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Taxes Part 4 - June 28, 2018

1992 Tax Returns


The outpoints on this tax return:

#1 I was an employee not an independent contractor when I sold car insurance. Yet the accountant wrote things off like Unreimbursed Employee Expense on page 16.  On page 17, it’s specified.  $475.00 for continuing education and $3300.00 for a contract breakage fee.

Per the IRS 


page 3:

Damages for Breach of Employment Contract

If you break an employment contract, you can deduct
damages you pay your former employer if the damages
are attributable to the pay you received from that employer.


For that year, I made $19,924.00, per the IRS rules, your deductions can only be 2% of your adjusted gross income, the $19,924.00 hasn’t been adjusted yet, but let’s take that figure, 2% of $19,924.00 is  $398.48, and that’s before any adjustment.  But this accountant wrote $3775.00 total, $3300.00 for a contract breakage fee and $475.00 for continuing education.  This is an outpoint. It violates the IRS’s rules.  Even if the contract breakage fee was not used and only the continuing education deduction was used, which is $475.00, that’s still over the 2% limit.  On page 18, the adjusted gross income is $19,924.00. 

I was an employee that sold car insurance at these companies. There was no contracts that I broke nor breached. I left Duke Insurance cause Tom Van Dusen stopped paying payroll, he purchased Duke Insurance from Stephen Duke who had an affair with his treasury sec and had financial irregularities, Tom to bail out Stephen’s mess, he wan’t binding the clients insurance and juggling. I didn’t know that until I walked into his office and there was stacks of client folders, they paid but he never sent the money to the Insurance companies. If they got into an accident or their cars were stolen, Duke Insurance would be on the hook. Tom also stopped paying payroll, one day we didn’t get our paychecks and he called from a dealership in Orange County, he just bought his wife a new car, about $20k, he was busy spending this money instead of meeting payroll.   The 2nd time he did that I left and I think a week later they closed down this company. Both men are Scientologists.  After leaving Duke, I went to Power Insurance and then to Genesis Insurance in Sherman Oaks, Power Insurance was a Scientology owned company and they were out in Santa Fe Springs, too far for me to keep driving.  Genesis Insurance was a non Scientology owned company but the owner was trained by Richie Acunto at Survival, he worked there and left to start his own business, same with Stephen Duque and Tom Van Dusen, they all worked, started at Survival Insurance.


I didn’t break any contracts, so that’s false and that’s something the accountant put in there without my consent nor knowledge. I never went thru my tax returns, I trusted this accountant to be honest.

#2 on page 21 line 6, it asks to list where I rented which qualifies me for a credit, well there’s only 1 address on there and that’s when I lived in Valencia at Larry and Leslie Robert’s house, I rented a room. But prior to that I also rented a room in North Hollywood on Bakman. That’s not listed. If I had been asked I would have told them but this accountant didn’t ask, where did he get this information from?   The dates from 5/1992 to 12/1992 is also false, I only stayed at Larry and Leslie’s house for like 6 months, I think I moved in like September of 1992 and moved out in 1993, spring, I paid rent, plus food, utilities etc etc.   How can you get credit, qualify for credit if you’re an employee? And I didn’t work out of the house, I went to work as an employee, I also worked 6 days a week, from Mon thru Saturday. My only days off was Sunday.  In the insurance business, it’s min wage or commissions whichever is  higher, if you don’t sell insurance policies, and try to live off minimum wage, you won’t last too long in the industry, you’ll get fired. And you are required to work 6 days a week in the substandard auto insurance industry.

1993 Tax Returns


This is the order it was in, in the plastic binder and these are all the pages that were in there.

#1 where is my W2’s for 1993 like the above tax returns? I worked at London Financial, I was gonna transition to be a loan officer that’s why I was hired by Larry Roberts, it was his company, I passed my real estate test but I never made the transition cause I left.

Larry told me to talk to the broker, to be a product officer, so I went into his office to find out data for Larry and he got violent and picked me up and threw me out of his office, physically. Larry and Leslie thought that was funny and were laughing. I was physically abused at the work place and my boss and his wife thought it was funny.  I couldn’t sue nor call the police cause I’d lose my bridge, my job and where I lived, I had to accept the abuse.  Learn to live with it. Learn to live in an environment of abuse.

Basically I felt Larry set me up to get physically abused. I didn’t know going to talk to the broker I would get physically abused, it was just me going into his office to talk but whatever I said to him, set him off and it’s what Larry Roberts instructed me to say to him. I felt set up by Larry Robert. I don’t think Larry liked me very much, Leslie was a mom in one of my past lives OT2, with my father in present time, Dana Rebibo was Leslie’s sister in that life. Mike Pompeo was Dana’s husband in that life. This was mob, good mob. My father was a godfather, Chief Charlie Becks was also a godfather as well as Sumner Redstone and Arnie, Scott O’Malley’s boss/partner.  There was more but that’s all I’ve spotted from that life.

Anyway, I got that Larry was using me to make him money, at London Financial.  There was a weird thing that occurred where Marie their loan processor, she worked at Hanover doing the promo, getting that printed out and sending it out and when they all left Hanover to open their own company called London Financial, Marie went with them and became their loan processor, she told me in confidence that she was raped when she was younger, she asked me not to disclose it to anybody and I agreed.

