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Regarding My Body - November 25, 2017

When my family immigrated to this country, legally from Budapest, Hungary, I looked like this, I’m the little kid in pig tails and a red dress thing.

I was a healthy, skinny child, thru the destructive actions and corrupt and abusive actions of Americans, Americans born here, I look like this now

I don’t know if my body can be repaired cause of what Americans did to me, the abuse, emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and financial. This is long term abuse, all my life, since arriving to Ohio and present time.

I have a disdain for the human race now, that would be the 4th dynamic, mankind and all Americans. I don’t give a shit about the human race anymore.

I have no desire to help this country nor Americans, that would be out exchange and rewarding them for the abuse. I won’t be staying in this country, I’ll be leaving it and taking my damages with me and banking in another banking system called BRICs and when this piece of shit government sends people my way called the FBI black ops team to steal the damages I won in Federal Court, my crew will kill them, torture them, abuse them, all sorts of shit to protect and serve me, they will be defending me. Outside of this country, the FBI has no jurisdiction and are fair game.  Americans will never believe it, they’re too fuckin stupid and too patriotic to Nazi America. When they go to Federal Court, they can experience the FBI’s black ops team, ever wonder why there’s only 5 attorneys that practice in Federal Court? What happened to all the ones that did?

The FBI’s black ops team may or may not have descendants of the Nazis that went to work for the FBI, their mommies and daddies that were hired after WW2, the over 1k Nazi War Criminals that went to work as employees in the FBI and CIA.  LRH was fighting Nazis and I’ll be fighting their descendants, little Nazis following in mommy’s and daddy’s footsteps, forwarding Nazi SOPs.

From my food allergies coupled with the destruction of my reproductive system from the crimes by Olive View Medical Staff, the injection of 3 psych drugs into my body for 36 hours without my permission nor consent and of course the abuse etc etc, one of the side effects is your period stopping, early or premenopause, my lifespan has been cut, my body is in the shape of a 70 or 80 year old woman, I have the early onset of osteoporosis, I used to be 5’2 inches, I’m now 5’1 1/2 inches, I’m shrinking, I was 46 or 47 when I found out about that, I was 38 when my period stopped. This can not be repaired, I’m 50 years old but my body from the crimes of 1998 by Olive View Staff aged me 20-30 years and then the crimes from 2009 to present, committed more harm. Human bodies don’t bounce back from this kind of abuse, we are not robots.

I won’t be marrying any Americans as they are all dangerous criminals and Nazis, they embraced Nazi Psychiatry for mental health which includes Eugenics. As it’s not widely known, I’m sure that’s why women and men can’t conceive children in the USA and IVF has increased including twins, they’ve all been injected in hospitals all over the USA, it’s a standard practice to sedate cause they are busy and don’t want to deal with it, an expert psych and doctor informed me, most people just don’t know. I’m not the only person this has happened to in the USA, I’m the only one you know about cause it will never make mainstream, big pharma is their advertisers and they don’t wanna lose them.  These are biological crimes, crimes on the human body.

Everybody that committed these hate crimes on me was all Americans born here even Jews, they are no different then Nazis, the Nazis were criminals too.

While the Anti Scientologists laugh at how destroyed I am, keep laughing cause you’re a piece of shit American too and you deserve all the pain that’s coming your way, long term. You all got away with your crimes, both wogs and anti scilons, ok. I got something none of you will ever have and that’s cause over my exteriorization, once I’m dead, this body, I’m outta here, off this prison planet and out of this prison planet system, while all of you aren’t LMAO That is my gift to all of you, where LRH gave you the gift of freedom off this prison planet and out of this prison planet system, I give you all the gift of pain for all eternity or ha ha, I won LMAO .

I’m celibate and in premenopause my body is in the shape of a 70 or 80 year old woman, I have no desire to have sex with any hetro males and I haven’t for over 10 years, I’m not gay nor bi. I’ve been celibate since 2001 or 2002, that’s 15 or 16 years. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex, I had no desire to have it, my guess from the psych drugs they injected me with, without my knowledge, nor consent and concealed it. America’s Nazis Eugenics agenda has been full filled on me, this Hungarian Jew/Catholic/Scientologist.

