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Sheriffs That Came To My Home On A False Report - November 11, 2017

A false report is against the law.

Here is California’s penal code:

Making a False Report of a Crime

California Penal Code 148.5 PC

As the victim, I have to enforce this law myself thru Federal Court. And that’s what I’m gonna do, it will be part of my lawsuit against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD and that will be posted as well, both lawsuits and all the other lawsuits that branch out from these two lawsuits, it will be transparent.

Updated 11/12/2017

1st letter sent to the doctor’s office, the sheriff never gave me a name, he just said “a woman from a clinic”


I had typos cause I was in a rush and I was gonna send it out that day but the post office was closed by then and I thought I handled the date but I forgot and sent it on Friday morning.

I realized that on Saturday, the next day, I meant to send out the above letter on the 9/9/2017 but by the time I was done they were closed already, so I sent it the next morning with typos.


I realized I had typos and that I sent out my 1st letter with typos being in a rush and I thought I should take responsibility and accountability for my typos, in court it’s really best and easier for your case if there is no typos, otherwise you have to explain to the Judges all the typos and corrections so they are not confused and that takes more time.


The post office was suppose to be open till 3:30pm but when I got there around 3:00pm the counter was already closed, so now I’ll have to send it out on Monday.

The 1st sheriff just said “a woman from a clinic” I actually spoke to 3 women in one doctor’s office maybe 4 if you want to count the receptionist.  He wanted me to read into it and figure it out. I also didn’t know the other 3 women’s names if you count the receptionist, so I sent the letter to the woman who gave me her name and who I had a lengthy conversation with. For all I know, the receptionist could have called them and never gave them her name.

The Federal Judges need to know this information so they can find out who did what, what occurred, what transpired, who is responsible and accountable for this incident.

The 1st sheriff wanted me to read into his communication and figure it out and assume it was the woman I had a lengthy conversation with, whom was very nice, so when he showed up, it came out of left field and I was not expecting law enforcement to come to my home on a false report.

I expect the Church of Scientology to send law enforcement, private dix to my home and follow me etc etc like they did with Marc Headley, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Tiziano Lugli. Below are some examples.

The 1st Sheriff I told him I was in the process of going to Federal Court, I guess he didn’t believe me, I told him see these cameras, these will be used as evidence and his response was that he was known to tamper with evidence. This is what the 1st Sheriff said to me, when he gets in court, he will lie. You can see in the video above, how angry he is. They continued to stay on the property and the 1st Sheriff was counting cameras. He’s premeditating tampering with evidence, the cameras and in order to do that, he will break into my home. This is corruption and abuse by the Sheriffs.

If they come again on a false report or an excuse their intent is to murder me, these people are corrupt and if that happens, that’s ok, I’ve already made arrangements in the event of my murder and I’ve crossed the wall of fire, so all these corrupt and abusive pigs within law enforcement will be getting their up and comins after I’m dead, they will be receiving my case, they Obstructed Justice and prevented me from reporting crimes and then stalked me and violated my 4th amendment etc etc. Law Enforcement within this country embraced Nazi SOP, this is what the Nazis did to the Jews pre WW2.  After they murder me, they’ll lie and destroy the camera evidence so they can keep their jobs and lie to the press, so after they murder me they will be receiving my case like this LAPD detective.

As for my therapy, as my soul leaves my dead lifeless body, as I exteriorize from this body for the last time, everybody that committed crimes of Commission and Omission on me will be receiving my case and all the pain and trauma that I’ve been sitting in since 1998 will now be their pain and trauma for at least 1 billion years, and that will be very therapeutic for me, my soul. I’ll be a clean slate next life on target 3, the Jewish Federation or no spiritual baggage from their corruption and abuse and their souls will be entombed into this prison planet for at least 1 billion years, they won’t be bypassing eternal damnation.

These Nazis destroyed all my dynamics, they can have my body, but they will never have my soul. Thanks Chief Becks, you gave me the best gift of all, Exteriorization By Force, Bullets. It’s gonna be a sweet sweet ride to target 3.

