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Taxes Part 3 - June 28, 2018

Digital Gold was my company that I started in 1996, after doing the gig for Yosemite, I wasn’t treated very nicely, not by Yosemite but by Internet Outfitters, basically their hat of customer service was dumped on me and I never got paid for handling their client, who was upset with Internet Outfitters.  At the end of the project, I got a thank you and they offered me a job in sales.  That was my 1st contractor gig after Digital Planet and I looked at the overall scene, did I want to continue going thru this, doing free customer service for companies or get the clients myself, for my company?  I decided to start my own company.

I went down and got a DBA, published my business name and then opened a bank account, it cost me a total of $150.00 and I was in business. I was gonna obtain the American Dream, that’s what I was going for, starting with nothing,  grass roots and obtaining the American Dream.


But Americans born here destroyed my American Dream. Both Scientologists and non Scientologists.

Tax Returns for 1998


To do my taxes I paid that out of my Digital Gold Building Fund.  I was charged $315.00 in June of 1999.

This is Digital Gold’s and my individual tax returns, all rolled into one.

Tax Returns for 1997


In October of 1998, I had numerous concussions, as well as my physical injuries and PTSDs. I couldn’t put 2&2 together, that Jon Mackinder and OSA and/or my landlord broke into my home (no forced entry) with keys they duplicated, keys they stole and duplicated while I was being held hostage and unconscious and stole my bills, documents, ripped off my bank accounts etc etc, back then I  was too busy spinning around in confusion, mystery and pain. I actually thought maybe I lost them while moving? I gave these people the benefit of the doubt, it never occurred to me that Scientologists would commit crimes, including hate crimes on me or anybody, I also didn’t know about the Snow White project nor Paulette Cooper etc etc.  

Tax Returns for 1996

This is Digital Gold’s and my individual tax returns, all rolled into one.

EntertainUs1996Taxes.pdf – page 1, I was charged $500.00 with no individual tax returns, invoice dated June 23, 1997. 

Taxes1996DigitalGold.pdf  This is Digital Gold’s and my individual tax returns, all rolled into one. – page 3, I was charged $500.00, invoice dated June 21, 1997.

Digital Gold website

1996 Pre Jon Mackinder


1997 Pre Jon Mackinder


1998 After Jon Mackinder


These were my clients were The Beverly Hills Hotel, Suzuki.

Jon Mackinder’s clients were Elvis, Intel, Montana Moon, Good To Go and Bionicsite Zero 9. 

As for the Elvis Clock, I probably had to order that for the contest, so me and Jon would have discussed that prior to ordering it, it might have been ordered prior to Aug/Sept of 1998, I don’t know, I can’t remember. I was out of it, with concussions, PTSDs and injuries, so I probably had to order it again, I don’t know for sure. I would have given the contest winners something else. I can’t remember, but I handled it.


The taxes were done by Wiseman and Burke, a Scientology owned company.


The DBA for Digital Gold is also gone along with my Digital Gold bank statements for the main account and the building fund and Digital Gold clients and independent contractors that worked for Digital Gold including their social security numbers, contracts etc etc,  Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices and/or Karen Freemon and her accomplices stole them out of my apartment unit on Cumpston.   Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices as well as Karen Freemon and her accomplices are all Americans born here, destroyed my American Dream, what this church’s management team started, these two women and their accomplices finished.

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