Larry badgered me to tell him what me and her talked about, he knew that me and Marie were talking and he wanted to know what it was about, I didn’t want to tell him cause Marie told me in confidence, which he knew but didn’t care, he kept insisting. it was on the way home from work in the car on the freeway.  I felt that if I didn’t tell him that I’d lose my job and have to move and I just passed my real estate test, I wanted to make my transition etc etc. Basically I was emotionally blackmailed cause I lived there.

After that, a few days later, Larry and me got into a fight, an argument, it came out of left field and I felt wrong targeted, he was really angry with me for some reason, so I didn’t go into work, Leslie was at home sick and was like the go between, between me and Larry. I just remember getting on the phone cause he wanted to talk to me from work and was an asshole, so I said, I quit, I’m done and I’m outta here. And that was it, I moved out that day. I moved into a guest unit in Northridge. I never saw these people ever again. 

They were paid up, weren’t owed any money, maybe they owed me money but I was like fuck it, it’s not worth it. 

Larry and Leslie were parents in past lives and I realized after crossing the wall of fire, they were using that to make money off me, manipulating me to make money off me.  Emotional manipulation of past life family comm lines. To restimulate your case so they can manipulate you on those past life feelings. It was under the guise of we’re gonna help you make money so you can go up a bridge that’s how much we care about you, Larry was also my FSM so he had a financial vested interest in having me make money for his company as a loan officer and go up a bridge cause he’d financially benefited from that too like in the past at Hanover. Or the double bang.  If Larry Roberts gave a shit about me, as a human being, he would not have allowed the physical abuse in his office, his company. But instead he and his wife thought it was funny. I’m sure when they read about what happened to me, in 1998, they’ll probably think that’s funny too.  These people are both abusers and maybe they need psych evals by forensic psychs in Federal Court.  He’s probably anti semitic, never liked me cause I’m a Jew.   Which would make sense to me, there were no Jews at London Financial and Stephen Goldfield owned Hanover, who was a Jew and they as a group left his company and started their own, I was the only person not invited to go work at London Financial, I was the only other Jew at Hanover besides Stephen Goldfield.


I worked for Susan and Frank Davis’s company,  Golden State Best Insurance. I met Susan and Frank at American Mutual Mortgage, they were good friend with Wes and Susan Beecher.  They never worked at Survival Insurance.  I worked at American Mutual Mortgage from 1985 to 1987 or 1988, I got married in 1987 to Jeff Gold and divorced in 1988.  I was working at Hanover in 1988.  

SusanFrank.pdf – Frank is dead, I was talking to him on my scientology facebook that I was shut out of, while talking to him on facebook, while being in comm with him on facebook, he passed away and I found out his wife Susan or ex wife was sent into his home to take his computer and turn it over to OSA.  Wes Beecher died like in 93, I think.  Mike Pomerantz started the insurance business with Susan and Frank.  Richie Acunto told me, out of all the people that stabbed him in the back, where they worked for him and then left to open their own brokerage to undermine Survival, Mike was the only one that never stabbed him in the back. Mike never worked at Survival, he was interested in opening an insurance brokerage and went and met with Richie and asked his advise on how to do it and Richie told him.  You need a lot more then an idea to get a business off the ground and making it solvent.



American Mutual Mortgage was owned by Scott and Joan Saks and Wes and Susan Beecher when I started working there in 1985, then Susan and Frank Davis came to work there in 1987, I think.  Scott Saks had a really bad temper and would yell alot, he was very abusive, verbally and emotionally, like at the top of his lungs, he would scream and his face would turn red and his veins would pop out of his neck. Larry Roberts told me years later they found out that Scott was put on psych drugs when he was younger by his parents and Larry was dumbfounded cause Scott did his OT levels even though he was out qualified. Doing psych drugs would have out qualified him for his OT levels meaning he could not be allowed to do them. It means that Scott Saks had a psych history and was an illegal PC.


2nd, on page 7, there is a bill dated 1996 for my 1993 tax returns.

3rd, page 9, it says 2/21/96 2:12pm

4th, this doesn’t look like it’s complete, it looks like there is pages missing, where is my Federal Tax Returns?  They should be all in one.

In regards to this accountant, I don’t know who/whom he works with/for my best guess is William Truax.



1994 Tax Returns


This says my Federal and State tax returns for 1994, it has 8 more pages then my 1993 tax returns. 7 pages for the tax forms and this one has 16 for the tax forms.

It’s dated 2/21/96 where the 1993 isn’t.

It says I’m a statutory employee, which is an independent contractor, yet there is no 1099’s attached to this tax return. It also says I was an employee for Survival Insurance, a plumbing company and Life Alert making a wage of  $33.00. In 1994, the min wage was $4.25, to earn $33.00, I had to work 7.76 hours.  That means I worked there less then one day. I don’t remember ever working at Life Alert, where is my W2 showing that?

Where is the W2’s attached to this tax return?  There is none just like the 1099s.