Updated 11/12/2017  5:46pm

I actually have to do an eval of each video, there’s more then one camera and I have to go frame by frame to spot the outpoints. Here is an example of off policy, off procedure and 4th amendment violated and is this even official or an ops?  You can see before he gets to my door he reaches for his radio on his left side, his gun is on his right side and then talking on a radio in his shirt

This is a better shot of that.  If you view the camera footage, it goes too fast to the eye, you can miss it. Now who is this Sheriff talking too? He also has an ear piece in his ear, who or whom is he talking to?

Here’s a better shot of the earpiece. The Secret Service wear earpieces similar to that, I’ve never seen any LAPD nor Sheriff wear an earpiece.  It’s a security thing.  Below is an example of the secret service earpiece, you can compare the two, they are similiar.

You can see he has nothing in his hands, no paper work, is he secretly recording me? If so, he violated my 4th amendment, there is no paperwork, nothing for me to sign obtaining my permission to record me. If he’s talking to somebody, who is he talking to? And where is the paperwork showing me who he really is and why he’s there. You can see there is nothing in his hand for me to sign nor disclosing anything, so I can’t even file a false report report with the Sheriff’s.  And he never disclosed who/whom he’s talking to as well as his name, I don’t even know who this guy is, I asked him but I couldn’t pronounce his name, it was B something? So if I was recorded, then it was done without my knowledge nor consent and that’s a violation of my 4th amendment who ever he is.

Updated 11/13/2017  6:37pm

I checked my letter over a few more times before sending it, and then I realized, I had another typo and I wanted to add some things and then right before, just right before I was gonna put it in the envelope, I realized, I forgot to change the date cause today is the 13th not the the 11th, so I changed the date, new letter.

The 2nd letter, I never sent, instead I sent a third letter. My intent was to send the 2nd letter but realized I had missed some other typos and I wanted to add things to it.

When sending letters, sometimes you want to make sure it’s correctly done and you can actually put yourself into a box, what should I do, I fucked up the first time and I sent it with typos?

It’s ok to feel that way, that’s normal, everybody feels that way.


Above is the letter I never sent with the stamp still on it.


Above is the letter I sent.


Above is the letter I sent with my signature, envelope, certified return receipt, there was no date on it, so it was ok to use. I didn’t have to redo that.


Above is the 1st half of the certified return receipt along with the receipt from the post office showing I paid for it.

The stamp I never used due to all the stress of the false report and my amendments violated, was it the 1st, the 4th or both?  I won’t know the answer to that until I get to Federal Court cause it will have to be investigated since nobody was forthcoming with me and I’m left in mystery.  The stamp costs .049 cents, plus my time, stress etc etc or damages. You can include your stamps in your damages along with the actual cost of the letter, how much it cost to send out certified return receipt.

Updated 11/15/2017 3:21pm

Today I received the certified return receipt signed from my first letter sent. While scanning it for Federal Court, I noticed I had another 2 more typos, where it should have said today, it says yesterday. So now, what am I gonna do, I don’t want to inundate this person with alot of letters correcting typos. But this has to get pointed out to the Judges, so I took a photograph for evidence to prove that I spoke to them on 9th and not the 8th.



So this would get introduced as evidence of correction of my typos for the Judges.

If this happens to you, don’t stress, don’t cave in, don’t beat yourself up, it’s ok, people make mistakes, we’re all human and not robots.  It’s an easy handling just take pictures from your phone to prove that’s the day you called.  I’ve added their website, you can see their phone number and address, which is listed on the letters.

Updated 11/17/2017 6:46pm

Today I received the green signed post card for the 2nd letter I sent.


After reading that while scanning that in for Federal Court, I noticed another typo that needed to be corrected.

It says on my letter “The woman from a clinic” “The” is a typo and it should have been “A woman from a clinic”.

I’m also authenticating evidence for Federal Court. This is not a civil jury trial. This is going before a panel of 3 Federal Court Judges and since it’s two lawsuits simultaneously, it will be a panel of two 3 Federal Court Judges.



I’m also authenticating the videos of this incident as evidence that these men were here on this day and this time and I don’t know who they are, it’s for identification. The time hasn’t been corrected yet, the hour, it’s daylight savings and that’s the hour difference between the clock and the hour on the videos.


