

The employees of Olive View false reported to Medicare. Lied on the paperwork and said I was unemployed when I was employed.


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