My wholetrack, my past lives, it takes me 20 years to build up trust and mutual understanding on the job with my partner aka bf or fiance and no sex before marriage, so if I started now which I won’t, no terminals and I’m headed to Federal Court for about a 30 year runway, I would be ready to get married when I’m 70 years old. Americans successfully destroyed my 2nd dynamic, both wogs and scientologists. Sex and children, the basics. This is the reward I got for being a law abiding tax payer all my life, the destruction of all my dynamics. I will make sure no law abiding taxpayers immigrate to this country, everybody that’s not a criminal will be informed, hatted, educated to pull their money out, don’t do business with America and Americans, all the criminals can immigrate here and continue committing crimes and getting away with it, it’s ok, they’re Americans and deserve it. They don’t want law abiding taxpayers, they want criminals, so criminals is what they will have. In this country they abuse law abiding taxpayers and reward abusers, they reward criminals, so they will have more crimes and more abuse.

Soon California will be crashing, this is the only state that embraced the $15 an hour min wage hike, the laws of economics have been violated and it’s not like anybody is gonna roll it back nor stop it meaning prevent it. 

I won’t be killing myself from this, I’ll be killing everybody that did this to me legally, your lives, your dynamics etc etc and I’ll have no remorse, you all destroyed that emotional component within me, you sick, twisted perverted Americans. So many ops I’m gonna run, so little time, I was easier to control with children, my one weakness, which was destroyed by Americans. My ops will be legal, you’ll have to experience your dynamics destroyed to get it, when it’s legal ops, there’s more kick to it, meaning it’s gonna be more painful then an illegal ops like the ones you ran on me and that’s what I’m going for, maximum pain across the boards diagonal. 

Updated 11/26/2017 12:18

I’m also an only child, so Americans born here made me an orphan by their abuse. My parents immigrated to this country legally from a communist country to give their only child a better life, but instead of the American Dream, I received the Nazi American Dream, my life completely 100% destroyed including my 2nd dynamic 100% destroyed, I have no desire for sex and my reproductive system was destroyed so I can’t have children and from all the abuse, and my age I’m too old and fucked up to adopt and since I’m an only child, an orphan, What I have to look forward to is caretakers once court is finished, cause I’ll be 80 years old by then and I don’t get involved with anybody during court, court doesn’t turn me on, it turns me off. So what I have to look forward to at the end of all this bullshit, is to be drugged and sexually abused by caretakers in my old age and when the insurance runs out, they’ll murder me.  That’s what I have to look forward to in this piece of shit country, that does nothing but reward criminals and penalize law abiding taxpayers.

No thanks America, I’m leaving this piece of shit country. This Nazi FBI opened the doors for Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scoobee etc etc, notice not one of these ex scilons are Jews but me, these people’s victim, they shut the door on me, slammed it in my face and it was on purpose, piece of shit Nazis.

See Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, their 2nd dynamics weren’t destroyed, They all have children, families, Mike Rinder a new wife, a new family, while me, their victim won’t cause of the actions of Scientologists, Sea Org members and Scientology staff members in 1998 of holding me hostage in my home, video taping me naked while unconscious etc etc. Mike Rinder was head of OSA, he had purview, he knew, that was his job, to know.

I’m coming for all of you and you’re going to prison for your crimes against me. Everyday you will be beaten and raped while in prison, the prison guards will look the other way or payback ie even steven, you caused me pain, now you’re gonna get that back and you deserve it, you piece of shit American Nazis. Like I said, legal ops have more of a kick. I’m going for both, prison for you and damages from your agencies. Pain, all, financial pain for your agencies, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual pain for you. By the time I’m done, all of your dynamics will be destroyed, like mine or even steven. 

