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The 3 Attacks By Jon Mackinder That Gave Me Concussions - June 5, 2018

There was 3 attacks in my apartment unit in 1998 by Jon Mackinder on the same day, one after the other, it was august, the middle of august.


The 1st attack he picked me up, lifted me off the ground and threw me across the dining room table towards the living room, which would be from the east going west, cause we were standing in the living room near the glass sliding patio door, in front of it and his desk was up against the south wall, the kitchen fridge and stove were against the north wall.

Jon Mackinder is 6’3 and I was 5’2 at that time.  I flew across my glass dining room table, my body did and I landed on the floor, the carpeted floor in the living room face down, stomach down, on the floor. When I moved my head upwards and looked at him staring down at me, he ordered me to stay down, he yelled “Good, stay down!”  I didn’t feel any pain cause I was exterior to my body, I just didn’t know what that was at that time. Basically I went exterior by force. I saw my body from an exterior point of view, meaning I was exterior to my body watching this happen, me the spiritual being, I was outside of my body when he picked me up and flew me across my glass dining room table and I was standing in the living room and watching Jon Mackinder pick my body off the ground and throw it across my glass dining room table, when I hit the ground, I was back in my body again. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t feel any pain. So I got up, I didn’t stay down. 

The glass dining room table looked similar to this below, in length, the number of chairs and the thinness of the glass itself.

The 2nd  attack was a few minutes later when I got up, he then grabbed me and lifted me off the ground, I was holding onto an art deco tall white floor lamp with both of my hands, he picked me up and he threw me and that lamp out of my apartment unit.

I was holding on to the lamp like this

And he grabbed and lifted my body off the floor where my body was perpendicular like this

the lamp looked similar to this

while still holding on to the lamp.

Here was my door to my apartment unit and the patio area

After the 2nd attack, I landed on the cement and I had abrasions on my knees and my palms near my wrists from scraping the cement.

I was dizzy, spinning. I felt like the door was on the north wall when I was looking at it, but that’s physically impossible cause the door was on the west side.

I did go unconscious for a few seconds. My perception when I recalled that memory was altered after hitting the cement. What I remembered is looking up and him yelling at me and losing consciousness for a few seconds. While he’s yelling at me my perception got warped, when looking at him I felt like my door was facing north and that I was facing north and the door was in front of me but that was physically impossible as my door was west.

When I got up off the cement, my hands and knees were scraped, the lamp was broken into two and Jon Mackinder yelled at me when I tried to enter back into my home, he slammed the door after throwing me out of my own home with the lamp and I couldn’t open it, I had to bang on the door to let me in, I think I used the broken lamp to bang on the door while screaming to let me in, he finally opened the door cause the neighbors across the street yelled out, “Are you ok”?  The neighbors across the street saw the entire thing from their window or were standing outside. 

After Jon Mackinder opened the door, he yelled at me, and said, “Look what you did to that lamp”!, he blamed me for the broken lamp. I was holding onto it, using it, trying to prevent him from throwing my body anywhere, he picked me up while I was holding the lamp and threw me out of my front door where I landed on the pavement on my knees and hands and the lamp with it. I was thrown head first. 

I lost consciousness for 1-2 seconds after I hit the pavement, maybe longer and I was extremely disoriented and my perception/observation was off and warped. After I hit the pavement I turned around really quick cause my knees were on the ground and my hands/palms. I quickly turned my body around so that I was sitting on my butt and when I looked up at the door, the door was still opened and he was yelling at me, that’s when I lost consciousness for 1-2 seconds.  Where the 1st attack I didn’t feel any pain, this attack I did, it was on my knees and hands/palms. I also didn’t go exterior. One second/minute I was holding onto the lamp in my living room, the next second/minute I’m on the cement pavement outside of my apartment unit. 

The 3rd attack was after he let me back in to the apartment, he was on the phone with Jim Hamre in my office bedroom and while on the phone, he grabbed my head and bashed it into the office chair, and then turned around and told Jim Hamre that I just bashed my head into my office chair and he didn’t know what to do.

I was standing next to my office chair, there was two office chairs in my office and he was sitting in the other one. He was on the phone with Jim Hamre and while on the phone with him, he took his hand and put it behind my head and bashed it into the office chair cushion, then he told Hamre on the phone that I bashed my head into the chair.

I was disoriented including dizzy and spinning from the 1st and 2ndattacks, so this third attack came out of left field and it went so quick I had no time to react to prevent it. And he never communicated nor yelled, he gave no indication that he was going to attack me, he just did it. I was his punching bag that day.

The chair that’s similar to the chair in 1998 and the area my head was bashed into is circled in white.

I had at least 3 concussions from these 3 attacks. One was a grade 3 concussion. Per the doctor, it appears I had one of each, one grade 1, one grade 2 and one grade 3.


My injuries that I received from these attacks is my knees, hands/palms, thighs, calves and upper arms, these injuries were not from being held hostage. The rest of my injuries on my back, buttocks, back calves and the front/top of both of my feet were obtained when I tried to escape for the 3rd time and was brought back into my home, they dragged me forward bringing me back.

I found out the reason I went unconscious while they were holding me hostage is because of the concussions I had that I wasn’t aware of from these attacks by Jon Mackinder


I don’t know if Jon Mackinder told the other Scientologists including Dan Stradford my assigned minister about these attacks, nor the nurse from Megan Shield’s office who was outside of my apartment unit across the street.  After the attacks, me and Jon Mackinder went down to CC Inttogether and saw the ethics officer about these attacks, the ethics officer knew, he was aware of it and both him and Jon Mackinder held me responsible and accountable for Jon Mackinder’s attacks.  I was not advised to see a doctor nor go to a hospital by the ethics officer, and I was not aware of these concussions.

Because the concussions and the extreme stress they put on me, the extreme psychological stress of holding me hostage in my home, not allowing me to leave, not allowing me to talk to anybody, they wouldn’t let me use my phones to call anybody and when they were on the phone they refused to let me talk to the person they were talking to, when I tried to escape they brought me back etc etc.  They violated my civil rights and the extreme psychological stress of violating my civil rights over and over and over and over and over and over again caused me to go in and out of consciousness. It’s called a dissociative state.


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