Here’s the vids from the cameras:


For everybody that assumes I’m hot, you’ll see how fat and ugly I am from all the hates crimes, abuse and corruption, this is the product of hate crimes, abuse and corruption long term.  My cases are not glamorous, so for everybody that is jealous cause they assume I’m getting or seeking attention, you’re out of touch with reality. I suggest you read and learn about my cases. This isn’t a game, this is real life, real life isn’t pretty and it bleeds.

As for the phone conversation between me and Jeanine from the women’s clinic, I think the Judges will pull up the phone conversation from my phone and theirs on their own. I won’t be posting it cause I don’t want to violate their 4th amendment.

I haven’t evaled these videos nor gone frame by frame. That will occur after I get into Federal Court, it really depends on what the Judges want. If they want an eval from me, frame by frame etc etc, then I’ll do it, at that time.  I don’t control court nor Judges, it’s up to the Judges. 

Updated 11/18/2017 1:08am

Here is the penal code these 3 men broke
Penal Code Section 602 PC.
Penal Code § 602 carries with it up to six months in county jail and a maximum $1,000 fine.
4th Amendment, The Right To Privacy

I’ll have to have these 3 men investigated thru Federal Court cause they acted on a false report. The 1st sheriff confessed that he’s been known to tamper with evidence, his record will have to be pulled up and investigated and of course his case files will have to be audited, how many case files has he tampered with evidence and his colleagues will have to be interviewed as part of the investigation, cause he said he was known to do that, so who in his work environment and outside of it, has known him to do that, that will have to be found out. 

They might all have been planning to break in, I don’t know, it’s just a weird thing to say to somebody, no cops, no sheriffs has ever said to me in any way shape or form, that he or she has been known for tampering with evidence. 

And since I don’t know who they are, their names, badge numbers etc etc  no identification, the Sheriffs department will go down as the criminals, they’ll have to prove to Federal Court why tresspassing and violating people’s 4th amendment is standard policy and procedure.

Updated 2/25/2018 1:49am

As of today, 2/25/2018 1:49am, I haven’t received a response from this doctor’s office to my letters, no acknowledgement.

And I also haven’t received anything from the Sheriff’s.

So, who made the false report? I have no idea, it could be any of these:
The doctor’s office, any woman from there, I spoke to 3 or 4, if it was that doctors office. 
The Sheriff’s in collusion with the LAPD
The Church of Scientology
The LAPD officers from 1998 to hide their crimes of raping me and threatening me with murder for the police report they refused to give me that I paid for.
The LAPD officers with Hampton when I tried to report the Hate Crimes.
The FBI when I tried to report the Hate Crimes – The day shift
FBI Black Ops team – The night shift

Or somebody else unknown, all together. It’s hidden, covert ops.
So many different people, agencies etc etc, I do know one thing if it wasn’t the doctors office, then somebody or some people eavesdropped on our conversation and used that to run ops on me, a false report. Now who/whom has the resources to eavesdrop on people’s telephone conversations?

If it was that doctor’s office, they had no probable cause and the woman never gave any indication of anything other then after I spoke to the endocrinologist etc etc, then give them a call back for an appointment, the conversation ended off on a good note. If it was her and/or her co-workers etc etc then they stabbed me in the back and it also means they have been stalking me online. It would be a 1.1 move which is what this church would want, to create conflict where there is none to spin me in and around. They want me to get angry and go off the rails, attacking people for shit they didn’t do, it’s creating conflict where there is none. And 1.1 moves are the best at pissing people off. 

Here’s the example, two women are talking over the phone, one is impersonating a psych, she’s an office manager using psych terms like thought process, she thinks she’s an expert in the field of psychiatry and psychology and she’s not, she’s just an office worker. Anyway, the office worker after ending off on a good note ie call back to set up an appointment etc etc turns around and calls the sheriff’s with a false report by taking shit out of context from that phone conversation, twisting it, altering it in her favor. That would be 1.1 on the tone scale or a 1.1 move, usually people that are 1.1 on the tone scale make 1.1 moves like that. It’s also against the law. 