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead




Private Eye Sentenced for Hacking into Email Accounts on Behalf of Clients



Updated 11/26/2017 1:50pm

I have to do all the investigations thru Federal Court, this is Criminal thru Federal Court, I have to do it all pro se since there is no attorneys for Federal Court.

Since I’ll be in Criminal Court as the plantiff and the victim, both, this is how evil Americans really are, they knew what they were doing when they did it, piece of shit Nazi Criminals including the LAPD, I have to be the cop for free in this case, financial hardship, for this reason I was thorough in my investigations and if in the interim, this country collapses from all the long term corruption and abuse by everybody born here, then I’ll get to go on a killing spree including torture, no laws of this land will apply, this country will be gone and taken over by other countries, as for money, I can get that in International Court unless the Secret Service are gonna raid the US Treasury and blow.

The Nazi FBI stopped reporting NSL’s to congress, so if the banks crash, collapse it could be from that and California’s $15 min wage hike might be the trigger to start that.  


Whose behind the $15 min wage hike? What groups? Is it Obama, did he fund that from the money he stole from victims using the DOJ?

If that happens, millions like 50 – 100 million people will have lost their money in USA banks, they would all crash, the USA banks and the FDIC insurance can’t handle all that, it would overwelm that system and I don’t think the Federal Reserve would bail out this country with a loan cause we’re in debt, there’s a 20 trillion dollar deficit.  Everybody’s relying on the military, the USA military to protect and serve and defend this country, wellObama weakened our military, not just by money but they don’t have enough people that can handle the equipment.

If that scene happens, the first to be executed after invasion is all the politicians including their families and then all law enforcement including their families, no retaliation nor revenge nor power trips.  The military would blow or they’d already be taken out.

These Nazis went out of their way to make sure I never went to court, they’re all Nazis, piece of shit Nazi Americans and if the scene happens above, I’ll go on a killing spree, it will be legal with America destroyed and gone, no laws of this land would apply and these Americans deserve it, including the Secret Service er I mean the SS. If I get deported for made up, manufactured crimes etc etc, that’s fine, I’ll build my own army of assassins and come back and poison your water supply so that you all die and then take my damages from Fort Knox or the US Treasury, either way I win and you Nazis die,  It will be legal, I’ll have a license to kill from the country I land in and funding, resources etc etc. Americans are all Nazi pieces of shit and deserve pain, death, they are all cowards and they’re gonna get it, they all assume from me cause I’m using my free speech LMAO they can’t see it, when this country’s stock market crashed in 2008, a year later the rest of the planet’s stock markets crashed, a domino effect and Obama didn’t lift one finger to bring it back, to bring back the economy, it affected them ie other countries, so simon bolivar applies, the game is to get the USA and well this entire country is Nazi America now and the rest of the world is the good guys, WW3.  These Nazi Americans including the Secret Service all deserve it. After the Secret Service raid the US Treasury, I’m sure they’ll be hunted down by the countries it belongs to cause this country will be taken over.  I’ll go to international court for my damages and prison for everybody.

This is how Americans really are, Nazis, if I was a terrorist, I would have poisoned the water supply and set off bombs already all over this piece of shit country, in 1999 I wasn’t ready to die after the LAPD threatened me with murder, I’m ready to die now cause everything, all my dynamics, all my goals, all my dreams including my body were destroyed by Americans, Americans born here. I can’t wait to fuck these Nazis up, I’m gonna get a great release killing them all and they deserve it, they’re all Nazis, not Americans.  No wonder everybody outside of the USA hates Americans.  Obama and his piece of shit administration put me down this road cause I’m white, a Jew, a Catholic, a Scientologist etc etc, if he gets to Africa, take him out, kill him, his piece of shit Nazi Nigger wife and his children, cut the Secret Service’s throats, make them all bleed.  Obama just wanted to use me for my damages, money.  This piece of shit Nazi Nigger called Loretta Lynch, aided and abetted Obama in his theft of billions of USA dollars from USA victims. These people are all evil and if he blows to Africa, take him out, take them all out.  If Obama was a good guy, he would have told the Nazi FBI to have me come in, he would have intervened not failed to act, it would be against the law for me to falsely report crimes and I would have been deported.  I mean really how hard was it for this guy to lift his hand and pick up the phone, it wasn’t broken. Instead he told them to reject me, to slam the door in my face and cause me pain. Obama is a Nigger Nazi. If I die, make sure he dies, make him bleed.



