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Olive View Violated My Civil Rights In 1998 - February 24, 2018

I never consented to being admitted, they admitted me anyway, after admission, nobody talked to me, there was no interviews, no assessments, nothing except that I was injected with psych drugs without my knowledge and consent while in Xrays and overdosed for a period of 36 hours while I was raped and sexually abused, over and over and over and over again.


Note if you are only going off the no consent form, the pen was put into my right hand and I was ordered, yelled at, to sign it, I’m left handed. I can’t write with my right hand, I’m not ambidextrous.  This nurse, female nurse didn’t document her abuse, how she ordered me, yelled at me to sign it, nor did she bother to find out what hand to put the pen in, she never asked me if I was right handed or left handed.  It’s 1.1 on the tone scale so that when other doctors and law enforcement, people in a position of power and authority see it, will be manipulated into what that nurse wanted. She omitted the abuse, her crimes of omission and it’s proof of duress.


This isn’t mental health, this is abuse and this is legalized rape and sexual abuse and the criminals doing this, know that, how else would they get away with their crimes?

This country embraced Nazi Psychiatry so that they could label everybody, commit crimes on them, get away with it and have the fed gov pay for it.  Psych wards were gotten from the concentration camps. 

Olive View violated my civil rights. I never consented to being admitted, they never bothered to find out why/whys?  That’s against the laws and the constitution. 

Basically I think what happened was, in my apartment, my captors lied to the LAPD while I was unconscious and the LAPD bought their lies hook, line and sinker, then at Olive View, the LAPD forwarded those lies but instead of confirming and verifying, the staff at Olive View just assumed what the LAPD was telling them was true.  I think if my captors told the LAPD that I was unconscious cause they abused me and were holding me hostage, the LAPD would have acted differently, but since this country embraced Nazi Psychiatry anybody can manipulate the police with lies and get away with it. All you have to do is label the person crazy and everybody accepts that false label like it’s real, how easy to exploit this by anybody including the Church of Scientology.

The less then 40 page psych report they gave me in 1998 doesn’t have my no consent nor the blank assessment/interview form, that was intentionally concealed along with the entire psych file.


The less then 40 page psych report also doesn’t have the sexual abuse/rapes while unconscious, it does however have the thought process of one of the psychs that I talked to, a female psych that was focused on my vagina, picturing my vagina,  while talking to me, she was having sexual fantasies about my vagina, I’m not gay nor bi but she is, it’s a form of sexual abuse by the female psych, her intent was to sexually abuse me or it’s a partial confession of the crime/crimes she already committed, or both, it’s quite gross.


Genital means below the waist, if she was talking about my breast/breasts, she would have written she’s exposing her breast/breasts shifting positions.  I was not lying down nor in the hospital room, I was sitting on a chair face to face with her with a desk in between us, it was an office type setting. For her to see my vagina, she would have had to get up, off the chair and lean over the desk with her body and look down at my vagina.  I also wasn’t wearing a hospital gown, I was wearing street clothes including jeans or sweatpants, so she was sexually fantasizing in her head about my vagina while assessing me in our interview or recalling memories of my vagina before, during and/or after she sexually abused me while I was unconscious for 36 hours. Or both.

You have to weed thru the lies of this evil psych to get to the crime/crimes. I was overdosed for a 36 hour period, during that time I wore a hospital gown but I had underwear on when I woke up, so which is the lie and which is the truth? Notice there is no date on this form and I never spoke to this person on Saturday as by the time I got up, it was too late to interview me, but I was interviewed the next day which was a Sunday.  This is how these evil psychs spin everybody, lie after lie after lie after lie. These people are very very evil, their intent is to make it impossible to figure out what occurred so they can get away with their crimes while causing as much pain as possible to the victim.  

So what are the possible scenes that occurred besides above:

If she was doing an interview on me while I was unconscious in the hospital room, then she had to pull down my underwear to see my vagina.  What else did she do to my vagina after she pulled down my underwear?  That’s if she did that interview on Saturday. 

When was this interview really done? Saturday or Sunday? Sunday afternoon there was an interview done, in an office setting. 

Yet this person wrote, she thinks it’s Thursday and it’s Saturday.  Was it really Saturday, maybe she meant Sunday. 