Personally I can’t see her doing that cause she’s open to going to prison for a false report and her boss would have to pay a fine to the Sheriff’s for that false report, or both, prison and a fine. Penal  Code 148.3 and now she would have a criminal record and after she got out of prison, I don’t know if anybody would hire her. Why risk her career and life on a false report? It doesn’t make sense.

I got Mueller’s computations and his assistant’s at that time, that whoever it was, they know who/whom, was trying to silence me. Mueller was an instructor in my past lives.

One thing I know for sure, they used the less then 40 page psych report that’s on my ScientologyForYou.info website, whoever did that, that’s a violation of my 4th amendment and against laws. The sheriff when I was talking to him said that he was told that I was gravely disabled and a danger to myself. Ok. Does anybody know what gravely disabled means? It means, a mental disorder/impairment by chronic alcoholism. I don’t even drink. So how can I be gravely disabled? I can’t and that sheriff has no clue what gravely disabled means, but it is on that less then 40 page psych report from 1998.

Who or whom made that false report will be going to prison cause their intent was not to help me nor that they were concerned for my well being. It was an ops to harm me and they are stalking me online and have been.  If it’s the FBI and/or FBI black ops team, is that the best you can do? Man, it’s weak. Loserville but then again they’re Nazis and the Nazis were Losers too.

Updated 2/25/2018 3:52am

I just listened to the phone conversation, and I made a mistake above, this office worker was suppose to call me back after talking to the doctor and she never did, so I’m gonna guess they made the false report. Since the FBI is liable, this could have been prevented had they helped me, it’s gonna cost them my damages 3 times per count, I already know she was stalking me online, the “gravely disabled” comment from the Sheriff, so that’s one count of discrimination under the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the false report was motivated cause I’m a Scientologist.  And since the Sheriff’s never sent me anything, just left me sitting in it and had no paperwork when they showed up on a false report, it tells me they are in collusion with the doctor’s office and they’ll be investigated as well to find their crimes etc etc.  Both parties left me sitting in it, like I did something wrong, like communicating, talking is against the law. Leaving me to sit in it, is a form of abuse and the intent is to drive me psychotic, so the FBI/DOJ/LAPD will have to pay out for the abuse of this doctor’s office and Sheriffs.

It’s not against the law to use my free speech, to talk, to communicate and unload. It’s therapeutic for me.  She did try to pass herself off as a psych to me. That’s what people do with psychs, they unload by talking. If she had a problem with it, she should have told me directly, upfront, honestly, bluntly and end the conversation, but instead she just listened and she lied when she said she would call me back and turned around and made a false report. I don’t know what she told the doctor, my guess she lied. Typical piece of shit criminal wog, 1.1 on the tone scale. She’s not even a psych, she’s impersonating one.  She can take her psych terms called thought process and shove them up her ass. I’m a Scientologist cunt, it’s computations. I’m not responsible nor accountable for your actions nor your communication. She’s also an SP, if they aren’t responsible and accountable for communication, they won’t be responsible and accountable for their own actions. It’s a suppressive act to make a false report.

The right lawful thing to do was to call me back, honor her agreement, she’s the one that said, that’s what she was gonna do, she originated it, not put in a false report so the Sheriffs tresspass on private property and harass me and cause another PTSD incident. Fuck all of you, this was on purpose to cause another PTSD incident.  

I guess she assumed it would be a he said she said thing and people would listen to her lies and believe them cause of that less then 40 page psych report she found while stalking me online? I’m right, She’s wrong. I guess there is other victims of false reports by her and that office.  The buck stops with me and she and that office just pulled themselves into a Federal Criminal Lawsuit long term. 

Had the FBI helped me, this scene could have been prevented. Now the FBI/DOJ/LAPD is on the hook for the damages she and her office caused by their abuse and false report as well as the damages of the Sheriff’s showing up, no paperwork and let’s not forget that comment about tampering with evidence. You know what I say to all of you criminals, fuck you, you fucked with the wrong bitch. The Sheriff’s are very easy to play by any 1.1 cunt with a thought process.  This doctor knew I had numerous PTSD’s, I wrote it on the paperwork, the one and only time I was in that office. This office worker knew I had numerous PTSD’s, like I said, I wrote it on the paperwork. Her efforts at driving me angry from a false report, won’t pan out, instead she’ll be going to prison, she’s gonna lose her career and life and I could give a fuck, this is your typical 1.1 piece of shit wog, they lie to your face and then try to stab you in the back.