The word Nigger wasn’t in my vocabulary but after the crimes committed on me by Obama and his team, it is. He’s a Nazi Nigger.

Obama and his wife are both attorneys, I’m an artist, they knew I couldn’t get to court, especially since I have no experience in court, I have no idea what I’m doing.

He watched my journey, he was supposed to be inspired by my journey/journeys to do something good for all Americans, well he knew I was going to Federal Court after the letter from the FBI and DOJ blew me off, he could have put something there to help others make their journeys to Federal Court but instead he didn’t, he ignored it, on purpose. Now why is that? Unless he wanted to steal my damages, make it so painful, so hard you know what they did to the slaves, btw I was a black slave here in the USA more then one life and Obama and his wife were white slave owners or same shit different day, nothing has changed in this country, he made no changes that helped anybody.

This is what I get for trying to report hate crimes? This. Thanks asshole,you’re not a good guy, you’re a criminal, you fit right into this Nazi system.  If this wasn’t a prison planet and this happened to me, you’d be dead already, along with your wife and your children, you’re a piece of shit nigger nazi, btw, his kids, his youngest may or may not be his, I’m thinking Jesse Jackson Jr. she looks more like him. So that would be your whore nigger nazi wife that you neglected and drove into the arms of another man. If this wasn’t a prison planet and this happened to me, I’d have a license to kill, the only reason you’re still alive is cause I don’t have that and this is a prison planet. You won’t be able to use me to sell your books. Obama is a manipulative asshole user, if he can’t use you, he’ll try to murder you using federal gov and local gov resources that is paid for by taxpayers.  That’s all this nigger nazi wanted from me, to use me for my damages and put it into his books and use my religion Scientology to sell his books cause he thinks it’s a brand, they were reading my emails, violating my 4th amendment and I popped them on money, my damages cause they’re all criminals looking to capitalize from the whitehouse. Fuck you Obama. You piece of shit Nigger Nazi. You set up this country to collapse. If you blow, the CIA and everybody else will find you and take you out as well as your whore nigger nazi wife and of course your children, no retaliation later and it’s cheaper then court ie trial etc etc.  He expected me to save him from that, fuck you, I’m not your slave asshole.

MLK jr. orgies and fucked a white woman, but Obama already knew that and he couldn’t exploit that as the first black president, he saw these dox already, how would that look for his books, the black community etc etc.

Obama will have to throw his administration including the Secret Service under a bus in Federal Court so they go to prison for this, if he wants to avoid prison.  Otherwise he’ll have to serve time for their actions, he’ll have to be responsible and accountable as their boss for their actions of failure to act, false information and all the other laws they broke, acts of commission and omission.  He’ll have to do his own investigations to find out who did what on his behalf.






Updated 11/26/2017 4:55pm

This is isn’t Justice, people go to court so that the person can be put back to the conditions they were in prior to the crimes committed. My reproductive system has been destroyed, how the fuck is court gonna put me back to the condition of my reproductive system not destroyed prior to injections of psych drugs into my body without my consent and knowledge all cause the medical staff didn’t want to deal with patients?  It can’t there is no physical way to do it.  How am I gonna trust any Americans after this? I can’t. This is who Americans really are, evil criminals who are users and abusers in my religion we call them SP’s. Obama was a suppressive president no different then Hitler. The first black president of the USA fucked me over to use me for my damages, nobody stopped him, nobody handled him, everybody around him was an accomplice to his crimes. I can’t trust any Americans after this, I’m not dying for these Americans, they’re gonna die for me.  They’ll be experiencing death in prison, past life deaths over and over and over and over again and it will never end. Like I said, maximum pain across their boards diagonal.

