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Scientologists That Might Have Been In My Home In 1998 - October 12, 2018

After Chrissie Carnell Bixler and her accomplices committed hate crimes on me and I started gathering evidence to put them in prison, I realized Chrissie Carnell Bixler was on the PTS/SP course in 1998 and maybe that's the reason she attacked me, I missed her withholds of the crimes she committed on me in 1998 while I was unconscious and then I realized using the website below, maybe the people on the PTS/SP course were there during that time, coming and going into my home in 1998 as part of drills to complete their courses. These aren't like college courses where there's just a test to complete, you have to show/demonstrate you can apply what you learned to your life before you can complete the course.

Per this website:

These Scientologists along with Chrissie Carnell were on the PTS/SP course in 1998

J. Michael Weir
Cristina Enriquez
Monica Johnson

Jarrett Buys
Bornond Littman
Jaime Willats
Jamie M. Didear
Christopher Melvin
Susan B. Stroh
Leslie Hobbs
Lana Econn

Stacy Rukeyser

Carolyn Jonsson
Kath Soucie
LaVonno Bledsoe
Debbie LaMoine
Lauren Gould Imhoff
Karen Holly

Kathy Wattman
Camille Solari

Lucy Duarte
Ken Daniels
Chrissie Carnell
Rick Krusky
Heather Watson

Samantha Suplee

Deborah Shallmon
Ingeborg Schnitzler
David Douthat

Adriane Watson
Brie Shaffer
Chris Watson

Alex Nicolson

Gloria Tinney

Frizell Clegg
Chris Brymer

Robin Farrow

PTS/SP Course Nov 1998
PTS/SP Course Nov 1998 Internet Archives 2017
PTS/SP Course Nov 1998 Internet Archives 2004

as well as these people while Jon Mackinder was on the PTS/SP course, I remember Kirstie Alley was on the PTS/SP at the same time I was, cause I was asked if I wanted to do a drill/drills with her and be her twin for a day and I declined, but Jon Mackinder, he went into the celebrity course room and did meet her cause he drilled with her, was her twin that day, he was going on about that when he came home, he was obessed with Scientology Celebrities for some reason.

Angela McCullough
Alexandra Powers
Eric Masse
Jerry Hines
Alexandra Larson
Amandah Reyne
Lisa Benest
Su Falcon Soref
Linda del Gizzi
Penny Sherstobitoff
Kirstie Alley
Jay C. Owens
Ian Brooks
Lynsey Bartilson
Michael Duff
Michael J. Coleman
Ron Watson
Denise Weiss
Eric Petz
Jon MacKinder
Tao Haber
Graham Hobbs
Garnet Ambrose
Briana Phillips
Cindy Bamforth
Carlo Khatchi
Pamela Moniz
Mike Loumeau
Chris Montgomery
Devra Hiechert
Michael Fairman
Laura Millitori
Joe Fino
Kathy Sweigert
Ray Kachatorian
Ed Haddad
John Haigney
Roberta Perry
Doug Kramer
Zulema Rockwood
Dave Kranick
Joel Parker
Tanya Reich
Susannah Devereux
Nina Gann
Chaui Iraseli

PTS/SP Course Feb 1999
PTS/SP Course Feb 1999 Internet Archives 2016
PTS/SP Course Feb 1999 Internet Archives 2004

David Miscavige and OSA will have to do their own internal investigations to find out since Mike Rinder was head of OSA during this time and bring that to Federal Court, unless it was all approved by David Miscavige himself, then Mike Rinder will have to prove that if David Miscavige denies that. The LAPD will have to do their own investigations to find out.

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