I say thanks cunt, you just made me more money from the FBI/DOJ/LAPD or ha ha, not only will they have to pay out for my damages, damages that you caused by your false reporting but also punitive. I won’t be back to your piece of shit doctors office, now I know, you planned on murdering me during that operation and when I brought it up, my medical concerns, I missed your withholds of premeditating it, you were too pushy in trying to push me into it, abuse me into it. How many other women have been murdered in that office? 

Anyhoo, like I said, financial pain across the boards diagonal and it’s gonna get so big FBI/DOJ/LAPD, that eventually your seniors will put their foot down and go, that’s it and put you people in prison for not doing your jobs in the first place while absorbing your pensions.

As for Federal Court, this woman not calling me back, is evidence of her false report, this doctor’s office not acknowledging my letters is 2nd evidence of their false report. It’s not normal, if they weren’t guilty, they would have called me back and answered my letters. They are guilty of making that false report, it’s pretty easy to figure out.  The 1st Sheriff showed up with no paperwork and the way I was treated, he was in collusion with this woman and this office, my guess is cause I’m a Scientologist.  It’s pretty obvious, they all discriminated against me cause I’m a Scientologist, this is who they really are, haters including religious haters.  It’s weird for a Sheriff to not communicate but expect me to figure it out, read into his communication and figure it out, he’s also 1.1 like this cunt office worker, haters including religious haters are like this.  I expect him to lie in Federal Court to a panel of three Federal Judges.  Once they find his lies, he can go to prison for perjury along with this office worker who I know is gonna lie too to the panel of three Federal Judges, she had to lie in the first place to put in that false report.

For everybody else, if this happens to you, get the evidence, start recording all conversations, no more he said she said, they can’t get away with their lies and false reports if you record the phone conversations as well as conversations in person.

Updated 2/25/2018 1:15pm

I found out from an endocrinologist that I’m done with menopause, the psych drugs I was injected with without my consent and knowledge in 1998 (or the crimes of 1998) put me into early menopause when I was 38, I’m now done per my blood tests with menopause.  Per this woman Jeanine, the menopause would have caused the endometriosis.  I’ll have to get a 2nd opinion to confirm and verify.

As for how could this scene been avoided, prevented, you can’t, her intention was to abuse me and use the Sheriff’s to do it, I’m guessing she was hoping the Sheriffs would murder me on that false report.  Nobody put a gun to this woman’s head and forced her to lie and make a false report to the Sheriff’s. I missed her withholds of other crimes on other women in that doctor’s office or by her outside of that doctors office. I don’t know what they are, I just know I missed it cause of her actions of a false report. My guess, it’s pretty big if she’s lying to the Sheriffs and putting in a false report, it’s against the law. She’s committing more crimes in an attempt to hide/cover her crimes, whatever they are.  In my religion we call these types of people 1.1, covert hostility. She’s stifling her anger.

Where most criminals are overt, direct more blunt about their anger, she’s stifling it to get away with her crimes while committing more.  This will be interesting, what will this woman do to justify her crime of that false report? For example she might stalk Karen Freemon and commit crimes on her and try to pin it on me or blame me for it cause I blogged about Karen including authenticating evidence, she was annoyed when she found out I had a personal blog and I gave her this domain over the phone. So if that happens and Karen you’re reading, I suggest you document it for Federal Court so that you have evidence of it, actual evidence and the FBI/DOJ/LAPD can pay out for your damages. I’m not responsible nor accountable for this woman’s actions, crimes etc etc, nor for the FBI/DOJ/LAPD’s actions, crimes etc etc.

Maybe this woman is psychotic and this false report goes deeper, I don’t know. I only spoke to her that day and that two half conversations, prior to Nov 9, 2017, I’ve never spoken to that woman before and I haven’t spoken to her after those two half conversations on Nov 9, 2017. 

The first conversation, while in the middle, we got disconnected, and then she called me while I was calling her to finish our conversation, I took her call and we finished the conversation.  The FBI/DOJ/LAPD and the Sheriff’s can get the recorded phone conversations on the backend, it’s already uploaded, it’s just not publicly displayed cause I don’t want to violate her 4th amendment. 