This can’t be repaired, and they expect me to go to court after all this, and be happy about it like a slave? Fuck them, I’m not their slave, they all need to go to prison and get beaten and raped everyday and I’m gonna send them to prison for violating my 4th amendment and my 14th amendment, they made sure I couldn’t pursue happiness, piece of shit Nazi Niggers, you’re all a bunch of racist haters and in treason to this country.  How many blacks did Obama do this too in addition to me, cause Hate Crimes never showed up during his 2 terms in office, just riots all over the USA that destroyed black owned businesses, black owned homes etc etc. How many black people did Obama murder on purpose cause he didn’t want negative PR nor interfere with plans of destroying cities thru rioting that he funded?  People that reached out to him directly or via social media and they too were stopped from reporting hate crimes with the FBI and/or the DOJ?

If you know of any please contact me so that I can post on here and their families can make their journeys to Federal Court against Obama and his team, there is no statue of limitations on murder and that would be murder by failing to act on purpose, neglecting to act, an act of Omission.  He knows there is no attorneys for Federal Court, he knows, what are you gonna do, how are you gonna prove it?  You can learn here, educate yourselves here so that you can make the journeys to Federal Court Pro Se and put him and his team in prison where they belong. There is no statue of limitations on murder, so, this can be done 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, etc etc.

Updated 11/28/2017 2:35pm

Long term, the PR will be a negative affect on this country, and people that are law abiding taxpayers will not immigrate here only to have their lives including reproductive systems destroyed cause doctors and nurses in the ER are busy and don’t want to deal with it.  

Since they want criminals in this country, that’s what they’ll get, criminals will invest into this country and when their or their children’s reproductive systems are destroyed they can murder everybody. Criminals destroy people’s reproductive system on purpose, or in my religion we say SP’s.

In this country, they don’t break cycles, they perpetuate them, continue them, 20 million americans born here left this country from all the abuse, gave up their citizenship, how many more will leave this country in the next 30 years?  They were all law abiding taxpayers.







Why Record Numbers of Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship

Hopefully the negative PR long term will wake people up to make change, if not, their citizens, law abiding taxpayers will continue to leave and give up their citizenship and make new lives outside of the USA. And they will continue to speak out against the abuse by Americans on Americans.

All the illegals can immigrate here illegally and not pay taxes, this country can support them.  And all the politicians can raise taxes, and add new taxes on everything like mileage tax, walking to the store tax, going to the bathroom tax, eating an apple tax. Eventually long term, after local gov collapses, the federal government will collapse from this financial abuse on America, even the politician’s pensions won’t be paid, America won’t be able to afford it.  

I’ll be leaving this country, I might go start my own and Americans can immigrate there, it will be an abuse free environment, crime free, disease free, etc etc it will be very safe for law abiding tax payers, in my country, criminals will be penalized and law abiding tax payers will be rewarded. And I’ll use the original constitution as my foundation in my country. It’s all good long term, nobody in my country will violate people’s amendments, civil rights  etc etc.

Taxation without representation, is against our constitution, that’s all they do in California, violate everybody’s constitution.

Here’s an example


Califronia is testing a program to tax people on their mileage, our gas is already taxed now the mileage will be too.

That’s a violation of our constitution by the politicians pushing this program it’s called Taxation without representation, they only care about taxes, money. What will these politicians do when all their law abiding taxpayers left cause they were taxed to death, abused, their constitution violated etc etc like me?  I guess go out of business, legal foreign money won’t be coming into California to bail them out cause my bad PR or negative PR ie The Truth will be informing foreign investors of the abuse etc etc.  How my life was destroyed from all the corruption and abuse in this state by Americans born here.  And hopefully they will invest into me to buy/start a new country where law abiding taxpayers even foreign will be rewarded not abused nor penalized.  The California politicians can take illegal foreign money and work with criminals like the Mafia, the Drug Cartels and Terrorists etc etc.  