On this same document, she wrote Church of Scientology counselor called and then under religious history she wrote Christian Science since 19 years old.  On the 2nd page she wrote that I was a Christian Science believer.  I’m a Scientologist whose also a Jew and a Catholic.  I’m not a Christian Scientist.

Here is this woman’s thought process:
Sunday = Saturday
Scientologist = Christian Science Believer

Both are false.


Experts I’m using for my 2nd lawsuit against the LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScientology is EDocAmerica, great company, they are very nice, fast and knowledgeable.

Each page of the over 300 pages needs to be evaluated by me, the victim and clear up confusion with expert psychs and doctors. Unless you are a trained psychiatrist, you won’t understand, comprehend the psych report,  you will think you know, assume you know but you won’t. The psych reports aren’t that plain in english, they use numbers for words for example, as well as abbreviations etc etc. What you think it means doesn’t, so unless you clear that up, you’ll get it wrong. These reports could be in plain english, could be very easy to comprehend even by a 5 year old child but if they were, then crimes committed by anybody(Olive View Staff, LAPD, Sheriffs etc etc ) would be easier to find, easier to be caught. So they spin everybody with their own nomenclature including law enforcement to hide their crimes. 

The pigs within law enforcement as well as the sexual abuse criminals that work for the hospital, they look for triggers on the medical files, where they can easily hide their crimes of rape and sexual abuse, for example patient comes in and on the file is wording similar to mine, patient had a bad nightmare where she thinks she was raped/sexually assaulted. (This, they got from my captors while I was unconscious, I never told this to the 2 LAPD officers that were in my home after I woke up nor did they ask) The pigs and sexual deviant hospital workers assume they can get away with their crimes of rape/sexual abuse while the patients are overdosed and if they ever wake up during, they’ll just label crazy too cause it’s on their medical file. It’s called manipulation and lies.

My evaluations and the laws they broke will be included in future posts as it will be included in my case. It’s not included above, there is alot of lies just on those two pages alone. Each document has my evaluation and the laws broken along with the evidence.

Besides the sexual abuse/rapes, there are also other crimes and lies and those are connected to the less then 40 page psych report cause they concealed the full psych report in 1998 and they did it again in 2008, not once but twice.

The Statute Of Limitations Is Tolled Till 2025

These Bio Crimes Could Have Been Prevented Part 1

Updated 2/25/2018  9:53pm

As for Olive View in 2008, I was brought to the hospital by my mother cause I had insomnia and the guy I spoke to ignored everything I told him about my weight loss and health journey including facts and just rolled back the computers and took the old 5150 from 1998 and relabeled me a 5150. This too was against the law, it was false imprisonment. So Olive View will have to pay out for the damages for 2008 as well cause they also concealed the 2008 full psych report.  I think this might be the hospital’s policy, that will have to be investigated to find out why both psych reports were concealed from me on purpose.

The good news is, cause I was on the HCG diet supervised by a doctor btw insomnia is a side effect of that diet, I was losing weight rapidly and when they tested me, the drugs they injected me with showed positive on the test.  After 10 years those drugs were still in my body. I would have never known if I was never in there in 2008 cause they never disclosed the drugs I was injected with on that less then 40 page psych report from 1998.

When I went into early menopause at the age of 38, my doctors that I saw for that, couldn’t figure it out, they couldn’t solve that mystery cause I didn’t have the data, to give to them. There is a positive to the negative.  I have medical proof from the urine tests taken in Olive View of the drugs they injected me with. So more evidence of the crimes of 1998 and how they don’t dissolve in the body but instead get lodged in your fat cells. I spoke to a female doctor who was under the impression that these drugs metabolize thru a person’s liver and magically disappear and in 3 months it’s all out of your system and body, she’s operating off false data and lies, it’s not true. I’ll be petitioning Federal Court to hire expert people in this field in regards to my case.

