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Tangible Items Stolen On Cumpston - July 17, 2018

This is not including the passwords and logins that were sitting next to my computer.

Besides what I have discovered so far:
My external Hard Drive – That had my art, original files for graphic novel as well as personal stuff like home videos of pets and family members.
Digital Gold Files – Including client files, bank account statements, DBA, checks, independent contractors information including personal information like social security numbers.
EntertainUs Files – Including banks statements, DBA, tax returns and personal information like social security numbers
Goldlinks Files – Including banks statements, DBA, tax returns and personal information like social security numbers
Centaurgirl Productions Inc Files – Art including graphic novel, DBA, bank statements, tax returns and personal information like social security numbers.
Pink Phone

I just discovered on 7/17/2018 11:15am, that this artwork, the original was also stolen on cumpston. 

It was in a big brown envelope. In 2011, it was still in my apartment unit, it was still in my possession cause I took it out of the envelope and looked at it before I tweeted Starbucks.

I hired an artist to draw this for me in 2000 or 2001, and this artwork along with the contract and whatever else was in the envelope is also gone, they were all in the same envelope. The contract included how much I paid her to draw this for me, it was a contact for hire, a flat fee just for the illustration and that I owned the copyrights to the illustration cause that’s what I was paying her for, to just draw my concept.

This was an idea for a commercial for Starbucks.  I already pitched the idea to starbucks on twitter and sent corporate an email directly but never heard anything back, I have no idea if they contacted me directly cause they were interested or I was blown off.   Starbucks is really good at getting back to people, I spoke to  Starbucks customer service over the phone about something else and they sent me a letter about that conversation in the mail.

So for all I know they were interested and cracker Doreen Doshay Russell including cracker Karen Freemon and their cracker accomplices intercepted the communication and made sure, I’d never know, maybe they deleted the emails and/or erased the phone messages and/or stole the letter/letters sent via mail, I don’t know.  These people were determined to murder me and steal my things including all my art.

Below is a screenshot of my tweets to Starbucks, dated 10/28/2011


Updated 10/31/2018 7:49pm

In December 2012, the month I couldn't pay rent, I went to a pawn shop and was able to get $200.00 for a piece of jewelry that I sold. I was gonna take my wedding rings that I paid for in 1987, my wedding band, engagement ring and his wedding band but I couldn't find them and I was pressed for time. At that time I didn't know that Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices were breaking into my apartment unit with their keys and stealing my belongings as well as my logins and passwords to all my accounts.

What I pawned, sold was an 18 carot gold necklace and pendant given to me as a gift by one of my clients when I worked in the car insurance business. He was Chinese and I saved his daughter a ton of money on her insurance rate and his way of saying thank you, he gave me this gift. The pendant had a chinese symbol for strong and a dragon on the other side, both the necklace and pendant were 18 carot gold. I've had it since the 90s and I was forced to sell it cause these people destroyed my source of income as part of their premeditated hate crimes.

I don't know when they stole my wedding rings, it was between September 2009 and December 2012

Kay Jewelers

Updated 12/29/2018 11:54pm

Correction, the 18 Karat gold necklace was 14 Karats and the pendant was 22 Karots. I found the receipt for December 2012.

Receipt from GoldFellow

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