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The 3 Attacks By Jon Mackinder That Gave Me Concussions Part 2 - June 5, 2018

In regards to the nurse that was from Megan Shields’s office, I did not find out until after being held hostage in my home from Dan Stradford, that the woman standing across the street from my apartment unit was a nurse from Megan Shields’s office, he was laughing when he told me. It was, “Oh, that was a nurse from Megan Shields’s office. So Dan Stradford my assigned minister, Jon Mackinder and all the other Scientologists that were in my home during this time, all knew, there was a nurse from Megan Shields’s office standing outside across the street from my home, they knew this in 1998, but I never knew until Dan Stradford told me after this hostage scene of Aug/September in 1998.  They never told me during holding me hostage that the woman outside was a nurse from Megan Shields’s office and no nurse while I was conscious ever saw me, no doctor nor nurse ever saw me, examined me in my home during being held hostage while I was conscious, while I was awake.

I went to see Megan Shields after the incident of holding me hostage in my home in 1998, I never knew that I had concussions nor did Megan Shields, otherwise she would have given me medical tests including cat scans to make sure I was ok. I knew Megan Shields personally from when I worked at Health Med and she was a caring, kind, ethical doctor.  So if Megan didn’t know, I don’t think the nurse from her office that was there knew either.

As for this diagnosis, Megan never prescribed me anything, I was told I was perfectly fine, healthy.  URI stands for Upper Respiratory Infection. I asked for the blood test to find out what type my blood was cause I was gonna do this  diet but in order to do the diet, you need to know your blood type.  I was told my blood type was type A, I was not given anything in writing.


On this bill from Megan Shield’s office, I just paid it when I got the money, looking at it now, 20 years later, I was charged $147.00 for what I have no idea.  I never saw her in August/September of 1998, I never visited her office in August/September 1998. I visited her office in November 18, 1998. 

I paid for my office visit and blood tests on November 18, 1998. But I never got anything in writing telling me my labs. They told me after seeing her and after waiting in her waiting area to pay the bill, I was told while paying my bill that I was a blood type A. She wrote that I had a URI, that was her diagnosis, that stands for upper respiratory infection.


But there is no medical tests for a URI, it’s basically a cold. Yet I was charged for a CBC which stands for complete blood count. Megan never mentioned anything that I owed $147.00 to her office for a bill that was 61-90 days past due. It was sent to me in the mail after I saw her on 11/18/1998. 

I also remembered while in the waiting area, waiting to pay the bill for the office doctor visit, I paid that bill that day, check #1569 for $80.00. I remember her saying, standing there after I’m sitting down, saying to her office staff they need to get their “ducks in a row”? I didn’t understand what she was referring to, I think she was worried she was gonna get investigated by some agency. They were talking about some state requirement for her license or something. I just happen to over hear the conversation at that moment in time.  It was an outpoint and a clue she was dropping on purpose in my presence.  Why would a doctor start going on about getting investigated by a gov agency in regards to their license while their clients are in the waiting area, waiting to be seen?  No doctor would ever do that, it would be something they would discuss privately away from their clients/patients cause it might cause stress to their patients/clients, undo, unnesscesary stress. I wonder if she wanted me to read into it and assume that it had something to do with me? I’m sure she did. Too bad for her I don’t read into shit, that’s Jon Mackinder

I found out, a blood type blood test, to find out what blood type you are from a lab, costs anywhere from $28.00 to $63.00 depending on the lab. 20 years ago, this would have cost more, she charged me $15.00.

Same with a CBC which stands for complete blood count. It costs any where from $24.00 and up depending on the lab, in 1998 this would have cost more then $10.00.

Megan was a caring, kind and ethical doctor, so I trusted her, I had no reason not to.  But she withheld data from me including this bill for $147.00 and also charged me for a blood type test that they never did as well as a CBC and then wrote I had a URI when I was told I was healthy, perfectly fine.  Betrayal.

I ordered a blood type blood test from Amazon, it’s from the makers of the book and it was only $7.75. I’ll see if my blood type is actually an A. I thought it was weird cause my parent’s blood types weren’t A, neither of my parents by DNA’s blood type was an A, so then how could my blood type be an A? I thought ok, it’s a freak of nature, a medical mystery, it’s a fluke? After reviewing the invoices 20 years later, I realized, it’s probably cause she never did a blood test to find out my blood type and lied to me.


I wrote KR’s after the hostage incident


The type 3 sit cause that’s what they labeled it, was really a hostage scene. 

I don’t remember going outside to my car at 11:00 pm nor do I remember a bald man sitting on the ground. What I remember is running out of my home  and it was during the day and only Jon Mackinder coming after me, maybe around late afternoon and there was a woman standing across the street from my apartment unit on the phone and Jon Mackinder refused to tell me who she was.

It’s possible this was another escape attempt and there were two different women outside of my home and in rotation from Megan Shields’s office. I don’t know.

