Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead

The crimes of 1998, Federal Court Judges could have interviewed the following people

Meghan Shield – died of cancer a week before June 25, 2016 per this and this

Jim Hamre – died August 22, 2017 per this and this 

Unfortunately since the FBI/DOJ/LAPD failed to act ie help me, so that I could get to court for the crimes of 1998, these people won’t be able to talk to the Federal Judges, they’re dead.

The FBI and LAPD and even the DOJ could have spoken to these people before they died, I contacted these agencies in 2014.

This is obstruction of Justice in my 2nd case against the LAPD/OliveViewMedical/ChurchOfScienotology

Here’s evidence of that:

Letters and Response To The FBI and DOJ

Email To the LAPD and Their Response

I also emailed Jackie Lacey, the District Attorney from her website. Her response was the same as the DOJ’s. She also blew me off, you can see how I’m struggling for help from all the abuse by law enforcement in addition to all the hates crimes etc etc instead of reaching back to me, she blew me off too. She’s also corrupt and abusive. It’s probably cause I’m white, Jewish, a Scientologist, Hungarian, a woman, a Republican, my age etc etc.  She too will have to be investigated to find all the reasons she blew me off, it’s her job to help victims, she gets paid to help people, especially victims of crimes including hate crimes. This DA obstructed Justice by failing to act. 

DA of LA County

Even the Inspector General obstructed Justice when he failed to act and forwarded my letter that he/she called a complaint, this wasn’t a complaint, this was a letter to inform him/her of the scene, the situation, big difference.

Letter To The Inspector General
Response From The Inspector General

There is no help from anybody within local and federal government, as a citizen and taxpayer, you’re on your own.

If you were abused and/or blown off by people within the local and federal gov, I know it’s very hard and it’s very hard to talk, communicate from all the injuries these people have committed on you from their jobs, as you struggle to live and not die from all your injuries including physical and psychological, you need to sue them in Federal Court so they can be removed from post and stopped from harming others. It’s not easy and I understand if you want to kill these people cause they have caused you pain by neglecting you and you are in pain and suffering both physical and psychological and your taxes pay for their careers, their lives, their homes, their cars and they could care less if you die. That’s the reality of it, these people are criminals, they are corrupt and abusive, so besides monetary damages, remove them from their posts, their jobs and put them in prison where they belong, once in prison they won’t be able to hurt nor harm anymore victims of crimes and will learn lot’s of lessons about abuse while in prison on a daily basis.

That’s what is gonna be happening to all these people, they’re gonna be removed from their posts for failing to act and put in prison where they belong, then their agencies will pay out my monetary damages and if they have assets, their agencies will confiscate to make up for having to pay out the damages they caused by their abuse and neglect ie failing to act on purpose.

You can see the long term affects from all the abuse in my letters and emails, it started in 2014 and one after another I kept getting abused and neglected on purpose by everybody, their abuse has taken a toll on me and their agencies are gonna have to pay out for all my damages. It’s too bad, had they played the game right ie doing their jobs, they could have all gotten pay raises and bonuses and of course long term accolades and rewards like book deals, tv deals, movie deals etc etc. 

These people all know the psychological and physical long term affects of abusing and neglecting victims of crimes, You don’t know that they know and it’s not a mistake, it is on purpose to cause you pain, it’s called Corruption and Abuse within Local and Federal Government.


Updated 11/28/2017 9:19pm

Typo Correction, the email I sent to the LAPD is dated 11/15/14, when I typed the email, and looked at the calendar, I accidently took the dates below the 19th and 20th. The dates should have been the 12th and 13th.  It’s impossible to call on the 19th when the letter is written, dated on the 15th. Below is evidence of my typo correction for the Federal Judges.

Tweets to the FBI per in my letter to the FBI

Updated 5/21/2018  12:42am

It’s an outpoint that Jackie Lacey blew me off, never responded to my email, she ignored me but here she is with this woman, I’m this church’s victim, who she ignored but this sea org member, she does a photo op with.  Federal Court will have to investigate her unless the FBI/DOJ is gonna do it, or has already done it.

I got Jackie Lacey’s computations, she read my email, it was “oh they do that to black kids too” she was also looking for cases that would get her on the Oprah show, she was cherry picking cases, I believe that’s illegal since she’s the DA, she’s playing God for fame.

Her job was to respond to me and give me guidance, emotional support, point me in the right direction, but instead she blew me off, she too left me sitting in it to die, all she cared about was finding a case that fit Oprah Winfrey’s format.

This is corruption and abuse by the LA county DA’s office , the reason hate crimes aren’t being handled is because of people like her within local, state and federal government. I guess she didn’t think the crimes of 1998 were crimes, she thought it was perfectly ok that I was held hostage in my home by Scientologists etc etc and Mike Rinder, this woman’s father was head of OSA at that time, the LAPD made sure I never showed up to court cause they threatened me with murder for trying to get the police report. 

The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

Since I’m learning Federal Court with my injuries including PTSDs, numerous, I think I’d be a better DA then Jackie Lacey, maybe she needs to go to prison for failure to act and neglect, crimes of Omission, how many other people in Los Angeles county reached out to her cause they were the victims of Hate Crimes and she blew them off too, let them sitting in it to die but where I’m alive, they’re dead including “black kids”?

Per the above, Jackie Lacey’s office spoke to 45k people the year before, why was I ignored, blown off? Or was she lying and she really embezzled that money?  I have a feeling she’s lying and she embezzled that money.

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