Updated 12/22/2017  5:42pm

Under Obama and his team, there was a lot of corruption and abuse.



How is this not against the laws of this land? What Obama and his team did, I believe they broke the The Espionage Act of 1917.  Obama and his team used confidential/classified information for personal gain, for his political agenda/career. They leaked classified information to the press and sabotaged CIA ops, on purpose. This is treasonous and in treason to the USA.  What other crimes did Obama and his team commit against the USA?  What agency handles this? What agency does the investigation of Obama and his team, gathers the evidence, makes their case, arrests them and puts them in prison as well as confiscates all their personal assets to pay for the financial hardship they caused this country by sabotaging these ops?  An ops doesn’t take 5 mins to plan, execute and carry out, it takes years of planning, lots of taxpayer dollars and lots of people to make it happen. When that ops was sabotaged by Obama and his team, that was years and money down the drain. What agency holds Obama and his team responsible and accountable for these crimes, for this sabotage?

Yesterday the United Nations took a vote, it was everybody against the USA in regards to the Jerusalem vote.



Jerusalem is located in Israel, if Israel wants to make it their capital, they can do that. My question is why didn’t the rest of the world support that?  My guess, they showed their true colors in their vote.






Here was Obama’s stance


Maybe there needs to be a new UN formed or UN Reform,


one where antisemitism is not allowed in, where racism is not allowed in, where the rights of all human beings is seen and recognized and not subjective nor bias but based on human rights.



Updated 2/20/2018  1:16am

If my words offend you or you can’t comprehend where I’m coming from, I suggest you clear your MU’s on the 1st amendment. I’m just exercising my 1st amendment, free speech since I can’t get into intensive therapy, this is it. Plus it shows I have real damages. Most people that have gone thru what I have gone thru only to have the President of the USA watch and not care and not do anything to help, not intervene, would have committed suicide from all the crimes committed on them or have gotten violent. What brought me down the tone scale to death was the FBI/ DOJ/LAPD, the way they acted towards me under his watch and I believe it was on purpose, cause of the color of my skin, my religion etc etc. These people have no regard for human life including mine. I believe the Federal and Local Government is totally corrupt, they are destroying their own taxpayers and sleep great at night knowing that. They don’t care about their taxpayers, they are just using them for a paycheck like the USA taxpayer is their slave.  I got Loretta Lynch’s computations, her intent was never to help me but instead deport me, she was looking for ways to invalidate my citizenship. All I did was send the DOJ a letter asking for help and instead of helping me, they blew me off and I got her intent, her computations to invalidate my citizenship in Federal Court. They created this lawsuit, on purpose. At any time the DOJ could have responded and there could have been dialogue, but instead, they blew me off. I knew from my religion, that means they have o/w’s. For doing the right thing, she was planning, plotting, scheming to deport me. I haven’t committed any crimes, having psychic abilities is not a crime. No matter how much Loretta Lynch wants to make it a crime. She’s the one that took the 5th in that Iran deal, I got her computations about that as well, she knew if she told the truth, she would go to prison.  Americans that work in the Federal Government like Loretta Lynch are 1.1 on the tone scale and went out of their way to destroy my life by not helping, by not doing, by failing to act on purpose, all cause I asked for help. That’s insane. And it’s not right. My life is already over, I have nothing to look forward too, what future do I have, none, so I’m preparing for next life, life without these Nazi Niggers. These Nazi Niggers won’t be leaving this prison planet and will stay to experience the eternal damnation cycle, when this planet starts that cycle. These Nazi Niggers made sure my life was over when they chose not to help me on purpose, they made sure I had nothing to live for and that my life was completely destroyed.  They got off on that, they felt empowered by that. It’s really gross. I was under the impression the DOJ was there to help people not hurt them, harm them by failing to act on purpose, so getting her computations, her evil computations, her evil intentions, threw me.

