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Scientology Is Copy Written Just Like The Bible Including The Upper OT Levels - July 16, 2017
You don’t need this church for your spiritual journey. If you are interested in learning how to, actually how to bypass eternal damnation and break the cycle of reincarnation so that while you are dying you can apply it and actually do it, you can buy a dianetics books for like $5.95 and co-audit to clear, after that get copies from the copyrights office for the upper OT levels that are copy written and released and learn it, apply it in your home, exercise your 1st amendment, Freedom To Practice Religion In Your Home.

It’s not against copyright laws to do the above, if you try to sell the OT levels or any part of this religion or try to make money off it, then you are violating copyright laws. Only this church and their approved qualified affiliates can make money off this religion.

The 1st scene above is for personal use, if you try to sell the OT levels or make money off them, then it’s commercial use and this church can sue you in court.

For the people that don’t care about money, are not obsessed with money, are not fixated on money and are interested in their souls, you can learn this and while dying apply it to your soul, there is drills on the upper OT levels (there was on old OT7, I don’t know about new OT7) to practice while you are still alive so that when you die, your spiritual journey will be successful.

My best advice since David Miscavige eliminated alot of LRH’s management team’s foundation after he took over, he streamlined the OT levels and got rid of anything that wasn’t LRH or making alot of money which screwed up the OT levels for alot of people. You can co-audit the OT levels, which is really really cheap, compared to their $100k and up. LRH was one guy and it’s impossible for one guy to be in everybody’s past lives. So if you can, find people similar to you that also want to obtain their spiritual freedom using Scientology and get into groups, talk, communicate and share your OT experiences, by doing this, you’ll start solving past life mysteries that will help your case and everybody in your group should have case gain which will help in your spiritual journey when you die. And of course, new things not even in this church, will be discovered that even LRH and his management team didn’t know about, again 1 guy can’t be in everybody’s past lives, it’s not physically possible.

This is how you fight the Church of Scientology’s corruption and abuse, and obtain your freedom including your spiritual freedom.

By doing this, it handles the forced disconnection by this church’s management team, your families can no longer be torn apart by a church and your spiritual freedom can no longer be dangled like a carrot.  You no longer have to play by their rules and if anything happens to you by a Scientologist or anybody, you can go to the police for help, you no longer have to fear that you would lose your religion, your bridge by going to law enforcement for help. You can sue anybody you want now and put ethics in,  without the fear of losing your bridge, your eternity.  You can play any game you want and still have your religion, your bridge. You won’t be abused by corrupt people running this church, corrupt people who are playing God cause they can. Corrupt people who reward unethical people based on financial status and celebrity status while penalizing ethical honest people to continue their status quo of corruption and abuse.

You can truly go free.  You are now 100% in control of your bridge, your future and your eternity.

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