On page 12 it says clerical services Stephen Duque but I worked for Duke Insurance in 1992 and as an insurance agent.  I started working at Duke insurance in 1991 when Stephen Duque owned it, it was right after I left the Sea Org/Bridge Publications.


On page 15, there’s a bill for 2/21/96 for 1994 taxes.  And on page 17, it says 2/21/96 11:57am

I was also being audited by the IRS in 1990. It was cause I was a Scientologist. William Truax did my taxes, all my tax returns since becoming a Scientologist in 1986 , all my tax returns 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983, 1982, 1981 and 1980 are gone.  I had to pay William Truax like $800 to handle the audit, which really pissed me off cause I didn’t know why I was being audited and he never told me up front it would cost me money for him to handle it, he told me afterwards. I thought it was a free service he provided since he was my accountant, that’s what he lead me to believe. My tax returns for 1995 are also gone as well.


I don’t know if OSA using Sea Org and/or Scientology parishoners took my tax returns for these years in 1998 when they were in my house while I was being held hostage and unconscious.  They video taped me naked while I was unconscious without my consent nor knowledge violating my civil rights, it’s possible they did the same thing too.

If you look at the tax returns, it’s all in the same range in regards to income, so if I was to go to court for the destruction of my business Digital Gold, how convenient that it looks like for a long term period I made only between a certain range, which this church’s management team’s lawyers would have argued that I would only be entitled to that range plus I break contacts like the $3300.00 for a contract breakage fee, they would have pointed that out in court to manipulate the Judge/Jury. In Marc Headley’s case against the Church of Scientology, he lost his case cause of the contract he signed and broke, the Sea Org contract.  And it’s also possible they ran ops on either the IRS and/or SSA, version 2.0 of the snow white project cause their computer print out shows that I didn’t work at American Mutual Mortgage in 1985 and 1986 but I did. If they stole those tax returns how could I prove that in court? I can’t.  


Let’s look at the print out from SSA about my earnings.


1st, I didn’t work at the Church of Scientology in 1986, I worked for Los Angeles Day Organization Church of Scientology or LADAY in 1990 or 1991 and then went into the Sea Org at Bridge Publications.  L. Ron Hubbard way didn’t exist in 1986, that was dedicated or started in 1996.


I worked for a debt collection company in 1985, I made $850.00 a month before taxes, this is where I was working while dealing drugs for a few months to make ends meet.  My job was clerical, filing, typing. I think I started off making $800.00 a month and then got a raise to $850.00. I wasn’t dealing drugs when I started working at American Mutual Mortgage, I had stopped by then.  That debt collection agency is not listed on the SSA earnings report.  It was at this location in 1985 which is now a bicycle shop on the right.


Interviewing Service of America was across the street in 1984, they might have had their corporate offices at 15400 Sherman Way Suite 400 91406 Van Nuys CA, but the job was at that building.


The IRS granted this church religious status in 1993, but I was being audited cause I was a Scientologist, discriminated against by the IRS cause of my religion.  There was no reason to audit me, but I was singled out and targeted cause of my religion.


Larry Wollershim was the last case they paid out civil, he won in 1986 and it took him over 20 years to collect. I think after this case, they did things a little differently so they would not lose in court including running ops on the IRS/SSA.


After I got back from being taken by Dan Stradford out to bumfuck, I spoke to Neal Sobol on the phone and per our conversation he was under the impression that I was gonna go to court against the Church of Scientology, that’s what “they” thought, that was never part of my equations, that’s not the first thing I thought of and I told Neal, why didn’t they just say that?  I can’t remember the exact thing, it was something along that line, court, me going to court against them.

This church has a history of running ops, the Snow White Project,


I read on Marty Rathbun’s blog that David Miscavige under oath lied in state court and said that he fired everybody in the Guardian’s office, which was not true cause they transferred those employees into the churches and gave them different posts. I knew Marty Rathbun was telling the truth cause Kathy Johnston was a registrar along with Joe (I can’t remember his last name) both were Guardian Office or GO staff, at LADAY, in 1998 Kathy Johnston was a registrar at AOLA. Larry Roberts told me both KJ and Joe were GO staff.


This is just speculation on my part but, if you did this to somebody,  held them hostage in their home, tortured, raped them while unconscious and also video taped them without the person’s consent nor knowledge and when the police arrived you set them up to go into the psych ward so you can cover up your crimes of the hostage, torture, rape etc etc using a false 5150 and at the same time steal that person’s blood and urine so you can use it as medical evidence in another ops to kick out a murder indictment in another state, how far would you go, to prevent this person from going to court especially if you were determined not to pay out damages for your workers and parishoners actions who were just following orders?  If you were capable of all these horrendous crimes above, then you would be capable of premeditating more crimes to ensure you wouldn’t get caught including for criminal/civil court.  How would it look, if I went to criminal/civil court in 1998, close to the murder indictment not to mention the Lisa Mcpherson criminal and civil case? Especially if it made the press? Would the SP protestors for Lisa Mcpherson jump on that band wagon and run with it? Would Joan Woods not changed her mind and her findings and would the District Attorney in Florida not dropped the charges? Would David Miscavige be open to going to prison? How far would David Miscavige go to prevent that from happening?

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