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The Attack At The 76 Gas Station - July 20, 2018

I had an incident where I was attacked at the gas station and when I went into make a police report, the LAPD officer at the desk refused to run the license plate, he also insinuated that I was crazy, when I called him on it, he said, “you said it, not me” and he never told me, that the LAPD won’t do anything, they won’t get the video of the attack at the gas station, I thought the LAPD would get it, obtain it, I found out they never bothered to get it, and since I have PTSDs plus from her attack, now another one plus physical injuries, I was not able to go and get it myself. The LAPD cop never told me I had to get it myself, he led me to believe, they would do it cause they are the LAPD. I also don’t have any power nor authority to get it. He never told me, informed me that the LAPD won’t get the video tape and he also never instructed me how I could get it for court since she attacked me and I have damages from her attack as well as physical injuries.  

I had to run the plates myself, that’s how I found her name, I didn’t even know the person’s name who attacked me.


Here is my correspondence with the LAPD on this incident


Here’s my eval:

The cop that I spoke to was white not mexican.  Rodriguez is a mexican or hispanic last name, he looked like a smith or jones to me. He was white and an asshole.  He was rude to me and insulted me, he insinuated that I was crazy. Like I said, an asshole.

On page 2, at the bottom, it’s documented about the video tape – the LAPD knew and did nothing nor did they tell me they would not get it nor inform me how to obtain it since I have no power nor authority not to mention PTSDs as well as physical injuries.

On the 3rd page, he wrote  no injury/medical treatment, I had injuries, the white guy I talked to, that took the original report never asked me, so this is a lie. The medical treatment, I got that the next day.  



I don’t remember putting my right hand up and saying “you’re being nosey” nor do I remember even stating that. I don’t talk like this nor do hand movements like this.  This Karen Solley interupted my conversation with the manager of the gas station and started going on about herself and how her father or grandfather was in WW2.  It’s possible this attack was provoked because I’m Jewish. Me and the manager were talking about the concentration camps and psych drugs I think.  I was by the door on the north side, I was on my way out, the attack happened with Karen Solley’s back towards the Display Refrigerator which was on the west side and south side of the gas station store.

This cop left out the part of how she ordered the gas station manager to call the LAPD so her brother that works for the LAPD can come out there and arrest me. The gas station manager refused, he was a witness to her attack. He saw the whole thing.  Then she took out a cell phone and started dialing herself, I became sarcastic and told her to let Chief Charlie Becks know while she’s at it.

This cop left all this out of his investigation and he also left out the fact that he refused to look up, pull up her license plate, I didn’t even know her name, she was a stranger.  He also lied, I never grabbed my property, my property ie my purse was on my back as in backpack purse.  I never fled into my car, I walked to my car, got in and drove where I lived to find the nearest police station and then went to the police station to report these crimes, the physical assault and abuse.

Now since this document is evidence, this cop lied on the investigation.  Lying on documents is considered a false report. In Federal Court, Mr. Rodriguez will have to prove he’s young, white with blondish hair. Me and Federal Court don’t want to put the wrong person in prison. 

Here’s the law the white cop, the young white cop with blondish hair broke when he lied on this report.

California Penal Code 118.1  

Here is the correspondence I sent to the 76 Gas Station, I never heard back, I don’t know if they responded or if Mazy Williams stole their response.


This woman, Karen Solley attacked me and then ordered the manager to call the LAPD and have me arrested, she demanded that he call the LAPD so she can talk to her brother who works for the LAPD and he can come out and arrest me, she attacked me and wanted me arrested for her crimes of assault and abuse or gimme me a fuckin break. 

When I called the LAPD, I was told people often lie and say they have a brother or sister on the LAPD when they don’t. I got computations and mental image pictures that some cop’s intention was to confiscate the Rebibos house for himself and his wife and his new baby.

Then later I got computations that, this woman Karen Solley doesn’t have a brother on the LAPD but it’s his mistress.  I got computations from the  same cop above with the baby that had the intentions to confiscate the Rebibos house, that in Federal Court, he’s gonna thru his sister under a bus.  My psychic ability.  I don’t really know the truth, I don’t have confirmation and verification in the physical universe that tells me she either lied at the scene of the crime or she was telling the truth cause the LAPD didn’t help me and I have damages including to the hospital for her attack.

If it turns out that this Karen Solley, does in fact have a brother who works at the LAPD, then her operating basis is that she attacks people and then calls her brother to arrest them for her crimes and he does it. I got that she’s done this before, mental image pictures, computations etc etc and the other women got no where with the LAPD after making their complaints, meaning no help, nothing, nada, zip. So this will have to be investigated to find out the truth, does she have a brother on the LAPD that goes around arresting the people she’s attacked and the LAPD has his/her back? If so, then this is corruption and abuse by the LAPD, is this the reason the LAPD failed to act, failed to obtain the video tape showing her attacking me? Is this the reason the LAPD failed to disclose, inform me that they would not be getting the video tape and I have to do it myself and how to do it, since I’m not a cop nor do I have any power and authority?

The LAPD is liable for paying out for my damages that this woman caused due to their failure to act, crimes of Omission, since they didn’t help me in this cycle either like both of my other cases, they will be sued in my 1st case or another separate lawsuit depending on what Federal Court says so that I can hire real cops that will protect and serve me if anything like this happens again in the future.  It’s pretty crystal clear that the LAPD won’t be helping me in the future, they haven’t helped me in the past.

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