I’ll break it down:

1st call, then while we were talking the call got disconnected, I called and it didn’t go thru and I called again and while I was calling her, I think I was on hold, she was calling me, so I took the call so we could finish our conversation.

CIA, here’s where the fun begins. As for Homeland Security, don’t be too jealous, while coming forward on my scilon twitter, I got CIA’s computations, most were dad’s from my past lives except for the black CIA guys under Obama, I’m thinking DOJ, external security for Federal Court, cause when I was talking about Paramount Studios and how the FBI murdered MLK jr, I got their computations, that’s why they didn’t go work for the FBI and instead into the CIA.

Updated 2/25/2018 6:35pm

As for this Jeanine woman, I did get her computations after I updated this page, it must be premeditated before the crime was committed, her initial 1st computations and she could have changed them after she committed the crime of that false report. It was she’ll get a public defender to represent her. Ok. That’s all I got, so I’m thinking she’s psychotic, she’s only thinking about now and not her future, how about a job, career after prison etc etc, if she has a criminal record, nobody is gonna hire her, I guess she can go on mental health disability like everybody else thru Social Security, you know lie, maybe that’s her plan. I don’t know, she wasn’t phased by prison in her computation, she could care less. That’s where she’s at.

I don’t know if the doctor told her to make that false report or it was on her own, but it was very petty and weird, all cause I couldn’t be pushed, forced into setting an appointment for an operation. I think she’s a weak person, a weak individual and she needs prison reform programs psych drug free including behavior modification while in prison so she can feel remorse, she felt no remorse. She could care less, so that tells me, she’s not at home. You need that component, remorse for behavior modification to work. Without that component, it won’t work. How about tankers in the middle of the ocean? Spin them around naturally while administering behavior modification thru simulations?

Updated 2/26/2018 2:40am

So after listening to the recorded conversation with Jeanine and the other two people that worked there, there was abuse by all three women, emotional and verbal and this was premeditated attempted murder by this group. I had real medical concerns but instead of addressing them, I was abused verbally and emotionally. I called to ask a question and instead they tried to push me into making an appointment for an operation.

It ended with Jeanine was suppose to call me back after she spoke to the doctor but instead of doing that, they called the Sheriffs on a false report. She lied to me on the phone when she ended the call. It’s a false emergency and since it’s premeditated attempted murder, that’s a felony,the PTSD that I got from this incident might also be bodily injury as well. It’s really the intent, what was their intent? To help or harm me? If their intention was to help me then she would have called me back after speaking to the doctor, honored her agreement, but instead she lied and they, that group called the Sheriffs to come out here on a false report.  I also believe they’ve been stalking me since I cancelled that appointment in June of 2017, the psych terms the 1st Sheriff used were gotten off the less then 40 page psych report that is listed at my ScientologyForYou.info website that’s not publicly displayed, you have to dig for it, to find it, basically I believe they violated my 4th amendment while stalking me. Again it’s the intent.

I did get this doctor’s computation during the time I was talking to her and it was that “I was emotionally unstable”  that’s what she was gonna tell him after evaluating me or that’s what he was gonna think after talking to her.  Which was false, my words had to be taken out of context, twisted and altered for me to be “emotionally unstable”.  It was very strange, I just called to ask a question about a medical form/document and instead of answering that question, the first two women verbally and emotionally abused me trying to get me to make an appointment for an operation. Since I refused to set an appointment, they put me over to Jeanine, their supervisor. 

The Sheriffs got sent out here to murder me, I think Jeanine and her co-workers expected me to be angry after cutting me off so many times during the conversation, as well as the emotional and verbal abuse and then ending the call with a lie, so that when the Sheriffs came out here, I would be pissed off from all the abuse and the lie about calling me back and not and she/they assumed that would create conflict on purpose that would escalate to murder by the Sheriffs, that was her/their intent. I suspect they have done this to other women who they made “emotionally unstable” on purpose from all the abuse. So this false report is a felony as well as the premeditated attempted murder on her/their part. That’s 2 felonies plus the harassment, Intentional infliction of emotional distress(they were aware of the numerous PTSDs I have, I wrote it on the paperwork I filled out) and online stalking.

