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Taxes Part 1 - June 28, 2018

Entertain Us was a company I started with James Hightower and Julie Snyder.


Julie  Snyder’s husband’s assistant held me hostage in my home along with Jon Mackinder, Dan Stradford and others. It was her and Jon Mackinder that ran after me after I took my clothes off and ran out of the apartment unit trying to escape. They were the ones that carried me back into the house, they are the ones that dragged my feet thru rocks,dirt including the street and cement in Aug/Sept 1998.  That was my 3rd or 4th escape attempt.


Per the tax returns for 1996, Entertain Us was started on 9/26/96, where was the tax returns for 1997? 1998? When was this business shut down? It was a portal/directory for the entertainment industry.

James Hightower, I had a 2D with, we were in a relationship, Julie actually introduced us but it didn’t work out, James is the one that referred me to Margo Zenk, he worked with her. 


Julie Snyder


Dan Snyder, Julie’s husband, his assistant worked for him and/or his company Studio Gear, I can’t remember her name. But I did call over to Julie’s house in 1998 and she was there and I spoke to her and she was like nervous, shaky over the phone and was glad to hear that I was ok, she was worried about me.  I got that maybe Julie and Dan had no clue that I was held hostage in my home and video taped naked while unconscious and of course the torture and rapes while unconscious, but Dan’s assistant maybe she knew, she had to see, witness the video taping.  But I don’t think she disclosed that to Dan nor Julie.


The taxes were done by Wiseman and Burke, a Scientology owned company.


My individual tax returns for the year 1996 are also gone as well as Entertain Us tax returns for the year 1997 and 1998.

It’s possible that Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices and/or Karen Freemon and her accomplices stole them out of my apartment unit on Cumpston.  If not them, then in 1998 they were stolen by either Jon Mackinder, and/or OSA while I was unconscious and being held hostage or the landlord after that. 

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