I would have seen that it was dark from the sliding glass patio door and the window in the dining room area and I think there was a clock on the wall or on my wrist or some where that I looked at it, and that gave me the time and I would have put 2&2 together that it’s 11:00 pm not 11:00 am cause it was dark out.  When he said he was on the phone with CC, I knew he was lying cause CC was closed at 11:00 pm and then I asked him again who he was talking to and he said CC, CC is an abbreviation for Celebrity Centre.  I don’t know who/whom he was talking too nor for how long cause he refused to put me on the phone, he wouldn’t let me talk to anybody on the phone. And he was lying to me.

The sentence about before the police arrived, I meant before they came, before they arrived cause I’m trying to describe the scene, the day but I don’t know what day it was that this happened and most of the time I was unconscious.  If this was another attempt at escaping, then it’s at 11:00 pm and the LAPD came at around 3:00 am or 4:00 am. And it would be Thursday, 11:00 pm 9/3/98. The LAPD arrived on 9/4/98 3:00 am or 4:00 am.

I’m trying to explain it as best as I can to the management of the Church of Scientology that before the police arrived, the escape attempt, I found out later, the word “later” is missing but that’s what I meant, it should have been written as, before the police arrived, I found out later, that the woman outside was a nurse from Megan Shields’s office and her name was Susan.

And I found out from my assigned minister Dan Stradford. I found out from Dan Stradford sometime after 9/4/98 and before 12/3/98.

I accidently left out the word “later” when typing this KR.  Nobody from this management team ever talked to me about this KR. This KR was ignored. All the KRs I wrote were ignored, nobody within this church’s management team ever bothered to find out my side of the story, my side of the events of what occurred.

On the same day, I wrote another KR, but this was about the attack.


The 2nd incident is a misspelling, it should have been 1st incident.  The word “conviently” and the word “turned” in the 2nd sentence should have been “conveniently” and “turn”.  I didn’t land on the glass dining room table, I landed on the floor, the carpeted floor. I meant to write that he threw me across the room and the glass dining room table and landed on the floor.

I don’t remember him pushing me through both chairs, I remember walking into my office and Jon Mackinder was sitting down, in the other office chair and was on the phone with Jim Hamre. I was standing in front of Jon Mackinder facing west, the window on the west wall of the office bedroom would have been in front of me. Jon was on the phone, sitting, facing the north wall of the office bedroom but his body was turned while in the office chair, in my direction along with the top of the chair and facing me, the phone was in his left hand, cause when he turned to me, now facing me, the phone was in his left ear. He turned towards me after I entered the room.

I had 3 or 4 tables like this in my office, not all the same size in length along with 2 office chairs, one computer, small filing cabinet or cabinets. Jon Mackinder, after he moved into my house brought his own desk, his own computer and his own office chair and we put it in the living room near the glass patio sliding door, on the south wall.  The glass patio sliding door was on the east side of the apartment unit.

His desk was similar to this but without the wheels and there was nothing at the top and no metal shelf thing attached to the wood shelf at the top.

It’s possible after he bashed my head against the chair, as I was lifting my head and body up out of the chair, he then put the phone down, stood up, pushed out the chair he was sitting on and while in the motion of standing up, moved the office chair in the same direction as the other office chair. Got behind me while I was in the chair, my head in the chair and when I got out or starting to get out of the chair, my head out of the chair, then he also pushed me into them and I fell on the floor hitting my head. In order to get up out of the chair, he would have to push the chair backwards to get up and out of it, otherwise if he went forward, the chair would have boxed him into the office table/desk. And to put the phone down after turning and swiveling, he had to be facing the south side of the wall.

The other chair I had that he was sitting in, did not look like this, I had two different chairs and they were not matching.

It went very fast like the 2nd incident and the 1st, plus I was already disorientated and confused from the 1st two attacks, I was just standing there disorientated and confused. I don’t remember going for the tape recorder again nor going for it after the 1st incident. Maybe that was my intention to go for the tape recorder again or I told him to give it to me. But I didn’t actually physically try to go for the tape recorder. What I remember is him on the phone lying to Jim Hamre telling him I hurt myself, that I caused harm to myself when I didn’t.

It’s possible after he bashed my head against the office chair, then he got up, he’s 6’3 and was sitting down when he bashed my head into the office chair. After that, he got up and he had to be out of the 2nd office chair, the one he was sitting in and then pushed me into both of the chairs where I fell on the floor and hit my head.

I did grab the phone after this and told Jim Hamre that Jon Mackinder was lying but I was also crying, in a KR you are not allowed to put emotions, feelings into it, you have to omit emotions, feelings, they call it HE&R, it stands for Human Emotion and Reaction.

The words “the Jon” is a typo/misspelling, it should have been “Jon”

If this is the case, the above scene, then I would have had 4 concussions not 3. One from the first attack, one from the second attack and two from the third attack.

CCI stands for Celebrity Centre International.

Jon Mackinder was with me at CCI that night, we both went to ethics that night.  Since Jon Mackinder didn’t have a car, I drove both of us in my car

Both the Ethics Officer and Jon Mackinder held me 100% responsible and accountable for these attacks.  I was coerced into writing that KR taking 100% full responsibility and accountability for Jon Mackinder attacking me. I wrote that KR under duress. I was not responsible nor accountable. What should have happened is, Jon Mackinder should have left my home without attacking me. If that tape recorder was his, then he should have taken it with him, it’s possible that, that was my tape recorder.  He also violated my civil rights, I never gave him permission to tape record me, and told him that over and over and over again. 