It’s very sad cause I thought Jeanine was a nice person, I didn’t get that she was mean and evil, the other two, I figured they had bugs that crawled up their ass and got stuck there permanently. They both got off on abusing me verbally and emotionally, I could hear it in their tone.  The 2nd woman, I asked her, what her age was and she yelled at me, “I don’t have to give you that information!”, it came out of left field, I was trying to be socially polite but instead of being polite she was very angry and hostile. So, then I said, ok, I’m old, you need to slow it down, you’re going way to fast for me.  She could care less.  Both of these women were mean, maybe it’s cause I’m white, Jewish, Scientologist and they’re both mexican. 

You know I’ve run into alot of mexican chicks on this journey and some are sane as well as cool and then some are just nuts, psychotic like these two women.  The mexican nurse, I saw when I was there that one time, she was nice, she wasn’t like these two, mean, angry and hostile. 

In regards to Jeanine, to avoid prison she’ll have to throw this doctor under a bus by getting evidence of his wrong doing in his office like murdering pregnant patients to sell the unborn fetuses, things like that. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on in this office, that’s just an example of the type of crimes she would have to gather evidence for to avoid prison, she can be a whistleblower and then she can do some work with the FBI as a paid informant and they can send her into other offices to go undercover to gather evidence for these types of crimes.

While talking to her on the phone I got mental image pictures of uteruses and medical malpractice liability laws, which was really wild. My guess, there was some lawsuits of some women and their uteruses and she as the office manager saw the case files including the photographs of the uteruses and they settled under the medical malpractice liability laws used. These are the things that went thru her head while talking to me on the phone.

In the Market for Fetal Body Parts, a Baby’s Brain Sells for $3,340


Planned Parenthood Has Been Selling Body Parts From Aborted Babies For at Least 15 Years

Updated 2/26/2018 11:59am

As for my PTSD’s, PTSD takes time to sink in especially since I have numerous PTSDs from all these piece of shit wogs abusing me, it takes time to feel the full effects and you also might not be aware of it, even though it affects you. 

Also I’m not a forensic psych, so my forensic psychs will have to determine etc etc.


These 1.1 criminal wogs are all abusive so don’t trust any of them, they are trying to murder you, they’re 1.1, so fuck them up, set them up and take them out, legally, destroy their miserable piece of shit lives and have no remorse either, they have no remorse for destroying your life, for trying to murder you, for abusing you etc etc or even steven.

These people are very lucky that I’m not on payroll undercover this life for a fed gov agency or they would be all dead already. All three women that verbally and emotionally abused me and this false report to the Sheriffs was an ambush. That move would have gotten them all killed. Not by me, but by my agency. Drop a dime on them LMAO, cause that’s what they did here, now I’m dropping my dimes, called Federal Court.  I believe they are also anti semitic, anti scientology and anti white, so that’s 3 counts x 3 times the damages.  Don’t get mad if you are reading, go make bank off their crimes, off their hate and since they lie, they’re 1.1 they’re gonna lie, that’s a given, it’s a guarantee, so record, record, record and this law will be easier to enforce, evidence of their hate. Apply the tone scale andScience of Survival, these wogs are all 1.1.  If I was in the mob now, the mafia, they’d all be dead by my family including their families, their entire families would be wiped out cause their intent was to murder me, they couldn’t do it on the operating table so they assumed they’d manipulate the Sheriffs into it with lies. They are very lucky this is a prison planet and I’m not in the mafia now, in present time meaning this life. 

And some of Law Enforcement would have joined in on that fun, their fun in the sun LMAO They too hate 1.1 cunts LMAO. Btw, below is an analogy, my father in present time, his mob wholetrack, he’s mob too like me. He really loved payback, working for the mob OT2 psych ops days. My father in present time was also psych ops crew.

Updated 2/26/2018  5:58pm

Updated 4/3/2018  5:14pm


One person’s son was made disabled.  Another woman, he caused  Asherman’s Syndrome after doing her D&C.

Updated 5/17/2018  4:41pm

The Sheriffs were tweeted about the false report  


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