This entire journey is very surreal but basically, cause of the crimes by my captors, church management and the LAPD’s failure to talk to me, interview me as well as Olive View Staff’s failure to interview me, talk to me, they destroyed me having a family of my own this life while my captors, the LAPD and Olive View Staff went on to have their own families. Because I’m a responsible person, I didn’t go out and get knocked up with a baby after this happened, I was penalized with the destruction of my reproductive system. In this country they penalize responsible people and reward irresponsible people. This logic is wack and insane like this society. I’m glad I’m a Scientologist.  I think if this wasn’t a prison planet, nobody would have embraced Nazi Psychiatry as a method of controlling the general population thru invalidation, abuse, labels and drugs and calling it mental health.  This isn’t real mental health. 

The other positive thing I obtained is while holding me hostage and having me relive past life deaths, that segued into me crossing the wall of fire in 1998, basically what I was experiencing is what people experience when they die but I was doing it while alive.  The process didn’t get finished, when the LAPD came, they stopped that process, most likely under those conditions that my captors put me thru, had it kept going, most likely I would have died then but the LAPD coming stopped that cycle.  The events of the abuse at AO in 2009 started that process again, the exteriorization by force, that’s what also happened after Jon Mackinder beat me up, I went exterior thru force, his 1st attack (there was 3, one after another) I went exterior, I just wasn’t aware of it nor the concussions I had and in 2009/2010 I completed what my captors started in 1998 and that’s 100% crossing the wall of fire.

So, I know where I’m going next life and how I’m getting there.  Most people don’t and won’t until they die. I was able to cross the wall of fire and survive cause I’m not an abuser nor do I have crimes in present time, meaning I haven’t committed any crimes on anybody.   If I did, I would be dead as soon as I started crossing the wall of fire, I would have never made it, that’s why this church in general is obsessed with O/W’s and having people get them off and stop committing crimes so if they start crossing the wall of fire, they won’t die. But in my case they didn’t care, they had their own agenda, their own motives for holding me hostage etc etc.

They labeled me type 3 and then video taped it for the Lisa Mcpherson case, so they can explain it in court logically, so it would make sense, that was one reason, the other reason was if people doing their OT levels started going type 3 they could figure it out from a technical viewpoint like why is that happening. Jon Mackinder’s motive was he was under the assumption he could control me using this church and my religion as a dangling carrot, if I don’t obey him and allow him to abuse me, verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually and financially then I’ll lose my bridge. He 3rd partied me to others prior to this happening unbeknownst to me at that time. 

All these people that committed these crimes on me, from 1998 to present, unfortunately they won’t be leaving this prison planet and will be going to hell.  Once they die, however they die and their souls leave their bodies, their souls will be entombed inside this prison planet ie eternal damnation and for all eternity they will be experiencing all the crimes they committed on me and everybody else as if they were the victims and that pain they inflicted on others will now be inflicted on them and it won’t ever stop. I know these people don’t believe in hell but they will be experiencing it when they go there. While I go off to the real game, to help start the new US Federation.  So that’s the trade off, the positive to the negative.

And I know with full certainty that for all eternity, this will never happen to me ever again in future lives, these types of crimes cause all the criminals committing them won’t be leaving this prison planet. From my captors, LAPD, Olive View Staff etc etc to the people in present time, that is the price they will pay for all eternity, with their souls. No amount of money will prevent that, nor stop it. It’s called Universal Justice and only one being can dispense that and that’s God, the 8th dynamic. I’m not God. I’m just a girl who got screwed by everybody in this society cause they embraced Nazi Psychiatry for mental health. I’m also not the only person that got screwed, there is thousands of people both male and female all over the USA. Hopefully this website will help them make their journey to Federal Court too.

Updated 9/17/2018 1:14pm
Another reason they video taped me, blackmail to control me so I wouldn't go to the police and do what this church's management team tells me to do including committing crimes on their behalf. That was another reason I didn't run to court right away, cause in the back of my mind was blackmail, cause I'm naked on the tape/tapes. This happened in 1998, there wasn't any laws for revenge porn etc etc and this church would have ran ops on me to trash me and destroy me if they couldn't blackmail me including painting me as a whore even though I'm not promiscuous. They blamed me for their crimes of holding me hostage when in reality, like I was responsible and accountable, my case, my past lives when in reality, they were on the look out for type 3 sits so they could put me in the looney bin and steal my blood and urine, medical evidence, these people had more then one reason to do what they did and all their reasons aren't listed here, I'm their victim, only they know all their reasons, they are the ones that committed the crimes.

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