What also should have happened is the ethics officer should have sent me to see a doctor or go to the hospital. He would have seen the bruises on my arms and if he asked, I would have shown him the bruises on my legs, I told him I had bruises including my legs when I was in his office. He never bothered to have me examined by anybody including their Medical Liaison Officer. The ethics officer saw me and Jon Mackinder apart, separately. It was determined after talking to Jon Mackinder that I was to blame for Jon Mackinder attacking me, I wrote the KR while sitting in the hallway of the ethics department with both the ethics officer and Jon Mackinder standing in front of me, looking down at me.

As for Jon Mackinder going into session at Ventura Mission, getting auditing, Jon Mackindermust have told me he was going into session at the Ventura Mission, which is the Buena Ventura Mission or was getting auditing there already. I do not know 100% for sure that he actually did that. 

Other then his auditing I paid for at the Ventura Mission when he was contemplating committing suicide, I drove him there, I blew off an appointment with potential clients to take him there cause I didn’t want him to commit suicide, I didn’t want him to die and I paid for it, I think it was $850.00, I can’t remember the exact amount and I think the receipt was given to him directly, the receipt was put into his name. I also drove him from Encino to Ventura, he also never gave me any gas money to do that either. To this day, he has never paid me back. This was before he attacked me.

He might have lied. This KR was written in Dec of 1998, I hadn’t spoken toJon Mackinder since September of 1998, so I don’t know if he actually went into session for anything.

The words “went into to session” is a typo/misspelling, it should have been “went into session”.

At the top of this KR, you can see Jon Mackinder’s P.C Folder, this KR was to go into his PC folder so these attacks could be addressed and handled. I sent them into the Church and I think I emailed it to somebody to route it to the correct people and from there they would have routed this into his PC folder and his ethics folder for handling before, during and after his sessions were done. I do not know if he went into session at either CC Int or the Ventura Mission nor if he ever got an ethics handling for these attacks.  I never spoke to Jon Mackinderafter this cycle and I wasn’t allowed back on Church lines at CC Int.

Jon Mackinder also moved out that day or the day after these attacks taking his computer, office desk and office chair with him along with his clothes, his music equipment. But he did not use my car to move, he had a friend help him move out and move his belongings, music equipment and furniture unless he used the Uhaul he was renting to practice his music. Jon Mackinder rented a Uhaul cargo trailer to practice his music, he would drive out to where ever, park it and practice so he wasn’t disturbing anybody in any neighborhoods. I think he parked it, in front of my apartment building a few times to practice. Maybe he took that Uhaul cargo trailer back and traded it in for a Uhaul pick up truck or a Uhaul cargo van or a bigger Uhaul truck to  move his things.

After he moved out, he gave me back the keys to my apartment and to my car. He often used my car for when he needed it, cause he didn’t have one.

The KR that I wrote on myself in CC that night, I never got a copy of it and per Daphna Levy Hernandez (She’s a Jew married to a Mexican) there was 1 KR in my ethics folder and that KR was responsible and accountable for me losing my religion, I never got a copy of that KR either, not in 1998 nor 2008.

Why was I not given any copies of these KR’s?  Is there other KR’s I was never given copies of as well as other reports like “Things that shouldn’t be”?  And was Jon Mackinder busy at CC Int writing reports about me for weeks possibly months behind my back, how I’m crazy, psychotic and 1.1 while I was working, basically behind me back?  Lisa Mcpherson did the same thing at Hanover, I hired Lisa Mcpherson to work under me, I gave her that job. I got pulled into the Ethics Office held by Tony Rockliff, Lisa Mcpherson was busy down at escrow writing reports about me, all day long and this went on for weeks, I never got any copies of the reports cause mostly they were “Things that shouldn’t be reports”. She also gave the management team of Hanover an ultimatum, either they fire me and give her my job or she quits. They never fired me, she quit. 

A things that shouldn’t be report is similar to a KR but the person they are writing about never knows, has no clue, they are not CCed on it, they never get a copy. 

Is that why nobody bothered to talk to me, to get in comm with me, to find out what happened, what occurred including, putting me on the meter for an interview and/or a sec check when I showed up on CC Int’s doorsteps, when I reached out for help from my church? They were all under the impression that I was having a psychotic break which is weird cause that’s not what was happening to me. They all assumed off of false reports if that’s why nobody bothered to talk to me, nobody bothered to get in comm with me, I was just driven back to my home in Encino by my Sea Org recruiter Gavin Potter in my car, where my front door was wide open and there was Jon Mackinder standing in front of it. The same guy when I reached out for help the night before, laughed at me over the phone before I hung up on him. Why was Jon Mackinder at my home, with my front door wide open, when I left my home the night before, when I closed it, I locked it. Why was Jon Mackinder there and why wouldn’t he leave and how was my front door unlocked and wide open?  

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