These are the people that were in power under Barack Obama. This is also evil since they get paid to help people. In my religion it’s called an out exchange, a criminal exchange. Loretta Lynch’s computations was, she was hoping criminals would murder me and I would never make it to court cause I was dead. This is how sadistic she is. I was also worried, I got computations that some people on her team were gonna run ops on me while in Federal Court. What freaked them out was how I did the right thing, letting people know if anything happened after I moved to give me their damages to include into my lawsuit as the FBI/DOJ/LAPD were liable. Their computations was how I’m taking all the criminals with me to court etc etc, that really freaked them out. That’s why I moved, I was like I can’t go to court here, cause these people planned on doing ops while I was in Federal Court. Basically I think Loretta Lynch and her team were planning on committing hate crimes on me while in Federal Court. That’s also against the law.  So instead of helping me, Loretta Lynch and her team were premeditating committing hate crimes on me. That’s also insane.  All cause I reached out for help? That’s nuts.

Loretta Lynch and her team are criminals, racist and religious haters. 

As for my comment that if I die, Obama dies etc etc, 1st, I don’t expect anybody to listen and 2nd if it actually happened after I died, it would be triggers in the theta universe that would trigger it cause I’ve done the right thing and I’ve also taken responsibility for these Nazi Niggers, given them ideas for their careers and their survival including how to make money, spotting assassination plots, even taking responsibility for their own security and their kids security. How to handle etc etc. It’s in my emails to myself and my voice recordings for my psychs etc etc or my 4th amendment.  Basically I took responsibility for these people including Loretta Lynch, for Loretta Lynch, that’s on my personal blog, basically I took responsibility for their lives, to save their lives. It’s a process and most people wouldn’t understand it, but basically I took responsibility for saving their lives even when their intent was to take my life, to end my life so, if I die, Universal Justice will play out. 

Updated 2/20/2018 8:46pm

I’m also talking to the CIA in case they wanted to go after the Obamas and assassinate them for the $3 billion dollars Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch stole from American Victims.


I knew if I put it out there, they wouldn’t listen to me, it’s a reverse flow. They need to be arrested and stand trial like everybody else, even if they blow. I didn’t want them to be assassinated by the CIA to save money etc etc cause I got the Secret Service’s computations on that. I read some where the Clintons put a law on the books where they can’t assassinate anybody on American soil but if the Obamas blew to Africa it would be off American soil and no laws of this land would apply.

I also contacted the new CIA director Mike Pompeo and Senator Marco Rubio in regards to the investigation of Loretta Lynch and the Iran Deal cause it pertains to my case against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD. I contacted Mr. Pompeo first from the CIA website and then Senator Rubio. I know Mr. Pompeo got it, I got his computations, he was an uncle in my past lives, good Mob. Btw Mr. Pompeo, you know that hearing you were at, the 1st one, the guy next to you, he was 1.1, I got  his computations how he briefed you, I think he was FBI, I can’t remember, anyway, we’re on the same page, the Military was more overt, direct, blunt. These douchebags in the apparatus are just douchebags. So watch your back cause they are serial cases premeditating murder of their co-workers left and right. Please apply Simon Bolivar policy, it’s in the ethics book if you ever leave that post, legal like.  Alot of anti scilons take it out of context to use it against this religion online and in the press, LRH was being sarcastic in regards to blowing to another country and make sure you have a bag of blackmail when you blow etc etc. He meant be legal about the blackmail. A little joke for everybody else, the CIA is synonymous with blackmail.



Updated 8/23/2018  12:21am

I got computations from the CIA/Intelligence Community/Apparatus, it was premeditated to murder Obama, it was would be cheaper to murder him then have a trial.

I felt that was wrong, even though me and Obama don’t know each other, it’s wrong to premeditate his murder, even though he was a President, he still deserves a fair trial like every American.

I also got other criminal computations on another subject.

