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Reverse Racism - November 13, 2018

Nobody on the news talks about reverse racism, where black people are racist towards whites because of the color of their skin.

I got computations on cumpston over the phone of one black receptionist, (her intention was very powerful) when looking for a civil rights attorney, it was that Justice was only for black people! I believe within judicial there is corruption and abuse by black people discriminating against whites where they refuse, won't represent them based on the color of their skin, they just reject based on demographics or reverse racial profiling by attorneys that are black.

I never once seen in the press, any black attorneys represent any whites, it's always the reverse, white attorneys representing blacks or black attorneys representing whites or white attorneys representing whites, but no black attorneys representing any whites. This is reverse racism by blacks or african americans.

I never discriminated against anybody my entire life but I will now from all these reverse racist black people, because of them I now see color.

In my religion we call them SPs. All their computations go to black people, all my computations always went to human beings but now I will be just like them and it will only go to whites.

I don't know how therapy will handle this, the damage these reverse racists caused on purpose by their own hate.

I believe they were all slave masters here on planet earth in white bodies and/or blacks like the character Samuel L. Jackson played Stephen in the movie Django Unchained, they harmed, tortured and hurt black slaves including me, I have past lives as a black slave here in this country, but now in present time they are in black bodies continuing what they did in their past lives as whites, only it's flipped, they are continuing to commit these crimes and getting away with it in black bodies, the black card in the press, and everybody is missing their withholds of these crimes. These crimes are against humanity. The liberal news media validates this abuse by black people, empowers them to continue to commit these crimes. Look at Don Lemon

I've run into blacks like Don Lemon, one guy, he was a security guard at some club in Hollywood in the 90s, and we were chit chatting and he was going on about how blacks were gonna take over the San Fernando Valley and since I was white I better head for the hills. I was like WTF? He was a reverse racist (hates whites cause of the color of their skin) and he was unloading on me his bullshit. He assumed cause I was white, it would frighten me, scare me, I thought he was a kook, a kook you couldn't reason with, a kook who was one sided and if you weren't like him and hated white people, he wasn't interested in talking to you, not even to chit chat.

In regards to Lorretta Lynch, she came up ie my past lives, she was a mom in one of those past lives here on this planet, planet earth (nothing pre earth, before earth) and Rev Al Sharpton was my dad, he split or died by then, me and her had an argument, she couldn't comprehend why I didn't love being a slave and she tried to explain it to me, how to live with abuse, how to be happy as a slave.

I kept running away from the torture and getting killed, lifetime after lifetime so that discussion didn't impinge on me, I wouldn't listen nor go into agreement with her and why abuse is ok and how to live with it and we argued about it and there was no resolution other then I left so I could survive, live not die from all the abuse as a black female slave. I ran away alot to live and not die from the abuse. Btw Roots is the glamourized version, the abuse was daily including physical, not just emotional nor verbal but physical and after that came the sexual.

One of my quals when I qualed Jeff Gold and Jon Mackinder was racism, both weren't racists towards blacks, neither said the word nigger, ever or never and in fact Jon Mackinder talked about his past lives as a black slave and when he talked about it, I could see it, it triggered my case, my past lives, I just wasn't aware of it, it was casual conversations, not controlled nor clinical ones.

Back to Lorretta Lynch, Lorretta in that life was the female version of Samuel L. Jackson's character from the movie Django Unchained.

Today, all these black SPs embraced Nazi Psychiatry so they can keep black people in bondage, in chains, litterly called Slavery, that is the history of Nazi Psychiatry in this country during slavery days, Nazi Psychiatry was used in an attempt to keep black slaves in slavery.

The mental disorder given to black slaves was Drapetomania and the cure for this mental disorder was whippings, torture. It was really the use of Stockholm syndrome, abuse, abuse, abuse and then be nice, nice etc etc until the victim gets used to, conforms and coverts to the abusive environment and learns to live in that environment, it's also similar to what men that are domestic abusers do, after they punch the female they supposedly love, they buy her a gift to say they are sorry and forgive the physical abuse but it never stops, it just gets worse and worse until either the female wakes up and leaves, is murdered by her abuser or she murders her abuser.

This is the history of Nazi Psychiatry whippings for black slaves and experiments in concentration camps on jewish children. Mental health is not genetics nor DNA. And this isn't real Psychiatry, it's really population control based on genetics, DNA or eugenics. With this type of Psychiatry ie Nazi Psychiatry, men and women decide who can have children, basically play God with people's reproductive systems based on genetics and DNA. Just because somebody has food allergies does not make them inferior to the rest of the human race, just because they do not have blond hair, blue eyes does not make them inferior to the rest of the human race etc etc.

Per this positive eugenics is for higher rates of sexual reproduction among people with desired traits and negative eugenics is reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits.

Who decides which is positive and negative eugenics? Who ever decides is playing God and men and women are not God. In my religion Scientology we have labels for these people called SPs, they are playing God with people and their lives. As black people in Judicial think they have a monopoly on Justice and believe it's only for black people, I'll be petitioning the court for no black attorneys, no black Judges and no black psychs.

Since I don't trust anybody from what I've been put thru, all my forensic psych sessions will be recorded as they lie and false report.

This church always wins cause this system, this country embraced Nazi Psychiatry for mental health and the victims of this church are ping ponged between the two and both will gang up on the victim to fuck them over to make sure they never get Justice and can continue with their crimes.

Victims that are put into the Judicial system are fucked over alot by forensic psychs, they all lie and false report, the victims are missing their crimes in present time when in a session with these forensic psychs. The recording is called informed consent and as I don't believe they won't alter the recording/recordings, they can record their own and I will record my own during our sessions and if they alter the recordings, false report and lie, they are open to going to prison.

Forensic psychiatry is suppose to prevent a miscarriage of Justice but what if the forensic psychs whose job it is to prevent a miscarriage of Justice, lie and false report?

My forensic psychs besides having to consent to recorded sessions, have to be holistic psychs not Nazi psychs that label with mental disorders and prescribe psych drugs, but holistic psychs who comprehend and have experience in PTSDs, educated in my religion Scientology including the OT levels, educated in psychic ability and educated in past lives. These are the requirements for my forensic psychs so that there is no miscarriage of Justice because of their MUs (misunderstoods) lack of understanding, experience, education and hatting of the above, and at the same time bias towards my religion Scientology for whatever reasons.

Most psychs are under the impression that my religion is a cult cause of mainstream media's lack of investigation skills. Which is really sad and makes that entire industry look like bozos. Now is there any psychs out there, that have done their homework and can meet the requirements for my cases?

That question will be answered when I get to Federal Court.

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