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Romance In Your Life - August 20, 2018

This was a business I started, it was an ecommerce store selling toys for adults.

It was called Romance In Your Life.  I originally wanted to do ecommerce to sell romantic stuff like lingerie but I was told, lingerie doesn’t sell, if I wanted to make money, then I’d have to sell sex toys.

This business wasn’t in business very long.  The truth is, I wasn’t happy doing this business, I felt it was out integrity.  Everybody, I talked to, all told me I should go into this business, I would make money and lots of it.  But the reality of it is, I didn’t make lots of money.  Everybody that gave me this advice was wrong.

I was lead to believe, once I opened the store, voila, I’d be rich short and long term, one of my friends even went and had a card reading for herself and asked her psychic reader about my business venture and was told, I would make alot of money and this was a good business choice for me, short and long term.  

The reality and what people have in their heads is two different things.  I’m sure I could have been successful if I didn’t have these PTSDs from the crimes of 1998 and my bridge, being qualified to go up a bridge, to be qualified to do my OT levels wasn’t an issue for me.  That was always in the back of my head.

It’s not illegal to have an adult store, so why would this out qualify me? I don’t know but I felt if this didn’t make money, I’d be ok and I’d still have my bridge.

I don’t regret starting this business, I learned alot about ecommerce including that it costs 20 times more to advertise cause it’s an adult business but your mark up stays the same.  So your profits are not that high.  You have to have alot of orders constantly with low cost advertising to be sustainable and profitable.  And you have to have passion for this business, really like it and I didn’t.

I also never used a sex toy so I had no idea how to help people that were asking for my advise on what to purchase. Which was ironic to say the least. I also felt, like a sham, cause I’ve never used any of these products, had no clue about these products and here I was selling them. 

I’m sure I could have hired men/women that have used those products to help customers, without ever using them myself or knowing anything about them. But again I had PTSDs from the crimes of 1998 and I was just trying to find my way in regards to a business/career, making money long term. 

I also couldn’t move forward, I started the business but I couldn’t get it off the ground, to make it sustainable, profitable long term and I believe my PTSDs had alot to do with that.

800 number
818 number part 1
818 number part 2
818 number part 3
818 number part 4

The bank statements for this business are not gone but I also had a big check book that had checks, that’s gone, I had them moving into the unit on Cumpston, but after being evicted, those like my other possessions are also gone.  I don’t know when they stole them either in 2009, 2013 or in between?  

Bank Statement 1
Bank Statement 2
Bank Statement 3
Bank Statement 4
Bank Statement 5
Bank Statement 6
Bank Statement 7
Bank Statement 8

The DBA wasn’t stolen like Digital Gold’s, Entertain US and GoldLinks


I also tried to sell the business.

For Sale

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