I recently realized, cause I got mental image pictures of Susan Rice having a conversation about me and it didn’t gel, she was very nonchalant, oh, you mean that girl, ok, whatever type of comm between her and somebody informing her.  Basically she was talking about me cause she was aware of me ie spying, violating my 4th amendment and privacy laws.  That was in 2014 or 2015. I put it on the back burner.

Recently, I came across data that allowed me to put 2&2 together.  I believe Susan Rice has some accomplices within the gov (I think some white guys in the military like these guys or guys similiar to them)



The outpoint here is, in this PR, it says, Black Cadet, it should be African  American Cadet, I think he’s lying and covering his ass.

Really a black kid would do this, right. I think he did it and used it as an excuse to put out PR, to communicate with Susan Rice, code via PR. 

Susan Rice got hired at Netflix, on their board of directors, a job, if anybody should be on the board of directors of Netflix, it should be Barrack Obama not the National Security Advisor who was a diplomat prior to that and has no experience in Security.

If Susan Rice is working with a bunch of white guys to steal classified info for movies and books etc etc, then they would use Obama as cover, they know, everybody’s computations all over the planet would automatically go to Barack Obama and ignore Susan Rice, after all she’s got or had security clearance and so does her accomplices who are probably covering her ass with their security clearance including adding false info into the database/extranet/classified info section to spin everybody to get away with their crimes.  In order for them to make their premeditated plans/plots work, there has to be focus on something huge, that takes away everybody’s attention and puts them at grief on the tone scale including crying.

Imagine this scenerio, they input at different times into the appartus false data about Obama, take shit out of context, alter it, twist it and he’s out of the country on a speaking gig and something happens that triggers the CIA to move on emotion, and they do and murder him, while the planet is mourning his death including people crying in the military, in the apparatus, all over, they make their move, their heist of classified info to insert into plots for movies and books and Susan Rice closes Netflix on those deals.  Everybody would be too busy mourning his death to investigate, would never dawn on anybody, even when the movies/books came out, each time they would come out, they’d put out PR about Obama and his death to put everybody back to those memories so they would be out of present time and stifle any investigations. 

Think about it, people would go to the movie and see it or read the book and those people are in the apparatus and would go, wait a minute, wasn’t that in this classified ops?  Then they would go back to the office and pull it up and start an investigation right?  To prevent that, PR about Obama,  his death, his life, everything Obama and that would put people into grief on the tone scale and would go grieve and ignore the outpoints.

These people are SPs and very manipulative, this took years of planning and execution. They might have also been behind hate mail to Obama and his wife and crew etc etc, they might also ran ops like I read about one of his people got swatted, swat showed up at his home. 

The one thing I do know is the CIA, when they do books/scripts, everything has to be approved by that agency, if it’s not approved, you can’t write that book or script etc etc, it was in their press release, so if they got false info either verbally or in the apparatus, this would jack their TA sky high and they would move on emotion.  

This is my speculation to a real scenerio based on corruption and abuse within the federal gov.  So CIA, I say to you and everybody in the apparatus, don’t connect dots thru the PR in your equations, look at the facts, look at the actions so you can’t be manipulated by PR, by words, by emotions, nothing.

If this scene is true and currently happening then tag me to find all of them, I’m easy, I’m already in the apparatus, they have left clues, of their crimes within the apparatus including false data, false info, false emotions, lies, altering comm, twisting it, taking it out of context etc etc.  And they really really hate me LMAO, oh no, I used the N word LMAO.

Security Clearance For Retired Gov Workers

Obama if you’re reading, try Amazon, their board of directors, you still have security clearance, just get everything approved by the right agency and don’t leave the CIA out.

Updated 9/16/2018 4:44pm

Correction - at the age of 51, I'm done with menopause, at the time of writing the 1st entry, I did not know that, I found after and didn't update it yet. At the age of 51, where most women start menopause, I'm done with it. This is man made menopause, the drugs I was injected with in 1998 without my consent nor knowledge, it's a side effect, early menopause, I'm the 1%-2% of the population per the manufacturers data sheets etc etc.


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